Delving into A Renowned Fashion Health Amour In Osaka

April 28, 2024

While fashion health and soapland establishments may appear similar at first glance, they each offer unique experiences. In this comprehensive guide, discover everything about Amour, a renowned adult entertainment venue located in the heart of Osaka, Namba. From its distinctive offerings to the unforgettable experiences it provides, learn how Amour brings joy to its customers and promises a night of blissful indulgence for all who visit.

Introducing Amour

Fashion Health Amour

Amour is an adult entertainment shop categorized as a fashion health store. Similar to soaplands, it provides an outlet for relieving sexual frustrations with the assistance of beautiful women dressed in erotic uniforms. Amour distinguishes itself as a health club offering super comfortable mat play using lotion. Open from extremely early in the morning to very late at night all year round, it is conveniently located in Osaka's Minami district, making it easily accessible for first-time visitors to Osaka.

Comparing Fashion Health and Pink Salons

Fashion health stores and pink salons are both adult entertainment establishments in Japan, offering options for individuals seeking to satisfy their sexual desires. However, there are distinct differences between the two.

Fashion health stores, often referred to as Japanese brothels, provide a space where patrons can receive services on-site. Alternatively, if a girl is delivered to a customer's location or meets them at a hotel, it falls under the category of delivery health or "deri heru." At fashion health stores, patrons typically start by cleaning themselves in a shower and mouthwash station before engaging in flirty and erotic interactions with a chosen companion. As vaginal penetration is illegal in Japan, various other sexual services are available for patrons to explore.

On the other hand, pink salons, known as "pinsaro" in Japanese, strictly offer oral services only. Consequently, prices at pink salons are generally lower, and sessions tend to be shorter compared to fashion health stores.

While it is uncommon, patrons at both establishments may negotiate additional services with their chosen companion. However, excessive persistence or inappropriate behavior may lead to being banned from the establishment. It's crucial to be mindful of the risks associated with such negotiations and to respect the boundaries set by the establishment and its employees.

Characteristics of Amour

Amour stands out as a premier establishment akin to a soapland, where guests indulge in sensual pleasures without vaginal penetration, including erotic massages featuring matt play and chair play. Renowned for its carefully curated selection of cast members, Amour boasts SSS-ranked beauties who deliver services with alluring charm and seductive allure.

At Amour, guests are treated to experiences characterized by slippery bodies and unparalleled pleasure. The longer one stays, the more diverse play options become available, ensuring a journey of escalating indulgence. For those seeking the ultimate in relaxation and indulgence, Amour offers a tantalizing threesome course.

Additionally, newcomers to Amour are welcomed with discounts and special tickets, enhancing their inaugural experiences and inviting them to delve into a world of heightened sensations and luxury.

Types of Girls at Amour

Fashion Health Amour

With a roster of over 100 carefully selected individuals who have undergone rigorous screening processes, Amour presents a diverse array of options. From youthful 18-year-olds to sophisticated women in their thirties, the selection includes gals, model-like beauties, lolita idol-inspired individuals, and mature, announcer-like women, catering to a wide range of tastes and preferences.

For those unsure of whom to select, detailed profiles are available, providing information such as age and measurements (bust, waist, and hips). However, it's important to note that these figures may have been slightly adjusted to present a more flattering image, compared to real-life proportions.

Courses and Pricing 

At Amour, they offer a diverse range of courses and pricing options tailored to suit your mood and desired duration of play with the companions. Whether you're seeking a brief encounter or a more indulgent experience, Amour has something to cater to every preference.

[6:00 am - 9:00 am (First 30 customers only)]

  • From 10,000 JPY for 40 minutes
  • From 12,000 JPY for 50 minutes
  • From 14,000 JPY for 60 minutes
  • From 16,000 JPY for 70 minutes
  • From 19,000 JPY for 80 minutes
  • From 22,000 JPY for 90 minutes
  • From 25,000 JPY for 100 minutes
  • From 28,000 JPY for 110 minutes

[9:00 am - Last]

  • From 13,000 JPY for 40 minutes
  • From 16,000 JPY for 50 minutes
  • From 19,000 JPY for 60 minutes
  • From 22,000 JPY for 70 minutes
  • From 25,000 JPY for 80 minutes
  • From 28,000 JPY for 90 minutes
  • From 31,000 JPY for 100 minutes
  • From 34,000 JPY for 110 minutes

[3P course]

  • From 22,000 JPY for 40 minutes
  • From 27,000 JPY for 50 minutes
  • From 33,000 JPY for 60 minutes
  • From 38,000 JPY for 70 minutes
  • From 43,000 JPY for 80 minutes
  • From 48,000 JPY for 90 minutes
  • From 53,000 JPY for 100 minutes
  • From 58,000 JPY for 110 minutes

*Prices include tax.

[Request fee]

  • 6:00 am - 9:00 am: from 1,000 JPY
  • 6:00 am - 9:00 am (reservation): from 2,000 JPY
  • 9:00 am - Last: 1,000 JPY

[Extension fee]

  • From 3,000 JPY for 10 minutes
  • From 10,000 JPY for 30 minutes

Although it is not listed on the official website, there is a possibility that if you look like a foreigner you can be charged an additional foreigner fee to use the services.

Services at Amour

fashion health Amour appearance

Image Source: Google Street View

If you want to use the services at Amour then you can either walk in or book in advance.

Walk In Service

If you want to use the services you can walk into the shop where the staff will explain the services to you. If you don’t mind waiting this option is handy as you can walk into the shop and have the details explained to you on the spot. If you can’t speak fluent Japanese then bringing out the translation apps and using hand gestures can help with the communication.

Reservation Service

If you don’t like to wait and want to get into action or wish to make sure a girl you have your eye on is available when you go then booking ahead of time is highly recommended. Booking is only available for courses with a minimum of 50 minutes. Reservations will be accepted from 11:00 a.m. the day before the reserved date. Please make reservations, especially for popular girls. The store does not require a reservation fee and also supports events, so it is a super deal! If you make a reservation for a 60-minute course, you only need to pay the course fee + nomination fee!

How to Reserve at Amour

Reservations can be done via the telephone on the day and the day before. It is also possible to book online from 2 days before you decide to go, however, you need to call the store afterward to confirm your reservation otherwise they may cancel your reservation.

When placing a booking make sure to tell the staff what course you want ie. how long you want to spend with the girl, whether you want to add any additional options such as toys, and whether you want to request a specific girl or not. After telling the details of the plan you want, you will also need to share some of your personal information such as your name, age, and various other information.

Cautionary Notes

The staff are regular Japanese staff, so it is best to be decently fluent in Japanese or have a native Japanese-speaking friend to call on your behalf. The online booking system is also in Japanese; however, you can put the text through a translator app to help you make your way through the reservation process. However, at the end of making an online booking, you will need to call the store and confirm your booking through a phone call. However, as the details of your course have already been inputted, the conversation won’t be too difficult.

About Foreigners Entry

Clubs Amour is known to allow foreigners entry to use their service; however, there is a limited availability of cast members who feel comfortable providing services to international visitors. On the cast members' profiles, it lists whether they are okay with giving such services to foreigners, so be sure to check it out.

While there is no obvious additional foreigner fee, just in case, be prepared to have to pay another small fee to be able to use their services. Due to special circumstances such as a lack of available girls who don’t mind providing sexual services to foreigners, there is a possibility you can be turned away and refused service.

English Website

Unfortunately, there is no official English version of the Amour website so customers will need to use a translation app when looking through their website.

Helpful Tips for Foreigners

If it is your first time trying out these adult entertainment shops then please keep in mind these tips and tricks to make your time more enjoyable for both yourself and the staff.


While the cast members uphold professionalism, they appreciate patrons maintaining good hygiene. Although provided with a pre-service shower, the girls' enthusiasm may be affected by the initial impression. To ensure comfort, patrons are advised to keep fingernails short and smooth to prevent any discomfort during the session.


When availing themselves of our services, it is imperative for customers to maintain courteous behavior and show respect towards the girls. As they are the cornerstone of our establishment, any actions that make them uncomfortable or uneasy could disrupt operations and affect staffing. Any behavior contrary to the wishes of the chosen companion may result in expulsion and subsequent banning from future visits. Your adherence to these guidelines ensures a harmonious and enjoyable experience for all.


This store is for adults only, and individuals must be of the Japanese legal adult age, which is 20. In some cases, they may allow 18-year-olds to use the service, but it is extremely rare, and customers shouldn't count on it. Sometimes, they may ask for proof of identification, so it's important to carry it with you in case you are barred from entry.


While Amour is generally foreigner-friendly, it is always helpful and will make the cast members more comfortable if customers can speak Japanese as well. Customers should try to memorize a few handy phrases, such as "thank you," so the staff know they are appreciated for their work and feel more inclined to let them continue to use their services. For those with poor memory, don’t forget to install a translation app to facilitate communication with the workers at Amour. If possible, customers should bring a native Japanese friend to help negotiate and facilitate their entry to use the services.


While Amour is a well-known establishment, it is always important to make sure customers keep their valuables safe before using the services. When using the services, they should use protection and respect each other's boundaries. Customers shouldn't try to do things the girls don't like, and they shouldn't be afraid to speak up and suggest different ways to enjoy their time together. As the cast members serve many clients, there are risks of sexually transmitted diseases when receiving raw oral sex and contact between private areas. So, customers should be prepared for any possibilities when using their services but still enjoy their time there.

Reviews from Customers Who have Used their Services

In this section, reviews from foreign customers are introduced.

Review (1)

This customer had recently arrived in Japan for a vacation and was excited to try out a fashion health shop for the first time. He paid 29,000 JPY for a 90 minute session. He requested a pretty-looking girl and enjoyed the various services including oral, chair play, and mat play where he was able to release his sexual frustrations and then enjoyed small talk on the bed with his chosen girl.

Original Review: 

Review (2)

With no knowledge of the Japanese language, this customer was able to enjoy a 40 minute session for 14,000 JPY where he had an amazing time. Some of the staff members spoke understandable English so he was able to choose his course smoothly and enjoyed various mat plays and soaked in the bathtub for a relaxing moment.

Original Review: 

Review (3)

This lucky customer decided to splurge and enjoyed a threesome with two beautiful women. He was positioned in the middle of both the girls as they worked their magic on him. In the bathtub, there was a lot of smooth contact with their bodies and then he enjoyed mat play where the girls were in control and showed their skilled techniques together.

Original Review: 

Access to Amour

Image Source: Google Maps

Amour is located in the Namba area and is a 10 minute walk from Namba station or a 10 minute walk from Shinsaibashi station. After reaching the famous dotonbori bridge from Namba station, pass the bridge and at the next intersection turn left and keep walking where you will then find the fashion health establishment Amour on your left.


  • 542-0086 Osaka, Chuo Ward, Nishi-Shinsaibashi, 2-6-6

Opening Hours of Amour

If customers have any questions, it is best to contact the store directly during their operational hours listed below. When calling using their phone or sending an email, it would be best to communicate with them in Japanese, otherwise, they may think it is a scam call or spam mail.

[Opening Hours]

  • 6:00 am - 12:00 am

[Phone Number]

  • 06-6213-5599




For travelers visiting Osaka and seeking a blissful escape, consider visiting the esteemed fashion health establishment, Amour. It has received positive reviews from foreigners who have actually used their services. However, it's essential to adhere to their rules, treat the women with respect, and embrace the full range of services offered. This unique experience, exclusive to Japan, promises a memorable addition to your travels that shouldn't be missed.

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