Introduction to SOAP LAND in Japan

March 26, 2024

In this article, we will delve into the concept of SOAP LAND in Japan and explore its attractions, pricing, business hours, and more. So, let's dive in!

What is SOAP LAND?

In Japan, SOAP LAND refers to a sexual establishment where a woman, known as a "SOAP girl," provides sexual services in a private room equipped with a bed, bath, and other amenities. While it is commonly referred to as SOAP, it stands out among various sexual establishments as the only one where customers can engage in sexual activities. Due to this unique feature, it is often hailed as the "King of Sexual Establishments."

You might wonder, "Aren't prostitution activities banned in Japan?" Indeed, Japan has a law called the "Anti-Prostitution Law," which penalizes illegal activities related to prostitution. However, the owners of SOAP LAND establishments manage to avoid legal consequences. This is because SOAP LAND is considered a private room or place exclusively owned by the SOAP girls.

Customers visiting these private rooms have the opportunity to take a bath, receive body wash services, experience body massages with lotion, and even develop intimate relationships with the SOAP girls. If the relationship evolves into a romantic connection, sexual activities may ensue. In essence, within the confines of the establishment's private room, SOAP girls are free to serve customers and foster personal relationships.

This notion is substantiated by the separation of fees at the establishment. When customers arrive at the reception desk, they pay a fee referred to as the "bathing fee." The fee paid directly to the SOAP girls for their services is called the "service fee." The establishment charges a fee for the bath, as they provide a room with bathing facilities. However, the service fee is the direct responsibility of the customer to pay the SOAP girl.

The Attractions of SOAP LAND

Now that we understand the concept of SOAP LAND, let's explore its main attractions:

1. Completely Passive Experience

Engaging in sexual activities can often require considerable effort, involving active participation from both parties. However, SOAP LAND offers a unique advantage by providing a completely passive experience. The SOAP girl takes care of undressing you, preparing a bath with hot water, washing you, engaging in various intimate acts such as kissing, performing oral sex, providing full-body massages, and more. The experience culminates with the SOAP girl ensuring your satisfaction, cleaning you up, offering you drinks, and bidding you farewell with a smile. This level of attentiveness and service makes the entire encounter effortless and pleasurable.

2. Exceptional Professional Techniques

SOAP girls undergo training courses to acquire exceptional skills that amateur women cannot replicate. Even among them, there are those who continuously strive to improve their techniques, resulting in unparalleled expertise. The best experiences at SOAP LAND often involve a combination of quick blowjobs, anal licking, periscope play in the bath, bubble dances on mats, full-body lip action leading to a 69 position, and various other pleasurable acts. The mastery of these techniques enhances the overall experience and leads to intense satisfaction.

3. Reduced Risk of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)

SOAP LAND establishments prioritize the prevention of infectious diseases and STDs. SOAP girls are required to undergo regular check-ups, and after taking extended breaks, they must provide a certificate of examination before resuming work. Additionally, it is customary to take a bath before engaging in any sexual activities at a SOAP establishment. This practice serves as an effective measure to prevent the transmission of infections.

Pricing at SOAP LAND

The pricing at SOAP LAND can vary significantly, ranging from very affordable to quite expensive. The total cost typically ranges from 20,000 yen for 60 minutes to 120,000 yen for 60 minutes. The substantial price differences reflect the diversity of establishments available. Let's explore the different fees associated with SOAP LAND:

Admission Fee

This fee is charged only on the first visit to high-class member-exclusive SOAP LAND establishments. The amount typically falls between 1,000 to 10,000 yen.

Bathing Fee

The bathing fee is the cost to enter the private room, specifically the bathing area.

Service Fee

This fee serves as a gesture of appreciation to the SOAP girl for her various services during the bath. In most establishments, the service fee is set at 1.5 to 3 times the bathing fee.

Nomination Fee

The nomination fee applies in specific cases, which we will discuss in detail:

  • Online Nomination Fee: This fee is charged for nominating a SOAP girl after viewing her picture on the establishment's website. The fee can range from 0 to 3,000 yen.
  • Panel Nomination Fee: This fee applies when nominating a SOAP girl after seeing her picture on a panel displayed at the free information desk or within the establishment. The amount typically ranges from 0 to 2,000 yen.
  • Repeat Nomination Fee: Also known as "Real Nomination," this fee is applicable when nominating a SOAP girl who has previously served you. The fee can range from 0 to 5,000 yen.

Credit Card Commission

If you choose to pay with a credit card, an additional fee, usually 10-20% of the total amount, may be added.

Sales Tax

Generally, establishments include the sales tax in the overall price, so it is not separately charged.

Business Hours of SOAP LAND

By law, SOAP LAND establishments are prohibited from operating between "midnight" and "6 a.m." This means that no matter how early they would like to open, they must start at "6 a.m." Likewise, regardless of their desire to extend business hours, they must close by "midnight."

Tips for Winning the Favor of SOAP Girls

If you desire to establish a favorable rapport with SOAP girls, several tips can enhance your chances. These are the practices that should be followed before embarking on a relationship with a SOAP girl. Give them a try if you wish to be liked by these girls:

  • Always maintain a clean appearance: Present yourself in a well-groomed and hygienic manner.
  • Arrive early for reservations: Show up at the establishment at least 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment.
  • Treat the male staff respectfully: Display gentlemanly behavior towards the male staff members working at the establishment.
  • Compliment beyond looks: When meeting a SOAP girl, compliment her on something other than her physical appearance.
  • Express your pleasure in meeting her: Let her know that you are happy to have the opportunity to meet her.
  • Express appreciation during the encounter: When engaging in activities, convey your satisfaction by saying phrases like "I feel good" or "Thank you."
  • Listen attentively with a gentle smile: If time permits, lend a listening ear with a kind smile.
  • Regular visits: Make an effort to see her at least once a month, preferably once every two weeks.
  • Extended sessions: Opt for longer sessions, approximately 120 minutes each time.

Prohibited Activities at SOAP LAND

To avoid being banned from SOAP LAND establishments, it is crucial to refrain from engaging in certain activities. Here are some actions that should be avoided:

  • Arriving with an appointment: Do not visit the establishment with a pre-arranged appointment.
  • Photography or eavesdropping: Taking pictures or listening in on conversations is strictly prohibited.
  • Abusive behavior or slander: Treat the staff and SOAP girls with respect and avoid engaging in any form of abusive behavior or slanderous remarks.
  • Stalking: It is essential to respect personal boundaries and not engage in stalking behavior.
  • Requesting excessive services: Be mindful of the established boundaries and avoid requesting services beyond what is typically offered.
  • Concealing STDs: It is crucial to disclose any relevant information about sexually transmitted diseases to ensure the safety and well-being of both parties involved.
  • Interfering with customer service due to intoxication: Avoid consuming excessive amounts of alcohol to the point where it interferes with the quality of customer service.
  • Drug use: The use of drugs is strictly prohibited within SOAP LAND establishments.

Suitable Candidates for SOAP LAND

SOAP LAND may appeal to individuals who identify with the following characteristics:

  • High sex drive without romantic prospects: If you have a strong desire for sexual experiences but are currently lacking romantic partners, SOAP LAND can fulfill your needs.
  • Seeking a physical relationship for monetary exchange: If you are interested in engaging in physical relationships with women in exchange for monetary compensation, SOAP LAND provides an avenue to fulfill this desire.
  • Looking for sexual encounters at sex establishments: If you are interested in exploring and experiencing sexual activities within the context of sex establishments, SOAP LAND offers such opportunities.
  • Enthusiasm for mat play: If you have an inclination towards mat play, where various intimate activities take place on a mat, SOAP LAND can cater to this preference.
  • Desire to experience professional techniques: For individuals seeking to encounter and enjoy the exceptional skills and techniques exhibited by SOAP girls, SOAP LAND provides an environment conducive to such experiences.
  • Preference for bathing in unique settings: If you enjoy the idea of bathing in extraordinary places and incorporating it into your sexual encounters, SOAP LAND can fulfill this desire.
  • Sufficient disposable income and spare time: SOAP LAND experiences come at a cost, so having adequate financial resources and spare time is important to fully enjoy the services offered.
  • Preference for low risk of sexually transmitted diseases: If you value sexual services that prioritize preventive measures against sexually transmitted diseases, SOAP LAND establishments are designed to provide a safer environment.

Unsuitable Candidates for SOAP LAND

On the other hand, SOAP LAND may not be suitable for individuals who:

  • Dislike loveless or emotionless sexual encounters: If you seek intimate experiences embedded in love or emotion, SOAP LAND encounters may not align with your desires.
  • Lack financial resources or spare time: Given the costs associated with SOAP LAND visits, those with limited financial resources or time constraints may find it challenging to engage in such experiences.
  • Have sexually transmitted diseases: Individuals who have sexually transmitted diseases should refrain from participating in activities at SOAP LAND establishments to avoid potential transmission to others.
  • Hold biases or prejudices against SOAP girls: If you have preconceived notions or prejudices against SOAP girls or the concept of SOAP LAND, it is advisable to seek alternative avenues for sexual experiences.
  • Persistently inquire about private information: Showing persistence in probing for personal information about SOAP girls is not appropriate and can be off-putting.
  • Display arrogance or entitlement: Arrogant behavior towards staff and SOAP girls is not conducive to building positive relationships or enjoyable experiences.
  • Engage in rough or painful actions: Physical actions that cause discomfort or pain are discouraged within SOAP LAND establishments, as they prioritize the comfort and satisfaction of both parties involved.

In conclusion

SOAP LAND in Japan offers unique experiences for individuals seeking sexual encounters in a controlled and professional environment. By understanding the concept, attractions, pricing, and guidelines associated with SOAP LAND, you can make informed decisions if this type of establishment aligns with your interests and preferences.

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