Complete Guide to Clubbing in Japan: Hooking up Japanese Girls

March 26, 2024

Looking to encounter Japanese women at nightclubs in Japan? Delve into the vibrant world of clubbing in Japan with our comprehensive guide. In this guide, we'll outline the distinctions between nightclubs in Japan and those abroad, as well as provide tips on how to make the most of your experience. Discover the nuances of Japanese nightlife, the unique clubbing culture, and the best places to dance the night away.

What are the Differences Between Overseas Clubs & Japanese Clubs?

Learn about the cultural differences and distinct features that set Japanese clubs apart from their overseas counterparts. From etiquette to music choices, this section will provide insights into what makes clubbing in Japan special. There are several notable differences between overseas clubs and Japanese clubs.

Size and Capacity

While there are some smaller and cozier clubs in Japan, particularly in the countryside, the larger cities like Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto boast very large nightclubs that can accommodate a significant number of patrons. Overseas clubs, on the other hand, are often known for their spacious layouts. This size difference often leads to a cozier and more intimate atmosphere in Japanese clubs, perfect for those who prefer a more close-knit setting.

Bar Setup

In many overseas clubs, you'll find extensive bars serving a wide range of drinks and cocktails. Japanese clubs may offer a more focused drink menu, including local and international favorites.

Music Selection

While both overseas and Japanese clubs play a mix of music, Japanese clubs sometimes incorporate J-Pop and more traditional Japanese music however, they also include EDM and K-pop genres. Moreover, Japanese clubs are known for staying up-to-date with the latest musical trends, often featuring popular tracks from social media platforms like TikTok, accompanied by their signature dances.

Dress Code

These regulations may prohibit casual wear like shorts and slippers, emphasizing the necessity of stylish and presentable attire. While there are some places in Japan that allow casual wear like jeans, adhering to these dress code guidelines remains essential for a smooth entry into the vibrant nightlife scene.

Age Restrictions

The legal age for entry to most nightclubs in Japan is 20 years old. Japanese nightclubs strictly enforce these age restrictions, and they typically check your passport or ID to verify your age. While some clubs may make exceptions for individuals who are close to 20, this often depends on the specific club's policies and reputation.


Japanese clubs frequently incorporate live performances or host themed events, offering additional layers of entertainment beyond music and dancing. This could include special occasions like Halloween and Christmas where patrons might dress up for the festivities.

Entrance Fees

In both overseas and Japanese clubs, entrance or admission fees are common. However, in Japan, it's a standard practice to pay an entrance fee that often includes one or more drink tickets. This means that upon paying the entrance fee, you typically receive tickets that can be exchanged for drinks at the club.

Club Opening Hours and Transportation

In Japan, the opening hours of clubs often revolve around the train schedules, primarily because many city residents rely on public transportation rather than owning cars. As the night unfolds, it's a good idea to plan to stay out until the first train service resumes, typically around 5 AM, unless you're lodging nearby. This ensures you can enjoy the vibrant nightlife to the fullest while still making it back to your accommodation conveniently.

Understanding these differences can help you better prepare for a night out at a Japanese club and ensure you have an enjoyable experience.

Can Foreigners Easily Enter Japanese Clubs?

One of the common questions that arise is whether foreigners can easily gain access to Japanese clubs. In reality, a few establishments may have unwritten policies that make it less welcoming for non-Japanese individuals. Nonetheless, there are bars and clubs in Tokyo and Osaka renowned for their predominantly foreign clientele. The majority of clubs welcome international guests without any issues.

Enjoying a Japanese Club

Japanese clubs offer a unique nightlife experience. To make the most of your time at a Japanese club, follow these simple tips:

Dance to the Beat

Japanese clubs are known for their diverse music genres. Don't be shy; hit the dance floor and groove to the music. With fantastic sound systems and skilled DJs, these clubs offer an unforgettable dancing experience. You'll often find fellow club-goers enjoying the latest TikTok hits and showing off their dance moves, so feel free to join in the fun!

Savor the Music

Japanese clubs frequently play a mix of international hits and local tracks, often featuring live performances by popular DJs. Enjoy the music and feel the energy it brings to the venue. You might even discover some new favorite songs while dancing to the beats spun by renowned DJs.

Indulge in the Drinks

Most clubs offer an array of beverages, including Japanese and international spirits. Try some local sake or whiskey, or enjoy your favorite cocktails. Remember to drink responsibly.

Nampa/Hooking Up at Clubs

Clubs are well-known as places for socializing and meeting new people whether you want to just hook up or have fun with your friends. This applies to both men and women who may have similar intentions of connecting with others in explicit ways. However, it's important to be respectful and considerate of others' boundaries.

Clubs have security to ensure a safe and enjoyable environment, so it's crucial to respect others' personal space and preferences. Inappropriate behavior, such as persistent advances without consent, may result in removal from the venue. It's essential to approach social interactions with courtesy and respect.

Calling out to Girls

Starting a conversation with women in a club is most successful when you lead with "empathy." Many women in clubs are approached persistently, and for those who have no interest in being picked up such approaches, often uninspiring and aggressive, are promptly dismissed.

However, when a woman feels "sympathy" or becomes "engaged," she is more likely to be receptive. The term "emotion" encompasses a wide range of feelings, including happiness, anger, sadness, and pleasure. It also extends to emotions like laughter, surprise, and at times, even sadness.

Effective Pick Up Lines

When you're at a club, using the right pickup lines to get a girl's attention can make a significant difference. Here are some recommended pickup lines to consider.

  • Lets drink! - Nomou yo「のもーよ」
  • You’re cute - Kawaii ne「かわいいね」
  • Good work - otsukare「おつかれ!」
  • How are you? - genki「元気?」
  • What’s your name - namae nante yuuno?「名前なんていうの?」
  • Where are you from? - doko kara kita no「どこからきたの?」

There's also the option of gently tapping on their shoulder or giving a friendly wave. On the other hand, when a girl is interested in you, she might not directly approach you but will often maintain eye contact and flash a smile, hoping you'll make the first move. Pay close attention to these non-verbal cues so you don't miss any signals of interest.

Differences Between Approaching Japanese and Western Girls

Overseas: Spending more time with a girl is often beneficial for building attraction..

Japan: Taking your time often leads to the girl losing interest or cutting contact abruptly. Instead, aim for intimacy and build a connection afterward to maintain her interest.

Overseas: Waiting until the club closes to take a girl home.

Japan: Lingering in a Japanese club for hours with a girl often leads to the interaction fizzling out, and she might leave with her friends for the first train when the club closes. Instead, make your move well before closing time.

Overseas: Using banter and negatives to create attraction.

Japan: Banter and negative comments can be misunderstood as rudeness. Focus on enjoying each other's company, sharing experiences, and building a connection.

Overseas: Escalating physical touch from the start.

Japan: Quickly and frequently touching a girl can make her uncomfortable. Japanese personal space is smaller but more rigid. Save overt physical escalation for private moments.

Overseas: Sexualizing the interaction.

Japan: Discussing sex with strangers is less common in Japan. Making sexual jokes, innuendos, or references often backfire. Instead, emphasize your masculine qualities, like voice tone, body language, and leadership. The rest will follow naturally.

Next Step after the Clubs?

In Japan, a "love hotel" or "rabuho" is the ideal place for couples to enjoy intimate, quality time together. It's a discreet haven where two people can retreat for some private moments and romantic encounters. However, how do you broach the subject with your partner? Ask the girl if they would like to take a break, (Kyuukei shimasenka? 休憩しませんか?) which usually implies to take a break at a hotel.

If both of you are on the same page, it's often the guy who takes the initiative to suggest it. The perception of love hotels has evolved significantly in Japan over time. They're no longer associated with negative connotations, as more Japanese individuals have embraced and normalized their use. Love hotels are now viewed with greater openness and are utilized more frequently than in the past.

Simulation of a Japanese Nightclub

The city comes alive after sunset, and you're about to explore the vibrant nightlife. As you head to the nightclub district, you can feel the energy in the air. Here's what your night might look like.


You arrive at the club and notice a queue forming outside. You patiently wait in line, clutching your ID as Japanese clubs are strict about age restrictions, so everyone's ID is checked.

Entrance Fee

You pay the entrance fee, which usually includes a couple of drink tickets. This is a common practice, and the tickets are your currency for ordering drinks.

Inside the Club

You step inside, and the music immediately engulfs you. Japanese clubs often have a mix of music genres, with a unique twist. J-Pop and contemporary tracks. Usually by the entrance there are paid lockers where you can store your belongings. Afterwards you can exchange your drink tickets for a cocktail or your beverage of choice at the bar. If you need more drinks, you can purchase them separately.


The dance floor is packed, and you join in the fun. Many Japanese clubs have creative lighting displays, and the DJ is mixing tracks to keep the crowd moving. Some clubs may have small events like dance offs, giving away free shots, and many more.


Strike up conversations with friendly club-goers. Some might be locals, while others are fellow travelers enjoying the Tokyo nightlife. Many locals visit the clubs looking for a night of passion while others just want to have fun so take your pick.


Clubs are usually open until the first train, around 5am, or later, and many patrons rely on public transportation to get home. If you're staying nearby, you might decide to keep the party going. Don’t forget to collect your belongings if you stored them in a locker and make your way home.

Things to Look Out for as A Foreigner


Language can be a barrier in Japanese clubs, as not all staff and patrons may be proficient in English. It's a good idea to know some basic Japanese phrases when visiting.


It's wise to have ample cash on hand. Many venues, especially smaller ones, don't accept credit cards. Cash is the standard, and it's a reliable option, especially if you plan on enjoying a few drinks. 


While nightclubs are venues for enjoying drinks and having a good time, it's important to maintain respectful behavior. Rowdy or aggressive conduct, such as fights, is highly discouraged and can lead to expulsion from the club. Additionally, it's crucial to respect personal boundaries, especially when it comes to physical contact. Approaching others without their consent may be considered sexual harassment and is unacceptable. To ensure a positive experience for all, it's essential to be considerate and respectful toward fellow customers and staff members.

Best Clubs to Visit in Tokyo

Tokyo is the hub of Japan and there are many nightclubs for you to have fun at. Listed below are some fantastic clubs in Tokyo to dance and drink the night away.


Each floor of Camelot presents a slightly different atmosphere, providing you with the opportunity to savor varying moods and experiences. Boasting three floors with an extensive array of music genres, from the latest EDM to OPEN FORMAT, it offers various ways to have a fantastic time. Everyone will have a blast with the music, and enjoy their drinks to the fullest!

The clientele primarily consists of individuals in their 20s, with a significant portion in their early 20s, making it an ideal spot for mingling with a younger crowd.

[Price Range]

  • Women: Before 12am 500 JPY (Includes 1 drink)
  • Women: After 12am 1,500 JPY (Includes 2 drinks)
  • Men: Before 12am 1,000 JPY (No drink)
  • Men: After 12am 2,500 JPY (Includes 1 drink)

*Prices fluctuate based on the specific day and the time you visit

[Opening Hours]

  • Sun - Thu: 10:00 pm - 4:30 am


  • 150-0041 Tokyo, Shibuya Ward, Jinnan 1-18-2, Jannan-zaka B3 Frame



Image Source:

This club boasts an expansive dance floor with soaring 5.5-meter ceilings and what is acclaimed as the finest sound system in Japan. It offers a surreal sanctuary where patrons can shed their everyday persona and immerse themselves in opulence and freedom. Having been the chosen venue for celebrated DJs like Nicky Romero, Afrojack, and Skrillex, the club is no stranger to the limelight. It has also served as the official after-party location for major events such as Ultra Japan and EDC Japan, among others.

The demographic of patrons typically falls between the mid-20s to early 30s. Many are stylish professionals who work in the Roppongi area. The nightclub exudes an air of sophistication, making it a potential spot to encounter elegant Japanese women.

[Price Range]

  • Women: Before 12am Free 
  • Women: After 12am 1,000 JPY (Includes 2 drinks)
  • Men: Before 12am 1,000 JPY (Includes 1 drink)
  • Men: After 12am 2,500 JPY (Includes 2 drinks)

*Prices fluctuate based on the specific day and the time you visit

[Opening Hours]

  • 10:00 pm - 4:30 am


  • 106-0032 Tokyo, Minato Ward, Roppongi, 7−8−6, Axall Roppongi B1F


Best Clubs in Osaka

Osaka is known for its vibrant nightlife, and it offers a variety of clubs catering to different music tastes and preferences. Here are some of the best clubs to visit in Osaka.

1. Ammona

For those looking to immerse themselves in the dance club scene of Osaka, Ammona is a must-visit destination! Esteemed among patrons in the Higashi-Shinsaibashi area of Osaka, Ammona has established itself as a premier adult entertainment hub. Upon entering, guests are greeted by a grandiose entrance featuring a chandelier, setting a tone of opulence from the start. The second and third floors boast an impressive 8-meter ceiling height, forming a figure-eight pathway for patrons to explore. These levels are a hotbed of daily events, all tailored to provide an engaging entertainment experience. The main floor is designed to be spacious and open, with a stage that radiates a captivating allure. It's a public space where the lighting is crafted to weave a spellbinding effect, enhancing the overall atmosphere.

The clientele's age varies from 20 to 40 years old, with a majority being men and women in their mid to late 20s.

[Price Range]

  • Women: from 500 JPY (Includes 2 drinks)
  • Men: from 1,000 JPY (Includes 1 drink)

*Prices fluctuate based on the specific day and the time you visit

[Opening Hours]

  • Monday - Tuesday: 10:00 pm - 8:00 am
  • Wednesday - Friday: 8:00 pm - 8:00 am
  • Saturday - Sunday: 11:00 pm - 8:00 am


  • 542-0083 Osaka, Chuo Ward, Higashi Shinsaibashi, 2−3−22, Tamahachi Bldg 1F


2. Sam and Dave

Sam & Dave is a bar that enjoys a special place in the hearts of international patrons. Renowned global DJs pump out energetic house and trance beats, keeping the vibe alive into the early morning. Situated in the heart of Namba, it boasts easy access for all. The club offers a selection of tasty drinks and food at prices that are quite competitive with other clubs in the area.

The clientele primarily falls within the late 20s to 30s age bracket, with a regular influx of international visitors. This attracts Japanese women who are keen on socializing with foreigners, so there's a good chance of meeting Japanese girls who are proficient in English.


  • 542-0083 Osaka, Chuo Ward, Higashi Shinsaibashi, 2−7−20, Southern Palace Bldg 6F

[Opening Hours]

  • Monday - Friday: 10:00 pm - 5:00 am
  • Saturday - Sunday,Holidays: 10:00 pm - 6:00 am

[Price Range]

  • Women: From 1,000 JPY 
  • Men: From 1,000 JPY

*Prices fluctuate based on the specific day and the time you visit



Clubbing in Japan is an exhilarating and unique experience, offering a vibrant fusion of international and Japanese music cultures. With a diverse range of venues, music styles, and entertainment options, Japan's nightlife caters to a broad spectrum of tastes. While navigating Japanese clubs may require an understanding of certain cultural norms and regulations, the opportunity to enjoy cutting-edge music, immersive lighting displays, and a spirited atmosphere is well worth the effort. 

Additionally, nightclubs are excellent venues for meeting girls. Many Japanese girls who visit these clubs are approachable, so feel free to strike up a conversation and create wonderful memories.

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