Guide to The Intriguing Red-Light District of Nagoya

March 26, 2024

Welcome to the pulsating heart of Nagoya's nightlife, where the city reveals its captivating secrets after the sun sets. Our guide invites you to explore the enigmatic and alluring world of Nagoya's Red-Light District. From mysterious alleyways filled with bars and places to drink to vibrant soapland establishments, get ready for a journey into the nocturnal allure that defines this intriguing district. Uncover the hidden gems, unravel the unique experiences, and navigate the intricacies of Nagoya's passionate after-hours scene.

About Nagoya’s Red Light District

Nagoya, a bustling city in Japan's Aichi Prefecture, proudly boasts well-known red-light districts such as Sakae and Nishiki. Wondering if Nagoya has a red-light district? Absolutely! Explore the diverse adult entertainment options in these lively districts.


Situated in the Naka Ward, Sakae stands as Nagoya's dynamic red-light district, pulsating with an array of adult entertainment options and a lively nightlife scene. Neon lights illuminate the vibrant streets, inviting you to discover numerous establishments, from hostess clubs to massage parlors. Sakae promises a diverse range of entertainment choices, ensuring a thrilling experience in the heart of Nagoya.

In the Sakae area, numerous nightclubs, bars, and kyabakura create an inviting environment for those interested in bar hopping and experiencing diverse atmospheres. While the area is vibrant with many places to drink, it is worth noting that there are fewer soaplands or love hotels available. If you're lucky enough to find a lady for the night, it might require a bit of travel to reach a nice hotel.


Nishiki, also recognized as Nishiki 3-chome, stands as the epitome of Nagoya's entertainment district. Encircled by Nishiki Dori, Sakura Dori, Hisaya Odori, and Honmachi Dori, it is affectionately known as "Kin San." This district ranks among Nagoya's most adult-friendly areas, boasting izakayas, karaoke bars, and adult nightspots. Indulge in upscale dining at lounges, ryotei (Japanese-style restaurants), and bars, creating an ideal setting for drinks with colleagues or business partners.

After relishing delectable Nagoya cuisine, immerse yourself in the vibrant nightlife of Nishiki, home to some of Nagoya's finest nocturnal destinations. Like the Sakae area, it has many shops to drink at and party however, if you are looking for sexual relief you will need to head to the Nagoya station area.

Nagoya Station Area

The Nagoya Station area proves convenient for travelers with its quick access to various destinations. While there are plenty of drinking establishments such as bars, snack bars, and girls bars in the vicinity, it doesn't quite match the vibrant nightlife found in Sakae and Nishiki. However, the area compensates with an abundance of brothels, including soaplands, providing individuals with options to alleviate stress.

History of Nagoya’s Red Light District

Nagoya is the capital of Aichi prefecture and sometimes the Name of Nagoya itself is more famous than its prefecture.  Nagoya boasts a long and exciting history. It is the birthplace of famous historical characters making it a very famous and popular place to visit. The night view is also extremely beautiful meaning the nightlife is also very popular.  

Why is Nagoya’s Red Light District Popular?

Thanks to the popularity of Nagoya itself being a famous tourist attraction it gathers all sorts of visitors from far and wide with many shops looking to expand their businesses, of course, this includes the sex industry. the central Nishiki 3-Chome areas’ nightclubs, pubs, and discos only come alive after dark. For businessmen on a business trip, Sakae is a great place to have fun within walking distance. Enjoy a night out in Nagoya for the best trip!

Nagoya's Unique Adult Entertainment Culture: Past and Present

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Nagoya is renowned for its distinctive adult entertainment culture, particularly characterized by the prevalence of store-front businesses. This is a stark contrast to the national trend, where delivery health services (or "Deriheru" - a type of call-out escort service) dominate, and most new adult entertainment venues opening are of this type. However, in Nagoya, traditional forms like soaplands and fashion health establishments (types of brothels) continue to make their presence felt.

The history of Nagoya's adult entertainment district is rich and dates back to the Edo period when the city was the center of the Owari domain, governed by the Owari Tokugawa family. Notably, the Nakamura red-light district, located in what is now Nakamura Ward's Daimon Town, was comparable in scale and popularity to Tokyo's Yoshiwara district. It covered an area of over 30,000 tsubo (approximately 99,000 square meters) and was bustling with activity.

Post World War II, the enactment of the Anti-Prostitution Law led to the closure of the Nakamura red-light district. Subsequently, the area was designated for "special bathhouse operations," leading to the emergence of soaplands (a type of brothel where the service includes bathing). Even today, several soaplands continue to operate in Daimon Town, preserving a piece of the area's history.

Furthermore, the Sakae area, now the most bustling commercial and pleasure district in Nagoya, began its major development in the Meiji era. Particularly, the post-war reconstruction led to extensive redevelopment, transforming it into one of the largest entertainment districts in the Tokai region. This development also contributed to the thriving adult entertainment businesses, which continue to flourish to this day.

The adult entertainment culture of Nagoya reflects a unique blend of historical background and modern development. The prevalence of store-front businesses in the area is indicative of a culture and tradition in the local adult entertainment industry that has evolved over a long history

Access to Nagoya’s Red Light District

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Navigating from Nagoya Station to Nishiki and Sakae is convenient and offers various entertainment options. From Nagoya Station, you can reach Nishiki by taking the subway Higashiyama Line (Yellow Line) and disembarking at Sakae Station. Alternatively, for Sakae, take the Meitetsu Seto Line or Meitetsu Inuyama Line from Nagoya Station and alight at Sakae Station.

Moreover, Nagoya Station itself hosts numerous drinking establishments, providing a lively atmosphere without the need for extensive walks. So, whether you choose to explore the vibrant nightlife around Nagoya Station or venture to Nishiki and Sakae, you're in for a night of diverse entertainment and enjoyment.

Essential Precautions for Foreigners

A Red Light District can be a dangerous location if you don’t know how to behave in it. Visitors to Sakae should exercise caution and be aware of potential scams or illegal operations. It’s advisable to research reputable establishments or seek recommendations from reliable sources to ensure a safer experience.

The indicated amount for soaps might solely cover the bathing fee, with an additional service fee possibly being applied. It is crucial to verify this in advance to avoid any surprises. It is always advisable to bring a native or a friend who can fluently speak the language when visiting such establishments.

While the red light district in Nagoya may be a part of the city’s nightlife, visitors need to respect local laws, prioritize personal safety, and make informed decisions during their stay. 

Top-rated Shops in Nagoya

Delve into the realm of top-rated adult entertainment venues, including bars and establishments offering sensual services. Don't miss out on these must-visit spots for an unforgettable night in Nagoya!

Nagoya Station

1.Suehiro (Soapland)

Indulge in the allure of Nagoya's enchanting beauties at Suehiro. Many of the girls are aged in their 20s with voluptuous bodies and large breast sizes. The top girl at Suehiro boasts a bust size of 120cm which is an F cup! Let the captivating charm of these beauties cleanse your body and provide a respite from the hectic pace of life. Unwind and rejuvenate in their enchanting presence.


  • 453-0016 Aichi, Nagoya, Nakamura Ward, Takebashi, 25-13

[Opening Hours]

  • 10:00 am - 12:00 am

[Price Range]

  • From 9,000 JPY for 60min


2.Girls Bar A L'aise Royal Lounge (Girls Bar)

Indulge in a delightful evening surrounded by charming girls at A’Laise. With all the seats positioned at the counter, you'll have a clear view of the beautiful ladies as you enjoy your drink. Discover a variety of cute girls, and by checking out their TikTok, you may even qualify for a discount. Whether you desire a relaxing drink in the company of these charming ladies or wish to sing your heart out to relieve stress, A’Laise has it all for you.


  • 453-0015 Aichi, Nagoya, Nakamura Ward, Tsubaki-Cho, 13-4 Ff Bldg. 5F

[Opening Hours]

  • 5:00 pm - 12:00 am

[Price Range]

  • From 1,000 JPY for 40min (Includes all-you-can-drink and karaoke)


3.Seviann (Kyabakura)

Experience the stylish simplicity of Seviann's interior design, with a luxurious VIP room for private enjoyment. Daytime cabaret offers a cozy atmosphere and friendly service, while the nighttime ambiance is more relaxed with a diverse cast. From cute idols to model-like beauties in their twenties, Seviann ensures you find the perfect companion for an enjoyable time.


  • 460-0015 Aichi, Nagoya, Nakamura Ward, Tsubaki-Cho, 14-6-11 CUBES Bldg. 10F

[Opening Hours]

  • Monday - Saturday: 12:00 pm - 12:00 am
  • Sunday: 12:00 pm – 6:59 pm

[Price Range]

  • 12:00 pm - 6:59 pm: From 3,000 JPY for 50min
  • 8:00 pm -  8:59 pm: From 5,000 JPY for 50min
  • 9:00 pm - Last: From 6,000 JPY for 50min



1. Seline Nagoya (Delivery Health)

Seeking an enchanting evening with a companion? Seline Nagoya offers a diverse selection of beautiful girls tailored to your preferences. Whether you desire playful extras with toys or an underwear-free encounter, these girls are open to various experiences. Choose from short-haired cool types to long-haired, cute personalities, with the cast spanning from 18 to late 20s.

[Delivery Fee from Sakae Station]

  • Within 3km: 1,000 JPY
  • Within 3-5 km: 2,000 JPY
  • Within 5-7 km: 3,000 JPY
  • Over 7km: For every 2 km +1,000JPY
  • If it is far away it is possible to negotiate with the staff

[Opening Hours]

  • Open 24 hours

[Price Range]

  • From 18,000 JPY for 60min


2.Lien (Girls Bar)

Enjoy complimentary dart throwing and unlimited karaoke at this Nishiki girls' bar! Revel in the delight of throwing, singing, and sipping to your heart's content at Lien. The energetic girls, mostly in their early 20s, infuse youthfulness into the lively party atmosphere with entertaining games. Lien boasts a stylish ambiance and hosts various events, including seasonal dress-ups like a cute yet sexy Santa cosplay during Christmas.


  • 460-0003 Aichi, Nagoya, Naka Ward, Nishiki 3-12-32, US Line Bldg. 2F East Room

[Opening Hours]

  • 8:00 pm - 1:00 am
  • Closed: Sunday

[Price Range]

  • From 3,000 JPY for 50min


3.New Club Terrace House(Kyabakura)

Step into a luxurious atmosphere where time gracefully slips away. The elite cast guarantees unparalleled service, with most members in their early 20s. Catering to diverse preferences, the cast includes playful and refreshing personalities. Revel in an evening of drinks with these exquisite ladies by your side.


  • 460-0003 Aichi, Nagoya, Naka Ward, Nishiki 3-19-6, Pivot Excelsior 3F

[Opening Hours]

  • 8:00 pm - 1:00 am
  • Closed: Sunday

[Price Range]

  • From 8,000 JPY for 50min



In conclusion, Nagoya's red-light districts, such as Sakae and Nishiki, offer a captivating blend of adult entertainment, vibrant nightlife, and diverse options for those seeking an evening of enjoyment. From the neon-lit streets of Sakae to the more laid-back atmosphere of Nishiki, these districts provide a unique glimpse into Nagoya's after-dark charm. Nagoya's nightlife proves to be a dynamic and multifaceted experience. As the city lights illuminate the night, Nagoya invites locals and visitors alike to indulge in its diverse nocturnal offerings, creating memories that linger long after the sun has set.

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