Discovering Pleasure

The Ultimate Guide to Japan's Nightlife

Pleasure in Japan

Liquid Elegance

The Premier Guide to Japan's Beverage Scene

Pleasure in Japan

Chasing Luck

The Comprehensive Guide to Japan's Casinos and Betting Houses

Pleasure in Japan

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The Comprehensive Guide to Understanding Japan's Women

Pleasure in Japan

About Pleasure in Japan

In the spirit of the Showa era, Japanese men found their rhythm in a trio of indulgences: savoring good drink, embracing the thrill of gambling, and succumbing to the allure of romance. This lively and daring lifestyle, while steeped in hedonism, was a symbol of the era's unspoken masculine code. It whispers to us a timeless mantra, 'To revel is to live. Such is the essence of being a man in Japan.'

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We are organizing difficult words in Japanese into categories, making them easily understandable in English.

Japanese Mahjong Parlors

A janso is a place where mahjong can be played for a set fee. It's a table game where four players compete using tiles, and it can be played as "set janso," "free janso," or "no-rate janso" depending on the style and wager.

Cabaret Dress Up

Cabaret Club Dress refers to the attire worn by female employees in cabaret clubs to create an attractive and glamorous atmosphere.

Cabaret Club

Cabaret clubs are social eating and drinking establishments where female employees serve customers, offering a glamorous atmosphere without providing adult entertainment or sexual services.

Girls Bar

Girls' bars are entertainment establishments where women, from bartenders to customer service staff (cast members), provide conversation and entertainment without offering sexual services or prostitution.

Japan Lotto 6

Japan Loto 6 is a lottery where players choose six numbers from 1 to 43 for a chance to win different prize amounts.

Pleasure in Japan