Complete Guide to Imazato Shinchi Red Light District

March 27, 2024

Are you interested in encountering a different Shinchi, one that is distinct from Tobita Shinchi? Imazato Shinchi beckons those seeking unique experiences and unforgettable memories. This complete guide is your key to understanding, navigating, and making the most of your visit to this captivating district.

What is Imazato Shinchi?

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Imazato Shinchi, also known as Imazato Entertainment District, is a red-light district located in Osaka, Japan. It is one of the several areas in Osaka where adult entertainment services are offered. Imazato Shinchi is known for its numerous establishments, including bars, clubs, and other adult-oriented venues that provide various services.

Similar to other red-light districts in Japan such as Shinodayama Shinchi, Imazato Shinchi operates under specific legal regulations. Visitors to this area can expect to find various forms of adult entertainment, though it's important to be aware of the legal nuances and potential safety concerns associated with such establishments. When compared to the other prominent districts in Osaka, remains somewhat enigmatic, with limited information available.

Cautionary Tips for Foreigners Exploring Adult Shops in Japan

Keep in mind that certain establishments might decline service to foreign customers.
It's advisable to accompany a native Japanese friend who can introduce you to different shops or negotiate on your behalf, ensuring the staff feels assured about your understanding of the rules.
In some instances, even as a foreigner, proficiency in Japanese may lead to acceptance by the staff for their services. Demonstrating efforts to learn the language and speaking a bit of Japanese can enhance your chances of being accepted.

History of Imazato Shinchi

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Imazato Shinchi's historical roots trace back to its origins as a reconfigured red-light district.

Imazato Shinchi's history dates back to December 1930 when it was designated as a "Geiko Residential Area" following the development of the land near Daiki-Imari Station. This area attracted geiko and traders from Osaka City who established businesses here. However, the aftermath of World War II led to its redlining, transforming Imazato Shinchi into the second prostitution district after Matsushima and Tobita. The district's existence as a brothel district came to an end in 1958 with the implementation of the Anti-Prostitution Law which made prostitution illegal in Japan.

Despite this, some businesses managed to continue operating within the bounds of the law, and during the Heisei era, foreign women started working in the area. This transformation gradually shaped the renowned and well-known image of Imazato Shinchi as a red-light district.

Merits of Imazato Shinchi

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Imazato Shinchi stands as a unique destination, where a delightful fusion of culinary indulgence, fine beverages, and discreet adult entertainment seamlessly converge. Notably, the Ryotei establishments in this district distinguish themselves from other Shinchi counterparts with their interconnected operations. Here's a closer look at the merits of Imazato Shinchi:

Personalized Service

The experienced staff at Imazato Shinchi is dedicated to catering to your unique preferences. You can communicate your desires and expectations to enhance your experience, ensuring that your visit aligns with your specific tastes.

Engaging Interaction

Imazato Shinchi distinguishes itself by encouraging customers to interact with the "mama-san," the seasoned female employee overseeing operations. This interactive approach allows you to negotiate and select the ideal companion who matches your desires.

Demerits of Imazato Shinchi

While Imazato Shinchi has its attractions, potential drawbacks include the challenge of finding the location without a map or specific address, and the discrete nature of this district, which may pose difficulties for first-time visitors. Imazato Shinchi, while offering its unique appeal, comes with certain challenges.

Navigational Complexity

Finding Imazato Shinchi can be challenging without a map or a specific address, posing potential difficulties for first-time visitors. However, provided below is the access information to ensure that even visitors from overseas can easily find their way to this location.

Language Barrier

Effective communication in Japanese is essential for negotiations with the "mama-san" regarding your preferred companion. Some places may be able to help you in English, but it is better to learn Japanese if you think it is necessary.

Price Range

The cost of services in Imazato Shinchi offers an attractive proposition. (Prices below are for reference only).

Standard Rates

A typical session of 30 minutes is priced at approximately 13,000 JPY, which stands as a budget-friendly option in comparison to other Shinchi districts.

Competitive Pricing

Comparatively, Imazato Shinchi remains cost-effective, with prices such as 7,500 JPY for 15 minutes in Shinodayama, 13,000 JPY for 30 minutes in Imazato, and 14,000 JPY for 30 minutes in Takii. Additionally, both Imazato and Takii may offer discounts depending on your negotiations, providing further affordability.

Access to Imazato Shinchi

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Imazato Shinchi is an established district situated in Ikuno Ward, Osaka, with "Imazato" station being the nearest stop. To guide you, here are the steps to reach Imazato Shinchi from Imazato station:

  1. Exit the station and keep the Shinkin Bank signboard on your right as you walk straight.
  2. Continue straight, passing the Narumonya signboard on your right.
  3. Keep walking straight, with the "Genki-ya" sign on your right.
  4. Arrive at an intersection and spot the Tenrikyo building; take a right turn at this point.
  5. Proceed down the alley, and you'll encounter a row of ryokan and ryotei inns.
  6. Congratulations, you've reached Imazato Shinchi!

Please note that this location is a bit of a walk from the station, and you'll pass through a residential area. If you're not familiar with the area, there's a chance you may get lost, so it's advisable to follow these directions carefully.

Opening Hours of Imazato Shinchi

The business hours of Imazato Shinchi are as follows:

  • Opening hours: 3:00 pm
  • Closing time: Around midnight

While a few stores might be open during the daytime, it's advisable to visit in the evening, around 5:00 pm, for a more comfortable experience, as daytime visits can be a bit awkward due to the attention from tourists in the Korean Town area. Additionally, please note that all stores are closed on the third Wednesday of each month.

Level of Imazato Shinchi Girls

The attractiveness of girls in Imazato Shinchi is a consideration when engaging in NN/NS experiences. Most of the girls here tend to be mature women in their 30s and 40s. However, this doesn't mean there are unattractive or older women, as depicted in certain illustrations. The general appearance of the girls in Imazato Shinchi is quite ordinary.

In recent times, some women from Asian countries who work as migrants have joined Imazato Shinchi's establishments. Nevertheless, they undergo a thorough selection process during hiring. There is a possibility that a few older women in their 50s, who may be perceived as past their prime, could be part of the staff. To avoid such experiences, it's crucial to communicate your preferences and inform the establishment if you prefer not to engage with older women before entering.

Cautionary Notes

Foreign guests can enjoy their experience while staying secure by recognizing that the district operates discreetly, and embracing this unique environment while being discreet in your actions and interactions.  Exercise vigilance when moving around the area, especially if you're unfamiliar with it. Make use of maps or navigation tools to stay on track.

When engaging with the services and staff, maintain a respectful and considerate demeanor to ensure a positive experience. If you know the language it’s great but beware of unexpected charges if you don’t understand the staff. By staying aware, cautious, and respectful, foreign visitors can enjoy their time in the district while ensuring their safety.

Shops in Imazato Shinchi

Imazato Shinchi, gradually transforming into a Korean enclave, currently hosts some Japanese brothels. If you wish to engage with quality services in Imazato Shinchi, selecting the right establishment is crucial. To guarantee the best experiences in this district, closely examine the top venues that align with your preferences and desires.

1.Hourakusan (宝楽三)

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The faded pink walls of the building only serve to increase the mood. It also helps to distinguish the establishment when you go and look for it. Despite the old style building there are relatively young girls available for your choosing.


  • 544-0001 Osaka, Ikuno Ward, Shinimazato, 3-5

2.Fujishima (藤島)

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Located next to Hourakusan, Fujishima has a slightly more modern look to its entrance. It’s standard pricing is 13,000 JPY for 30 minutes. After negotiating with the mama to see which girl is available and suits your preference you will be taken to the Chon-no-ma, a room for sex, where you wait for the girl to arrive. Depending on the girl you will be able to experience NS, NN, or G.


  • 544-0001 Osaka, Ikuno Ward, Shinimazato, 3-5-20

3.Tamanoi (玉の井)

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This establishment doesn’t provide showers and instead you are wiped down with wet wipes before the services start. The level of the girls are very cute with even some looking like famous actresses on tv. If you are looking for a shop which allows various touches then this is the place for you.


  • 544-0001 Osaka, Osaka-city, Ikuno Ward, Shin-Imazato 3-4-21

These shops are reputable and are known to have good service. While this area is one of the more foreigner accepting shinchi you will still need to have an understanding of Japanese in order to negotiate with the “mama” to get the girl that would best suit you. As this area is very elusive and almost forgotten it is best to have a look through the shinchi yourself to double check the introduced shops are still running.

Glossary of Terms

  • NN: stands for “nama nakadashi” which means having unprotected sex without using contraception and being okay with ejaculation inside the vagina.
  • NS: stands for "no-skin" which means having sex without wearing any protection or contraception.
  • G: stands for “gomu” which is the Japanese word for condom. It means to have sex with a condom on.
  • BBFS: stands for “bareback full service” which also means having sex without wearing any protection or contraception.

Discover Imazato Shinchi's Ambiance with YouTube

Before actually visiting, are you curious about what kind of atmosphere Imazato Shinchi has? If so, this video is recommended for you. The video is distributed by a famous YouTuber in Japan, visiting Imazato Shinchi and introducing the area's atmosphere. It is spoken in Japanese and does not have Japanese subtitles, but even if you do not understand the language, you can grasp the atmosphere from the video. If you're interested, please take a look.

Youtube: Exploring Japan's Last Utopia: A Food Tour in Imazato Shinchi's Sole Remaining Pleasure District / Joe Blog

(Japanese Title: 【日本最後の桃源郷】今も唯一残る今里新地の遊廓に行って食べ歩きしました。/ ジョーブログ【CRAZY CHALLENGER】


As you venture into Imazato Shinchi, a realm of distinctive experiences unfolds. It's vital to approach your visit with awareness of potential legal ambiguities and discreet operations. Ensure that you navigate with caution, keeping your safety and privacy in mind while savoring the experiences.

In the midst of regulations and safety considerations, do not forget to revel in the cultural and culinary delights that Imazato Shinchi has to offer. Your journey to this district can be an enriching and memorable part of your time in Japan. So, go ahead, enjoy, and explore responsibly.

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