Exploring the World of "Men's Kyabakura" in Japan: A Comprehensive Guide

March 26, 2024

In this article, we will delve into the intriguing realm of "Men's Kyabakura" in Japan with a bustling nightlife toprovide you with a comprehensive understanding of this unique phenomenon.

To discover "Men's Kyabakura" establishments in Japan, simply enter the term "メンズキャバクラ" (Men's Kyabakura) in your search engine and append the name of your current location. This will yield a list of suggestions for your convenience.

What is a "Men's Kyabakura"?

"Men's Kyabakura," also known as "Men Kyaba" for short, represents the male counterpart to the traditional "Kyabakura" experience in Japan.

In a typical "Kyabakura," female employees engage in conversations and provide companionship to male customers, accompanied by drinks and karaoke. Similarly, in a "Men's Kyabakura," male employees offer the same services to female customers.

It is worth noting that there is another establishment known as a "Host Club" that falls within the same category of business. However, many people mistakenly perceive it as a "Men's Kyabakura" or a high-class club due to the similarity in customer service. Let us briefly outline the differences between these two concepts.

Differences between "Host Clubs" and "Men's Kyabakura"

  1. Difference in the nomination system: In a "Men's Kyabakura," customers have the flexibility to change their nominations each time they visit the establishment. On the other hand, in a "Host Club," nominations are permanent and cannot be altered once made.
  2. Difference in employee titles: Male employees in a "Men's Kyabakura" are referred to as "cast members," whereas in a "Host Club," they are known as "hosts."
  3. Presence of a position system: While there is no hierarchical position system in a "Men's Kyabakura," a "Host Club" typically implements a structured hierarchy. Common job titles in host clubs include "owner," "store manager," "director," "manager," "representative," "general manager," "chief," "executive assistant," "host manager," and "leader," among others.
  4. Pricing variations: "Men's Kyabakura" establishments follow a time-based pricing model similar to "Kyabakura." They calculate set fees based on the duration of stay, such as charges for 60 minutes or extensions of 30 minutes. Conversely, many "Host Clubs" offer a free time system, where there is no additional charge for extended hours.
  5. Alcohol consumption policy: "Men's Kyabakura" allows men who cannot drink alcohol to work in their establishments, while "Host Clubs" tend to employ individuals who can consume alcoholic beverages.
  6. Employment flexibility: "Men's Kyabakura" offers casual part-time work opportunities, allowing individuals to work even if they can only commit to once or twice a week. In contrast, many employees in "Host Clubs" pursue their work more seriously, aiming to earn substantial monthly incomes in the millions or tens of millions of yen.
  7. Age range of male employees: "Men's Kyabakura" generally employs younger and less experienced workers, including college students. The age range for employees in "Men's Kyabakura" typically falls between 20 and 25, whereas "Host Clubs" may have employees ranging from 20 to 40 years old.
  8. Account receivable policy: "Men's Kyabakura" establishments do not allow accounts receivable, while "Host Clubs" do permit this service. However, establishing a trustworthy customer-host relationship is essential for utilizing the accounts receivable option.
  9. Presence of hierarchical relationships: "Men's Kyabakura" encourages individual players to operate independently, resulting in a flat organizational structure without strict hierarchical relationships. In contrast, "Host Clubs" emphasize teamwork and rely on hierarchical relationships for effective sales and service provision.
  10. Salary systems: "Men's Kyabakura" typically employ a "fixed salary + commission" payment model, while "Host Clubs" primarily rely on commissions. However, during the initial apprenticeship period, the salary for new employees is guaranteed in both types of establishments.

The Allure of "Men's Kyabakura"

Now, let's explore the captivating aspects that draw people to experience the world of "Men's Kyabakura."

  1. Affordability: "Men's Kyabakura" provides an enjoyable experience at reasonable prices. The set fees, as well as the prices of food and drinks offered at the bar, are generally set at low rates, making it accessible to a wider audience.
  2. Unpretentious Atmosphere: Many cast members in "Men's Kyabakura" are college students or newcomers to the hospitality industry, imbuing them with an endearing and unassuming charm. Their lack of experience in interacting with women often adds to their appeal.
  3. Accessibility for Male Customers: Surprisingly, "Men's Kyabakura" establishments are quite welcoming to single male customers. However, it is important to note that going alone is not always recommended.
  4. Attractive Cast Members: Sharing drinks and engaging in conversations with attractive men can be a delightful experience. The appreciation and kindness received from these charming individuals satisfy the need for approval, evoking feelings of joy and motivation.
  5. Relaxed Atmosphere: Unlike "Kyabakura," where multiple cast members may surround a table, "Men's Kyabakura" typically offers one-on-one service. This creates a calm and relaxed ambiance, allowing customers to enjoy their drinks while engaging in unhurried conversations.
  6. Extraordinary Experiences: Each establishment focuses on interior design and furnishings, ensuring a special and extraordinary experience for visitors. The combination of a high-quality, elegant, and vibrant setting, coupled with the company of attractive cast members, provides a unique form of entertainment.
  7. Growth and Development: While reserved for those who can afford it, "Men's Kyabakura" allows customers to partake in the growth and refinement of their favorite cast members. This includes purchasing clothes, watches, bags, cars, and other items, contributing to the development of these individuals into even better versions of themselves.

Pricing Structure in "Men's Kyabakura"

To better understand the costs involved in experiencing "Men's Kyabakura," let's explore the various charges.

  1. Set Charge (Basic Charge):
  • 60 minutes: ¥2,000 and above.
  • The set charge is a mandatory fee applied upon entering the establishment.
  1. Extension Fee:
  • 30 minutes: ¥1,500 and above.
  • The longer you stay, the higher the additional charges. Many establishments automatically extend the duration of your stay, so it is crucial to be mindful of this.
  1. Nomination Fee:
  • Photo nomination: ¥1,000 and above.
  • In-store nomination: ¥1,000 and above.
  • Main nomination: ¥2,000 and above.
  • Nomination fees allow customers to select specific cast members for their enjoyment. The fees vary depending on the method of nomination.
  1. Accompaniment Fee:
  • 60 minutes: ¥1,000 and above (added to the regular set charge).
  • This fee applies when entering the establishment accompanied by a cast member.
  1. VIP Room Charge:
  • Starting from ¥5,000.
  • Some establishments offer karaoke exclusively in their VIP rooms, so consider your budget before making a decision.
  1. Food and Beverage Charges (Drink/Food):
  • Starting from ¥1,000.
  • While "Men's Kyabakura" establishments strive to maintain reasonable pricing, excessive consumption can quickly escalate costs. It is advisable to set a budget to ensure a pleasant experience.
  1. Bottle Charge:
  • Starting from ¥3,000.
  • This fee applies when ordering a bottle of alcohol instead of individual glasses. Any remaining contents will be stored in the establishment for future visits.
  1. Bring-in Fee:
  • Starting from ¥500.
  • If you wish to bring your own food for the cast members or dine together within the establishment, a bring-in fee will be charged.
  1. TAX Fee:
  • 20%.
  • The TAX fee represents the applicable tax rate. Many establishments include a service charge along with the TAX fee. While some places maintain a total charge of 20% (10% TAX fee + 10% service charge), more upscale venues may impose a total charge of 50%.
  1. Credit Card Fee:
  • 10% and above.
  • If you choose to pay by credit card, certain establishments may impose additional fees, typically ranging from 10% to 20%. Whenever possible, it is advisable to pay in cash to avoid these charges.

Operating Hours of "Men's Kyabakura"

Most "Men's Kyabakura" establishments operate between 7:00 PM and 12:00 AM. Some may extend their hours until 1:00 AM, but it is important to note that regulations restrict late-night operations.

Additionally, establishments employing a significant number of part-time cast members, such as college students returning home after the last train, may close as early as 11:00 PM.

Locations of "Men's Kyabakura"

"Men's Kyabakura" establishments can be found in various regions across Japan. Here are some notable locations:

  • Hokkaido Prefecture: Sapporo City
  • Miyagi Prefecture: Sendai City
  • Tochigi Prefecture: Utsunomiya City
  • Gunma Prefecture: Isesaki City
  • Saitama Prefecture: Saitama City, Kawaguchi City
  • Chiba Prefecture: Chiba City, Ichikawa City
  • Tokyo: Minato-ku, Shinjuku-ku, Nakano-ku, Taito-ku
  • Kanagawa Prefecture: Yokohama City, Kawasaki City
  • Toyama Prefecture: Toyama City
  • Ishikawa Prefecture: Kanazawa City
  • Yamanashi Prefecture: Kofu City
  • Nagano Prefecture: Nagano City, Matsumoto City
  • Gifu Prefecture: Gifu City
  • Shizuoka Prefecture: Shizuoka City
  • Aichi Prefecture: Nagoya City
  • Kyoto: Kyoto City
  • Osaka: Osaka City
  • Hyogo Prefecture: Kobe City
  • Okayama Prefecture: Okayama City
  • Hiroshima Prefecture: Hiroshima City, Fukuyama City
  • Tokushima Prefecture: Tokushima City
  • Kagawa Prefecture: Takamatsu City
  • Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture
  • Kochi Prefecture: Kochi City
  • Fukuoka Prefecture: Fukuoka City
  • Saga Prefecture: Saga City
  • Kumamoto Prefecture: Kumamoto City
  • Oita Prefecture: Oita City
  • Miyazaki Prefecture: Miyazaki City
  • Kagoshima Prefecture: Kagoshima City
  • Okinawa Prefecture: Naha City

Ideal Candidates for "Men's Kyabakura"

Suited for "Men's Kyabakura":

  • Those seeking an experience similar to "Host Clubs" but at a more affordable price point.
  • Individuals who feel intimidated by the intimidating image often associated with "Host Clubs."
  • Those desiring relaxed conversations with attractive young men over drinks.
  • Individuals interested in dating or having romantic encounters with attractive young men.
  • Those looking for a pseudo love affair with an attractive young man.
  • Individuals who enjoy changing their nominations with each visit to "Men's Kyabakura."

Not ideally suited for "Men's Kyabakura":

  • Individuals who lack the financial means or time to visit "Men's Kyabakura."
  • Those seriously searching for a potential marriage partner at "Men's Kyabakura."
  • Individuals who do not have a preference for attractive young men.
  • Those who cannot consume alcohol.
  • Individuals who prefer drinking alone.
  • Jealous or possessive individuals.

The Journey through "Men's Kyabakura": From Entry to Exit

To provide a comprehensive understanding of the "Men's Kyabakura" experience, let's explore the typical flow of events from entry to exit.

  1. Set your budget: Begin by determining your budget. Many establishments strive to attract new customers by offering various affordable and enticing courses.
  2. Choose an establishment: Once you have established your budget, select an establishment. While online platforms and word-of-mouth recommendations can provide guidance, it is advisable not to solely rely on pictures of cast members on websites for initial nominations.
  3. Arrive at the establishment: When heading to the selected establishment, it is recommended to arrive in a slightly tipsy state rather than completely sober. Consider having a light drink at an izakaya or another location before proceeding. This will help you relax and engage more comfortably during your time at the "Men's Kyabakura."
  4. Check-in at the establishment: Upon arrival, inform the staff that it is your first visit and express your interest in enjoying a special course. For example, you could request the "60 minutes / 2,000 yen (tax included) all-you-can-drink house bottle" course designed specifically for beginners.
  5. Guided seating: Once seated, the staff will provide a brief explanation of the establishment's system. This is an opportune moment to ask any questions you may have and communicate your personal preferences.
  6. Engage in conversations and enjoy: The cast members will join you, and the delightful conversations commence. Start with casual small talk and gradually delve into various topics, including seeking and providing romantic advice.
  7. Honesty in requests: As the conversations unfold, be open and honest about your preferences. Whether it's expressing a desire for someone attractive and tall, a great sense of humor, or attentive listening skills, communicating your desires will enhance your overall experience.
  8. Exploring different cast members: If you enter the establishment without a prior nomination, you will interact with various cast members who will take turns attending to you. Typically, one cast member will change every 15 minutes, allowing you to experience interactions with multiple individuals during your visit.
  9. Enjoying the conversation: Make the most of your time by engaging in enjoyable conversations. Since the cast members are aware that you are a new customer, they will not impose excessive sales pitches for drinks or bottles. Therefore, try to keep your expenses minimal on the first visit unless you genuinely connect with a cast member.
  10. Conclusion: As your enjoyable time draws to a close, different establishments may handle the end differently. Some may politely inquire if you are ready to leave or if you would like to extend your stay. Others might automatically extend the time without explicit notice. Remain attentive to avoid any unexpected extensions.

This concludes our comprehensive guide on the journey through "Men's Kyabakura" from entry to exit.

In Conclusion

We hope you found this guide informative and intriguing. If you are interested in experiencing "Men's Kyabakura," we highly recommend giving it a try! Sharing this unique experience with your female friends is sure to bring them joy and excitement. Thank you for joining us on this exploration of "Men's Kyabakura." Until next time!

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