What is a Show Pub in Japan? Experience the Best Night Out

June 17, 2024

When you hear "show pub," what comes to mind? Japan boasts a unique brand of show pubs that offer more than just nighttime entertainment. This article delves into how show pubs provide a uniquely Japanese experience to their visitors. We will explain the pricing system and highlight some particularly recommended show pubs to ensure that even first-time visitors can enjoy their experience with peace of mind. Let's explore the allure of show pubs that brighten Japan's nights.

About Show Pubs

The performance of a show pub

Image Source: http://www.deepmagazine.jp/shop-detail203.html

We will introduce how show pubs combine diverse shows with the charm of Japanese culture, focusing on the evolving quality of their shows and the extraordinary experiences they provide. These vibrant venues offer a unique blend of traditional and contemporary performances, creating a captivating atmosphere for all visitors. From stunning visuals to immersive storytelling, show pubs in Japan continually push the boundaries of entertainment.

What is a Show Pub? The Charm of Japan's Unique Entertainment

Hearing the term "show pub" might initially confuse newcomers, as it sounds like either a place for watching shows or a bar for enjoying drinks. In reality, it's both, a venue where you can enjoy high-quality performances while sipping on your favorite beverage.

A show pub offers a unique form of entertainment, distinct from ordinary restaurants and bars. While patrons are served food and drinks, female performers present a variety of captivating acts, including sexy dances and other performances. Unlike hostess bars and adult entertainment venues, show pubs emphasize a wide range of entertainment. Their diverse programs feature not only sexy dances but also comedy shows, impersonations, magic shows, and more, providing patrons with an exciting escape from the everyday routine.

About the Quality of the Shows

Women pole dance performers

The quality of performances at show pubs has been improving year by year. Where once amateurs dominated, now professional performers present sophisticated dances and acts, reflecting the growing expectations of their clientele who demand high-quality entertainment. The choreography has become more intricate, costumes more elaborate, and the overall production values have risen significantly. 

In addition to the high level of dancers there is also advanced lighting, sound systems, and stage designs that contribute to the immersive experience, creating a captivating atmosphere that rivals traditional theater productions. Additionally, show pubs often update their lineups to include fresh and innovative performances, ensuring that regular patrons always have something new and exciting to look forward to. This continuous enhancement not only attracts a loyal local audience but also draws international visitors eager to experience Japan's unique entertainment scene.

Show Pubs Packed with the Appeal of Japanese Culture

Show pubs also host traditional Japanese courtesan shows and fusion performances that are particularly popular among foreign tourists. The interior design of these venues often reflects Japanese culture, providing a sophisticated and refined atmosphere that is suitable not only for fans of Japanese aesthetics but also for business entertainment and multipurpose use.

Increase in Female Patrons and the Reasons Behind It

The clientele of show pubs has changed significantly in recent years, with a notable increase in female patrons. This rise is driven by women seeking an escape from daily life, and the performances at show pubs stimulate their sense of beauty and contain elements with which they can empathize. As a result, more venues are offering special plans and discounts for women.

About the Pricing at Show Pubs

We will explain in detail the pricing system at show pubs, including the showtime-based fee, time charge system, and tipping practice, providing clear insights into each system's features and mechanics.

Showtime-Based Fee and Time Charge System

Understanding the pricing system is crucial when visiting a show pub. There are mainly two pricing plans: "showtime-based fee" and "time charge system," each with its own characteristics and benefits. By understanding these two systems, visitors can choose the plan that best suits their needs.

Showtime-Based Fee

In this system, fees are set according to specific showtimes. This plan allows guests to enjoy shows at predetermined times and includes various options like reservation-only plans, distant seating plans, and same-day plans. While these plans often include a drink ticket and viewing fees, options like bento meals, buffet-style dining, and all-you-can-drink plans are also available. However, interaction with the dancers and cast is limited, as guests must leave after the show ends.

Time Charge System

The time charge system bases fees on time spent, with separate charges for food and drinks. Typically, there is a 90 minute time limit per set, with unlimited time plans also available. This plan is ideal for those who wish to enjoy the show pub atmosphere without worrying about being restricted by a set time, making it especially recommended for entertaining guests or male patrons.

Tipping System

Although tipping is not common in Japan, show pubs offer a unique way to tip, enhancing the distinct appeal of these venues.

How to Tip

In show pubs, tips are given not in cash but in special coins or unique paper money used only within the venue. These can be purchased before the show starts and are used to express appreciation for a particularly moving performance or a favorite cast member. Often, you can acquire these tipping coins at the same time as your ticket purchase.

Timing for Tipping

The best times to give tips are before or after the show. Many show pubs set aside time before and after performances for interaction between the cast and patrons, providing a natural and comfortable way to offer tips.

Amount and Recipients of Tips

There are no strict rules on how much to tip or to whom. You may choose to tip all performers equally or give a larger tip to performers who made a significant impression. Generous tipping can foster closer relationships with your favorite performers, possibly leading to prioritized interaction during subsequent visits.

Significance of Tipping

Tipping at show pubs not only serves as an important source of income for the performers but also acts as a direct expression of gratitude from the audience, providing significant encouragement to the cast. Unlike the widespread tipping culture overseas, tipping at Japanese show pubs can be enjoyed as a special experience.

Differences Between Show Pubs and Kyabakura

Cast photo of a Japanese show pub

Image Source: https://en.carnivaltokyo.jp/dancers/ 

In Japan's nightlife entertainment industry, show pubs and hostess bars offer two distinct forms of enjoyment. Although they may seem similar at first glance, they differ significantly in the services they provide and their pricing structures, especially in terms of cost-performance.

Characteristics of Kyabakura

Hostess bars and kyabakura are venues where patrons enjoy drinks while having one-on-one conversations with female staff. The pricing structure typically includes set fees, nomination fees, extension fees, and drink charges, which can quickly add up, especially if patrons choose to nominate their favorite staff members. Also, the individual charges are relatively high, making a night at a hostess bar a potentially costly affair.

Characteristics of Show Pubs

In contrast, show pubs, true to their name, focus on dance shows and other performances. The pricing at show pubs generally covers entry fees only, with unlimited time for staying as a common feature. Additionally, re-entry is often free, and some venues include unlimited soft drinks. At show pubs, patrons can relax and enjoy the show, and if desired, they can show their appreciation to their favorite performers through tips. This makes show pubs a more budget-friendly option for enjoying entertainment.

In summary, the main differences between show pubs and hostess bars lie in the content of the entertainment and the pricing structures. Hostess bars focus on individual and specially tailored services and attention, which incurs high fees, while show pubs allow patrons to enjoy performances at a relatively low cost, making them ideal for long stays or group outings. The choice between the two depends on the visitor's purpose and budget, but for those prioritizing cost-performance, show pubs are recommended.

Tips for Using Show Pubs

If you are an international visitor and it's your first time at a show pub, be sure to familiarize yourself with the rules. While show pubs offer the opportunity to enjoy live performances, there are several guidelines to keep in mind to ensure a fun and respectful experience, especially for those visiting Japanese show pubs.

Language Barriers

At Japanese show pubs, communication is generally expected to be in Japanese. If you do not speak the language, it may be challenging to communicate with staff. Therefore, it is advisable to learn at least some basic Japanese in advance or use a translation app. If possible, visiting with a Japanese friend is highly recommended to avoid misunderstandings due to language barriers and to ensure a smooth experience.

No Physical Contact with Dancers

The dance performances at show pubs are for viewing only, and touching the dancers is strictly prohibited. Remember to respect the dancers and enjoy their performances without inappropriate contact. Improper touching can lead to legal issues or being kicked out of the establishment with a ban on any future entry, so it is essential to adhere strictly to this rule.

No Photography or Video Recording

Photography and video recording during performances are generally prohibited to protect the privacy of the dancers and other patrons. If you wish to keep a record of the show, it is best to seek permission in advance or consider purchasing official photos or merchandise.

Payment Considerations

While many show pubs accept credit cards, there may be occasions when systems are down or other issues prevent their use. Therefore, it is recommended to bring cash as a backup. Additionally, since some venues have a tipping culture, it is advisable to carry some change.

Recommended Show Pubs

Here is a selection of recommended show pubs in Tokyo, Osaka, and Aichi Prefecture, detailing the unique features and attractions of each venue to assist you in choosing the perfect show pub for your needs.

1. Carnival (Tokyo)

Exterior view of Carnival in Tokyo Japan

Image Source: Google Street View

Welcome to CARNIVAL in Tokyo, your gateway to an extraordinary festival experience! Rooted in the rich 

tradition of pre-Lenten celebrations, CARNIVAL captivates with its magical and surreal atmosphere. Step into a world of wonder and leave behind the stresses of daily life. Here, you’ll find healing, excitement, and a chance to break free from the monotony of your everyday routine. Transform your ordinary days into a vibrant celebration!

[Performance Schedule]

  • First Show: 8:30 pm
  • Second Show: 10:00 pm
  • Third Show: 11:30 pm


  • Unlimited plan: 7,000 JPY
  • 90 minutes plan: 4,000 JPY *Extension fee 3,000 JPY
  • Free Drink option: 2,000 JPY

[Opening Hours]

  • Tuesday - Sunday: 7:00 pm-1:00 am
  • Closed: Monday


  • 144-0051 Tokyo, Ota Ward, Nishikamata, 7-6-3 Prince Kaikan Bldg. 1F

Website: https://en.carnivaltokyo.jp/

2. Burlesque OSAKA (Osaka)

Exterior view of Burlesque in Osaka Japan

Image Source: Google Street View

Welcome to Burlesque Osaka, where you can indulge in captivating and alluring shows featuring talented women who perform just for you. Our cast members don various stylish uniforms and put on live performances that showcase their singing and dancing skills. Immerse yourself in a unique experience that blends charm and seduction, promising unforgettable entertainment every night.

[Performance Schedule]

  • First Show: 8:10 pm
  • Second Show: 10:10 pm
  • Third Show: 1:00 am


  • 1 Show: 8,800JPY (Includes 1 Drink)
  • *Reservation plans are also available. Check the website for details.

[Opening Hours]

  • 7:30 pm- 2:00 am
  • Closed: Sunday


  • 530-0002 Osaka, Kita Ward, Sonezakishinchi, 1-3-8, Guranpare Bldg. No.1 4F

Website: http://burlesque-osaka.com/


Exterior view of BARLESQUE NAGOYA in Aichi Japan

Image Source: Google Street View

Welcome to Burlesque Nagoya, where high-quality shows create the beginning of a new legend! Guests are encouraged to consult with the team about planning special surprises. Burlesque Nagoya is the perfect venue for various occasions, including women's parties, birthday celebrations, New Year's parties, year-end gatherings, and welcome and send-off events.

[Performance Schedule]

  • First Show: 8:30 pm
  • Second Show: 10:00 pm
  • Third Show: 11:30 pm


  • Table seating: 4,000 JPY (for 90 minutes)
  • Sofa seating: 5,000JPY (for 90 minutes)
  • VIP seating: 7,000JPY (for 90 minutes)
  • * In addition to the above rates, a service charge of 10% and consumption tax will be applied.

[Opening Hours]

  • 8:00 pm-1:00 am
  • Closed: Sunday and Holidays


  • 460-0003 Nagoya, Naka Ward, Nishiki, 3-4-26, K2 Bldg. 1F

Website: https://barlesque.nagoya/

Let's Take a Look at Japanese Show Pubs through Videos

Here are two videos introducing Japanese show pubs. Both videos are in Japanese and created by Japanese youtuber, but the atmosphere is still clearly conveyed. If you are considering visiting a Japanese show pub, these videos can serve as useful references.

▼バーレスク大阪 シュールなおっさんの休日 (Burlesque Osaka: A Surreal Middle-Aged Man's Holiday) / Surreal Shohei

▼【バーレスク名古屋】名古屋美女が集結!最強のエンターテイメントの遊び方を伝授!! I watched a dance at Burlesque Nagoya vlog / Nagoya Gourmet YouTuber NagoGuru


Japanese show pubs offer more than just nighttime entertainment; they provide a unique entertainment experience that blends high-quality performances with the charm of Japanese culture. This article has introduced the multifaceted appeal of show pubs and their various enjoyment options. Whether you are a first-time visitor or a repeat guest, this information will help you choose the ideal show pub to fully enjoy Japan's nightlife.

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