Experience the Excitement of SHOW CLUB or SHOW PUB in Japan

March 26, 2024

Welcome to the vibrant and exciting world of Japan's SHOW CLUBS (SHOW PUBS). These remarkable venues blend adult entertainment, gastronomic delights, and refreshing drinks to provide a one-of-a-kind experience.  Learn all about interesting clubs in Japan which are different from regular nightclubs and cabaret clubs. Prepare to be captivated by talented performers as you enjoy a fine dining experience.

This article offers a comprehensive exploration of SHOW CLUBS, discussing topics ranging from genres and pricing to locations and operating hours. Additionally, we provide helpful tips to elevate your experience. Without further ado, let's delve into the intriguing universe of Japanese SHOW CLUBS!

What is SHOW CLUB?

SHOW CLUB, also known as SHOW PUB, is an extraordinary venue that offers an array of entertainment experiences while you savor exquisite food and beverages. It's important to note that SHOW CLUB is distinct from a "dinner show" at a hotel or a "dining cinema" in a movie theater. The allure of SHOW CLUB lies in its glittering ambiance and the powerful performances delivered by numerous talented individuals.

Diverse Genres of SHOW CLUB

SHOW CLUBs in Japan encompass a wide range of genres. Here are some of the genres you can explore:

1. Club where Japanese girls sing and dance

This genre represents the quintessential SHOW CLUB experience. These clubs feature captivating performances with various songs and dances. From intimate venues accommodating around 20 people to larger establishments hosting nearly 100 patrons, the range of options is vast. Some larger clubs even boast over 100 talented female dancers. Prepare to be enthralled by the harmonious blend of music and movement in these clubs.

2. Club specializing in cocktail shows

Flair shows take center stage in these clubs. Talented bartenders showcase their acrobatic skills as they mix and serve cocktails, incorporating mesmerizing bottle tricks and shaker maneuvers. You'll witness bottles dancing flamboyantly before your eyes, pouring their liquid delights into perfectly crafted glasses. Some clubs even employ world champion flair bartenders, guaranteeing a truly impressive performance.

3. Club specializing in robot shows

These unique clubs provide an awe-inspiring experience where giant robots take the stage, dancing and engaging in enthralling battles. Alongside these mechanical marvels, human performers showcase their singing, acting, and dancing skills. Step into a glittering and opulent world that transports you to another dimension. Notably, the construction cost of a renowned club in Shinjuku exceeded 10 billion yen, a testament to the grandeur and allure of these shows.

4. Club with transsexual shows

For those seeking a bewitching and elegant performance, clubs featuring transsexual shows are a must-visit. Revel in the graceful and captivating displays presented by these talented dancers. Their performances encompass various show concepts, including kabuki, Japanese drumming, and oiran (courtesans), offering an exhilarating experience for the audience.

5. Club of illusion magic shows

Magic aficionados will find themselves enthralled in clubs dedicated to the art of illusion. These establishments range from intimate venues featuring close-up magic with playing cards and coins to grand stages that showcase extravagant and dynamic illusions, including real human mutilation and levitation. Prepare to be amazed by the skillful manipulation of perception and reality.

6. Club of imitation shows

If you appreciate high-quality imitations, these clubs will delight your senses. Witness captivating performances that span a wide range of shows, from renowned productions known to all, to hidden gems that only a select few are aware of. These clubs may even feature performances by famous TV personalities, adding an extra touch of glamour to the experience.

7. Club of flamenco shows

Passionate and authentic flamenco shows await those who visit these clubs. You don't need to travel all the way to Spain to witness the impressive footwork, spirited hand claps, and fiery guitar strumming. Immerse yourself in the passionate ambiance and savor the authentic Spanish cuisine offered, such as the delectable paella and ahijos.

8. Club of SM shows

For those intrigued by the realm of BDSM, SM clubs provide an opportunity to indulge in captivating and edgy performances. Witness captivating displays on stage, where dominatrixes unleash their prowess upon masochistic individuals suspended from the ceiling. Interestingly, many visitors enjoy these performances as works of art rather than merely focusing on their "sexual" nature.

These are just a few examples of the diverse genres found within the realm of SHOW CLUB. Countless other clubs offer their unique concepts and performances, ensuring that boredom is never an option. It's important to explore and discover the genres that resonate with your preferences.

Pricing at SHOW CLUB

Let's delve into the pricing aspect, although we must mention that the following information serves as a reference. Prices can vary significantly based on factors such as the club's size, location (rural or urban), and individual club policies. Before visiting a club, it's advisable to check their website for the most accurate and up-to-date pricing details.

Set Price, Table Charge, and Entrance Fee

  • 60 minutes (male): 500 to 10,000 yen
  • 60 minutes (female): 0 to 5,000 yen
  • 90 minutes (male): 2,000 to 25,000 yen
  • 90 minutes (female): 0 to 20,000 yen

It's important to note that each club has its own pricing structure, which may include set prices, table charges, entrance fees, or even all-you-can-drink packages. Some clubs adopt a "one-drink-order system," requiring guests to order at least one drink. Additionally, it's crucial to be aware that the set price may not cover the cost of the show in certain clubs, as extra charges may apply.

VIP Seats and VIP Rooms

  • 60 minutes: 2,000 to 3,000 yen
  • 90 minutes: 5,000 to 50,000 yen

VIP seats are often available in the form of cozy sofa seats, while VIP rooms provide a more luxurious and private setting with splendid glass walls. Each club may use varying terminology for these exclusive seating options.

Extension Fee

  • 30 minutes: 1,000 to 10,000 yen

Certain clubs have set durations for their shows, and an extension fee applies if you wish to prolong your stay beyond the standard time limit. However, some clubs offer unlimited time, allowing you to enjoy the performances without time constraints.

Performance Fee

  • 1,000 to 5,000 yen

Performance fees, sometimes referred to as show charges, cover the cost of watching the shows. It's worth noting that many clubs now include this fee in the set price, but it's essential to confirm with each specific club.

Drink & Food

  • Drink: 800 yen onwards
  • Food: 700 yen onwards

Enjoy a delightful range of beverages and indulge in delectable food options available at SHOW CLUBs. The prices for drinks and food may vary depending on the club and the items you choose.

Nomination Fee

  • 1,000 to 3,000 yen

Unlike in "KYABAKURA," where a designated host accompanies you throughout, in SHOW CLUBs, the performers, who are often singers or dancers, leave their seats to prepare for the show. If you wish to nominate a specific performer to spend time with, a nomination fee may apply.

Accompany Fee

  • 1,000 yen onwards

The accompany fee covers the expense of going out for dinner or a date with your chosen performer before the club officially opens. Subsequently, you proceed to the club together, enhancing your connection and overall experience.


  • 1,000 yen onwards

Tipping is greatly appreciated by singers and dancers. Some clubs provide special tipping systems where cash can be exchanged for club-specific tip currency. Others accept cash directly. Express your appreciation and support for the performers through tipping.

Service Charge & Tax

  • 10% to 40%

Service charges and taxes may be charged separately by certain clubs. However, an increasing number of clubs now include the total amount, incorporating both service charges and tax, to simplify the payment process for customers.

It's important to note that the pricing structure outlined above is a general overview, and clubs may offer various events and special plans on a daily or weekly basis. Stay updated by visiting the clubs' websites, where you may find enticing offers, such as "All-you-can-drink & Buffet Course," "Happy Hour," "Dinner & Show Plans," or "Ladies' Party Plans." Making a reservation in advance, approximately a week ahead, may also result in a slightly lower price.

Locations of SHOW CLUB

SHOW CLUBs can be found in various entertainment districts across Japan. While smaller clubs catering to around 10 to 20 patrons are plentiful, larger establishments are more limited.

Here are some locations of larger SHOW CLUBs:

  • Hokkaido, Sapporo, Chuo-ku
  • Tokyo, Minato Ward, Roppongi
  • Tokyo, Minato Ward, Azabujuban
  • Tokyo, Minato Ward, Akasaka
  • Tokyo, Shinjuku-ku, Kabukicho
  • Tokyo, Chuo-ku, Ginza
  • Tokyo, Shinagawa-ku, Nishi-Gotanda
  • Tokyo, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
  • Tokyo, Ota-ku, Kamata
  • Osaka, Osaka City, Kita-ku, Sonezaki Shinchi
  • Fukuoka, Fukuoka City, Hakata-ku, Nakasu

These locations offer a diverse range of SHOW CLUBs, each with its own unique atmosphere and charm. Explore these entertainment districts to discover the SHOW CLUB that suits your preferences.

Business Hours of SHOW CLUB

SHOW CLUBs cater to different target audiences, resulting in varying business hours. Clubs targeting families and couples generally open from 2:00 p.m., while clubs focusing on late-night parties commence operations around 10:00 p.m. SHOW CLUBs have varying business hours, with some opening as early as 2:00 p.m. and others operating until 5:00 a.m. the following morning. The wide range of business hours offers flexibility to choose a time slot that suits your schedule. It's advisable to check the specific club's website for their precise business hours.

Shows and Duration at SHOW CLUB

SHOW CLUBs typically offer multiple shows throughout their operating hours. Although the exact number of shows and their durations can vary, we'll provide you with a general overview. The number of shows depends on factors such as showtime and business hours. Here's a typical scenario:

  • Minimum: Two shows
  • Maximum: Five shows

Most clubs follow a standard of three shows, each lasting approximately 60 minutes. Within these three shows, you can expect three distinct parts—part one, part two, and part three. To fully enjoy the experience, it's recommended to arrive at the club at least 30 minutes before the show starts. For instance, if the show begins at 6:30 p.m., ensure you're present by 6:00 p.m. at the latest.

Enhancing Your SHOW CLUB Experience

Now that we've covered the essentials of SHOW CLUBs, we'd like to share a few tips to enhance your overall experience. While these tips are by no means foolproof, they may prove helpful in navigating the unique dynamics of SHOW CLUB interactions.

  1. Visit clubs regularly without being too infrequent or intrusive. Strive to strike a balance by visiting approximately three times a month, ensuring you're not easily forgotten without appearing overbearing. Weekdays are often less crowded, providing better opportunities for conversations.
  2. Vary your tipping amounts. While tipping is a wonderful way to catch a performer's attention and establish a connection, consider tipping different amounts on different occasions. This approach generates curiosity and intrigue, making you stand out from others who consistently tip the same amount. Let them wonder about the reasons behind your tipping habits.
  3. Gradually increase physical contact. Initiate simple gestures of touch, such as a handshake or light pat on the head, as you build familiarity. As comfort levels grow, progress to more intimate touches like placing your hand on their waist. Establishing trust and a sense of comfort is key before venturing further.
  4. Indirectly propose private encounters. When inviting performers to spend time outside the club, avoid being overly direct. Offer enticing suggestions, such as sharing pictures of an interesting room or inviting them to your pet-friendly home if they have an affinity for animals. Choose opportune moments, such as when they're in a flirtatious mood or after a few drinks, to increase the likelihood of a positive response.

Remember, patience is crucial when building connections in SHOW CLUBs. Even if you don't achieve your desired outcome immediately, take your time and enjoy the journey.


We hope this comprehensive guide has piqued your interest in the enchanting world of SHOW CLUB, or SHOW PUB in Japan. Immerse yourself in the captivating performances, savor the delectable food and drinks, and embrace the unique experiences each genre offers.

SHOW CLUBs provide a vibrant and exhilarating atmosphere where talented performers showcase their skills and passion for singing, dancing, and entertainment. Whether you're seeking a thrilling night out or a memorable experience, SHOW CLUBs in Japan are sure to leave an indelible impression. Remember to check each club's website for the most accurate and up-to-date information before planning your visit. Enjoy your journey through the mesmerizing world of SHOW CLUBs!

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