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Japanese Mahjong Parlors

A janso is a place where mahjong can be played for a set fee. It's a table game where four players compete using tiles, and it can be played as "set janso," "free janso," or "no-rate janso" depending on the style and wager.

Cabaret Dress Up

Cabaret Club Dress refers to the attire worn by female employees in cabaret clubs to create an attractive and glamorous atmosphere.

Cabaret Club

Cabaret clubs are social eating and drinking establishments where female employees serve customers, offering a glamorous atmosphere without providing adult entertainment or sexual services.

Girls Bar

Girls' bars are entertainment establishments where women, from bartenders to customer service staff (cast members), provide conversation and entertainment without offering sexual services or prostitution.

Japan Lotto 6

Japan Loto 6 is a lottery where players choose six numbers from 1 to 43 for a chance to win different prize amounts.

Lottery Net

Lottery Net allows people to purchase lottery tickets online, including various types of lotteries and numbers, without the need to visit a physical sales office. This convenient service operates 24/7.

Official Lottery

Lottery official refers to the official website that sells lottery tickets and provides information. It is operated by the Council, comprising all prefectures and designated cities in Japan that sell lottery tickets.

Lottery Results

Lottery results include information on winning numbers and amounts announced after the lottery draw. They determine whether a ticket holder is eligible to receive a prize.

Lottery Taxes

Lottery taxes refer to taxes on winnings from lotteries and public games. The prize money is subject to income tax, and the withholding rate depends on the amount won.

Lottery Ticket Office

Lottery ticket offices are specialized stores or facilities where you can buy different types of lottery tickets that suit your preferences.

Buy Lottery Tickets Online

Lottery ticket online purchase involves buying lottery tickets through official lottery ticket websites. Various lotteries like Jumbo Lottery, Lotto 6, Lotto 7, Numbers, and more are available for online purchase.

Lottery Numbers

Lottery winning numbers are the randomly drawn numbers that determine the winners of a lottery. These numbers are selected from a specific range, and if someone matches them, they win a prize.

Lotto 6 Japan

Lotto 6 Japan is a type of Japanese lottery with different prize amounts, including 200 million yen for the first prize, 10 million yen for the second prize, and so on.

Lotto 6 Japan Results

Lotto 6 Japan results means the latest winning numbers of Lotto 6, which can be found on the Mizuho Bank website or Lottery Net.

Lotto 7 Japan

Lotto 7 Japan is a number-choice lottery where players pick seven numbers from 1 to 37. The prize amount depends on the winning combination and the number of winners.

Maid Cafes

Maid cafes are highly entertaining eating and drinking establishments where female staff dressed as maids treat customers as "masters," providing a fun experience.


Nightclubs are entertainment venues open at night, offering music, dancing, and shows. They serve drinks and food, including alcoholic beverages.

Official Lottery Site

Official lottery websites are the authorized platforms that sell lottery tickets and provide accurate information on ticket purchase, sales period, locations, and winning numbers, ensuring users can participate in the lottery with confidence.


PACHINKO is a popular game in Japan involving small steel balls moved on a vertical glass board using nails and pins. Players win prizes when the balls enter specific ports. It serves as an alternative to casinos, which are not legal in Japan as of July 2023.

Shisha Bar

Shisha bars are specialized establishments where people can enjoy shisha (water tobacco) with a variety of aromatic flavors, and some also offer alcoholic beverages and snacks.

Sekk Cabaret

Sekk cabarets are restaurants with more extreme services than typical cabaret clubs, involving female employees wearing sexy costumes interacting closely with male customers. The services vary based on the restaurant's concept.

Lottery Day

The lottery day is September 2 every year, established by Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank (now Mizuho Bank, Ltd.) in 1967 to promote the prevention of expired and unredeemed winning tickets.

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