Complete Guide to Takii Shinchi Red Light District

June 18, 2024

Are you interested in even more niche places than Tobita Shinchi or Imazato Shinchi? Welcome to our complete guide to Takii Shinchi, the smaller yet deeply popular district within the Five Great Shinchi. Here you can learn about the new shinchi that only continues to grow!

What is Takii Shinchi

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Takii Shinchi, the smallest among the Five Great Shinchi districts, is located in Takii Town, Moriguchi City, Osaka Prefecture, offering a distinct experience away from the city center. The closest station to this district is Takii station.

Takii Shinchi, despite its association with the red-light district, operates as a ryotei restaurant rather than a traditional sex establishment. This unique concept follows the premise that a guest enters the establishment, forms a connection with the woman serving them, and engages in intimate encounters, all under the concept of a "free love affair." It's important to note that this approach considers these interactions as personal expressions of freedom, similar to consensual relationships between lovers, and does not constitute a criminal activity.

Cautionary Tips for Foreigners Exploring Adult Shops in Japan

Keep in mind that certain establishments might decline service to foreign customers.
It's advisable to accompany a native Japanese friend who can introduce you to different shops or negotiate on your behalf, ensuring the staff feels assured about your understanding of the rules.
In some instances, even as a foreigner, proficiency in Japanese may lead to acceptance by the staff for their services. Demonstrating efforts to learn the language and speaking a bit of Japanese can enhance your chances of being accepted.

Operating Procedures in Takii Shinchi

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As you explore the area, you'll find yourself frequently approached by the friendly "obachan" (older ladies) who invite you with enthusiasm, offering insights like, "Come here, come here! We have a special girl just for today." There's no obligation to decide on a specific store when you're invited, so feel free to explore your options.

Upon leaving one restaurant, ladies from nearby stores who are equally eager to welcome you, will warmly greet you. This makes it easy to examine multiple stores within 10 to 15 minutes due to the relatively small size of Takii Shinchi. The process differs from Tobita Shinchi. Here, the girls are not visible before visiting and their appearance remains a mystery until you enter the establishments.

STEP 1: Select a Store

Begin by selecting one of the available stores within the district. Deciding your favorite may initially seem challenging, but a simple "Yeah!" will help you make your selection. Remember that lingering indecisively may limit your opportunities for a closer look, so don't hesitate to make your choice and enjoy your experience.

STEP 2: Negotiating

After selecting your desired girl at Takii Shinchi, the next step is to communicate the duration of your intended engagement. Engage with the manager, often referred to as "Obachan" or “Old Lady,” to discuss the duration of your intended visit and services. While many customers opt for the 30 minute 14,000 JPY course, if you desire a more extended experience, you can choose the longer option.

STEP 3: Head to "Chon-no-Ma"

In Takii Shinchi, the designated area for sexual activities is referred to as Chon-no-Ma (ちょんの間). This translates to "a room for brief sexual encounters," where intimate engagements typically last around 30 minutes.

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Chon-no-Ma comprises a straightforward Japanese-style room. It is a simple tatami mat room with a table and futon laid out with a suspicious pink light setting the mood for the act. Additionally, hygiene is upheld as a priority, with careful disinfection of participants' private areas using alcohol wipes or if the restaurant is equipped with showers, you will be asked to take a shower.

STEP 4: Refreshments

The ryotei restaurant concept is upheld, drinks are readily available for your enjoyment. You have the option to order from a selection of drinks. If you wish, you can request the girl to bring you a drink. However, it's important to note that time is counted from the moment you ascend to the ryotei, so there's no need for prolonged conversation. Should you choose a beverage, you will be responsible for the associated charges.

STEP 5: Commence the Activities

Begin the agreed-upon activities, often referred to as NN/NS, in a comfortable and private setting.

Glossary of Terms

*NN: Stands for “nama nakadashi” means having unprotected sex without using contraception and being okay with ejaculation inside the vagina.

*NS: Stands for "no-skin" which means having sex without wearing any protection or contraception.

Access to Takii Shinchi

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Takii Shinchi is conveniently accessible, being only 28 minutes by train from Umeda Station. Travelers can connect at both Osaka Station and Kyobashi Station before taking a short 3-minute walk from Takii Station to reach their destination.

To reach Takii Shinchi, begin your journey by heading to Takii Station on the Keihan Electric Railway and take the west exit.

  1. Upon exiting Takii Station, you'll find a road directly in front of you. Make a left turn onto this road.
  2. As you proceed, you'll come across a renowned chain restaurant called "Odoru Udon" on the right side of the road.
  3. Continue following this passageway, and you'll soon find yourself in a serene residential area, which may lead you to question the existence of a new place like Takii Shinchi.
  4. After about 3 minutes of walking, you'll reach a point where there are two large gray buildings. Take a right turn between these buildings, and you will have arrived at Takii Shinchi.

The precise location of Takii Shinchi is detailed as follows:

Address: 570-0076 Osaka, Moriguchi-shi, Takii Nishimachi, 2-3-11

Merits and Demerits of Takii Shinchi

Merits of Takii Shinchi

Takii Shinchi, a lesser-known gem among Osaka's adult entertainment districts, holds its own unique merits that set it apart from its more prominent counterparts. Listed below are some points to keep in mind when you visit this area.

Unique Experience

Takii Shinchi offers a one-of-a-kind experience with its analog approach to selection, where girls are not visible until you enter the establishment. This adds an element of novelty and anticipation to the experience.

Interconnected Ryotei Establishments

The interconnected nature of Ryotei establishments ensures a consistent level of service, regardless of the specific store you choose. This can lead to a more seamless and satisfying experience for visitors.

Mature Women

Takii Shinchi primarily features older, more seasoned women in their 30s and 40s. In the past, there was a predominance of mature women, but today, there is a growing presence of young girls as well. This can be appealing to patrons who prefer the sex appeal and experience of mature women.

Affordable Pricing

Takii Shinchi offers competitive pricing, making it a more cost-effective option compared to other well-known adult entertainment areas in Osaka.

Demerits of Takii Shinchi

While Takii Shinchi has its own set of attractions, it's not without its challenges and drawbacks. Listed below are some points to keep in mind when you visit this area:

Analog Selection

Unlike other areas, Takii Shinchi does not provide pictures or websites for girls, and they are not visible outside the shops. That means visitors must rely on an in-person selection process, which may be less convenient for some.

Limited Number of Girls

While some shops have multiple girls, others have only one. This can limit the variety of choices available to visitors, and it's advisable to explore all establishments.

Location Challenge

Takii Shinchi is located in Takii Town, Moriguchi City, which is a bit away from major urban areas. Finding the exact location, especially for first-time visitors, may pose a challenge.

Price Range

Let's take a look at the pricing structure for services at Takii Shinchi. (The following are reference prices).

  • 30 minutes: 14,000 JPY
  • 40 minutes: 18,000 JPY
  • 60 minutes: 25,000 JPY

*Please note that the most common choice among visitors is the 30-minute session at 14,000 JPY.

It's worth mentioning that the price for a 30-minute session was formerly 13,000 JPY but was raised to 14,000 JPY due to factors like consumption tax and increased costs. Even with the price adjustment, Takii Shinchi remains a more cost-effective option compared to other well-known areas, such as Matsushima Shinchi and Tobita Shinchi.

For reference, here's a comparison of pricing between these areas.

Takii Shinchi

  • 30 minutes: 14,000 JPY
  • 40 minutes: 18,000 JPY
  • 60 minutes: 25,000 JPY

Matsushima Shinchi

  • 30 minutes: 15,000 JPY
  • 40 minutes: 20,000 JPY
  • 60 minutes: 30,000 JPY

Tobita Shinchi

  • 30 minutes: 21,000 JPY
  • 60 minutes: 41,000 JPY

Additionally, it's rumored that during adverse weather conditions like snow or typhoons, rates may be subject to negotiation, potentially offering more affordable options.

Cautionary Notes

When foreign visitors frequent adult entertainment venues, it is vital to honor the local culture and laws and exercise prudence. The following are general guidelines to bear in mind, but since regulations may differ from one place to another, it's essential to conduct specific research beforehand.

  1. Adhere to the law: Strictly follow local laws and regulations. Laws regarding adult entertainment can vary from country to country, with differences in legality and restrictions. Avoid engaging in illegal activities to avoid legal consequences.
  2. Age verification: Be aware of age restrictions at adult entertainment establishments. Minors are often not permitted, so carry identification to confirm your age.
  3. Beware of scams and pitfalls: Tourist areas can be hotspots for scams targeting foreigners. Exercise caution when dealing with unverified adult entertainment venues and seek information from trustworthy sources.
  4. Health and safety: Take appropriate precautions to minimize the risk of sexually transmitted infections and health hazards. Practice safe sex and consistently use condoms.
  5. Consider location and timing: Verify the location and operating hours of adult entertainment venues and aim to enjoy your visit in safe areas. Avoid traveling alone at night and opt for public transportation for added safety.
  6. Maintain a respectful and considerate demeanor: Demonstrating respect for local culture and customs is vital. Interact with courtesy and prioritize empathy in your interactions.
  7. Protect your finances and valuables: Safeguard your wallet and valuable possessions when you go out to prevent theft or loss.
  8. Research and gather information: Before visiting adult entertainment establishments, conduct research and gather information from reliable sources. Understanding local rules and pricing structures can be quite beneficial.

Above all, it is imperative to show respect for local laws and culture and prioritize safe and responsible behavior. When enjoying adult entertainment in a foreign country, self-protection and consideration for others are paramount.

Shops at Takii Shinchi

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Another notable difference from Tobita Shinchi is that Takii Shinchi is situated in a quiet residential area, so there's less concern about attracting unwanted attention from passersby if you visit in the early evening.

Additionally, it's worth mentioning that all stores in Takii Shinchi are generally open throughout the year. Unlike some other districts that may have specific closed days, such as Tobita Shinchi on the 20th of every month or Imazato Shinchi on the third Wednesday of the month, Takii Shinchi remains open continuously. This means that it's accessible to visitors even during traditional holidays like Obon and New Year's. You can visit at any time.

Opening Hours at Takii Shinchi

The opening hours of Takii Shinchi are from 4:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. This means that the district typically opens in the late afternoon and closes at midnight, providing ample opportunity for visitors to enjoy the services offered. Unlike Tobita Shinchi, which has some stores opening as early as 10:00 a.m., Takii Shinchi starts its operations later in the day.

Level of Takii Shinchi Girls

Most of the girls at Takii Shinchi are in their 30s and 40s in terms of age. Despite their age, many of these women are known for their attractive and youthful appearance, often referred to as "beautiful witches."

During visits to Takii Shinchi, you can encounter women in their 30s who maintain a remarkable level of youthful beauty. These women are experienced in providing various adult entertainment services, including intimate activities like NN/NS. Their skills and youthful appearance can contribute to a satisfying experience.

Glossary of Terms

*NN: Stands for “nama nakadashi: which means having unprotected sex without using contraception and being okay with ejaculation inside the vagina.

*NS: Stands for "no-skin" which means having sex without wearing any protection or contraception.

Recommended Shops at Takii Shinchi

Takii Shinchi, among the various Shinchi districts, stands out as one of the smaller ones. There are a total of eight stores. Six out of the following are currently open for business. Compared to other Shinchi districts, Takii Shinchi is notably more compact.

  1. Tsuki Usagi (月うさぎ)
  2. Ruri (瑠璃)
  3. Shin (伸)
  4. Yumehana (夢花)
  5. Misaki (みさき)
  6. Karin (かりん)
  7. Daiichi Suzuran (第一鈴蘭)
  8. Hanamizuki (花水木)

Please check with or visit the store for more information, as some stores may not be open.


Takii Shinchi, while not as renowned as some of its counterparts, offers an intriguing and distinct experience for those seeking adult entertainment in Osaka. With its quiet appearance, interconnected Ryotei establishments, and older, more seasoned women, it caters to a niche clientele looking for a different kind of intimacy.In a world where adult entertainment options are varied, Takii Shinchi stands out as a unique and memorable choice for those who appreciate its distinctive attributes.

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