Sensual Side of Susukino: Soapland Adventures Await

March 26, 2024

Welcome to the captivating world of Susukino's Soapland establishments. Nestled within Sapporo's bustling entertainment district, Susukino, these unique venues offer an indulgent adult entertainment experience. Explore this guide to discover what awaits in Susukino's Soapland clubs, where impeccable service and a touch of luxury define the experience.

About Susukino

Susukino is a renowned district in Sapporo, the largest city on Japan's Hokkaido island, known for its vibrant nightlife and adult entertainment scene, including Soaplands. This bustling neighborhood offers an array of bars, restaurants, nightclubs, and adult entertainment establishments. Susukino's allure lies in its diverse offerings, where visitors can explore everything from traditional nightlife to the indulgent world of Soaplands, making it a multifaceted destination for locals and tourists alike.

History of Susukino

In the Meiji era, spanning from 1868 to 1912, Sapporo underwent significant development. This growth attracted a surge of workers including builders, craftsmen, and laborers. To cater to these men and encourage their stay for the city's advancement, brothels (Yukaku) were established.

As the Taisho period unfolded from 1912 to 1926, the city's population swelled, propelled by economic growth. This expansion prompted the relocation of brothels to keep pace with the urban sprawl. In the place of a former brothel, a grand ryotei, a traditional Japanese restaurant, was erected. This establishment became a magnet for Japan's elite, drawing in prominent figures from politics and business who would revel in the evening's offerings while engaging in critical political and economic discussions.

Today, it stands as a dynamic neighborhood offering a diverse range of entertainment options, including the presence of numerous shops, hotels, and various businesses. It is a good place for those seeking adult entertainment, as there are not only taverns and bars but also many cabarets and soap operas.

It has become a beloved destination, attracting both locals and tourists alike who are drawn to its vibrant atmosphere and the multitude of activities it has to offer.

Why is Susukino Famed for Its Adult Entertainment Scene?

In Sapporo, the district of Susukino is renowned for its vibrant adult entertainment scene, which includes unique establishments like Soapland clubs that merge bathing services with the company of hostesses.

Yet, Susukino's identity extends beyond its adult entertainment. It's a diverse entertainment quarter, home to an array of bars, eateries, and nightclubs, offering a comprehensive nightlife and leisure experience.

The area's fame as a red-light district has piqued the curiosity of tourists, eager to discover unique aspects of Japanese culture. This interest has contributed to Susukino's rising fame as a cultural and entertainment destination, marrying its adult-oriented attractions with a wider array of entertainment options.

What is Soap?

Soapland is a category of adult entertainment venue commonly located in Japan. It transforms the traditional bathhouse concept into a space where customers can avail themselves of a range of intimate services provided by the staff. These services may encompass bathing, erotic massages, and consensual sexual activities.

Technically, a soapland is classified not as a brothel but as a special kind of bathhouse. The premise is that a patron visits for a routine bath, and during a private back massage administered by a female attendant, a mutual attraction develops, leading to a sexual encounter.

This is the intended operation of a soapland.

The existence of soaplands is a workaround to the legal restrictions in Japan, where establishments primarily dedicated to sexual services are not recognized by law. Hence, they are not legally defined as venues where sexual activities are the main service offered.

The term "soapland" derives from soap, which plays a central role in the bathing rituals integral to the experience offered at these establishments. Each private service room is equipped with a full-length bed and an open bath, complete with a selection of lotions and implements designed to enhance the customer's experience.

Navigating Soapland Shops as a Foreigner

If you are considering visiting a Soaplands or similar adult entertainment establishment, it's crucial to be aware of potential risks and exercise caution. Here are some things to be careful of when dealing with such establishments. Please be aware that entry and use of these establishments are restricted to adults aged 20 and above.

Legal Issues

Soaplands may operate in a legal gray area in certain regions.  If a shop is found to be operating unlawfully, patrons may be at risk of arrest if apprehended by law enforcement. Hence, it is recommended to carefully consider the potential risks before deciding to patronize such a shop.

Language Barrier

Be aware that language can be a barrier in these soaplands, as English may not be widely spoken. Consider learning some basic Japanese phrases or using translation apps if you're not proficient in the language. If you know people from Japan, the ideal approach is to inquire about how to utilize the service or request that they accompany you to the soaplands.

Hygiene and Safety

Prioritize your health and safety. Ensure the soapland follows proper hygiene practices and uses protection during intimate services. Carry your identification, as some soaplands may require age verification.

Respect and Etiquette

Show respect to the hostesses and staff. Follow the soapland's rules and etiquette, which may include taking a shower before the session, not taking photos, and maintaining a respectful attitude.


Be clear about the pricing and payment methods in advance. Most soaplands in Susukino accept cash, but carrying extra money for any additional services or tips is a good idea.

Safety Concerns

Always prioritize your safety. If you have concerns about the soapland's legitimacy or safety, it's better to avoid it.

Best Soaplands to go in Susukino

A visit to a Soapland in Susukino promises relaxation, pampering, and a memorable escape from the everyday, all set against the backdrop of Hokkaido's vibrant nightlife. Here are some suggested soapland establishments.

1. Zero

At this establishment, they have designed extended packages to ensure their customers can fully indulge in a comprehensive soapland experience. They encourage visitors to savor a tranquil and dreamy atmosphere, allowing for a truly relaxing experience.


  • 064-0806 Hokkaido, Sapporo, Chuo Ward, Minami 6 Jo Nishi, 3-1, Rokubankan Bldg. B1F

[Price Range]

  • From 30,000 JPY for 70min

[Opening Hours]

  • 8:00 am - 12:00 am


2. Love Vegas

Indulge in the array of cosplay and other costume options, including Halloween and Christmas themes, to add a unique twist to your visit. Let these playful costumes transport you to a different world as you unwind and wash away the stress of your daily hard work.


  • 064-0805 Hokkaido, Sapporo, Chuo Ward, Minami 5 Jo Nishi, 4-1-3, Nichigeki Bldg. 6F

[Price Range]

  • From 18,000 JPY for 60min

[Opening Hours]

  • 8:00 am - 12:00 am


3. Young Lady

Experience the skills and techniques of both young and mature ladies, each dedicated to soothing your concerns. Revel in the delight offered by the staff at Young Lady companions at your disposal.


  • 064-0806 Hokkaido, Sapporo, Chuo Ward, Minami 6 Jo Nishi, 5-8-4

[Price Range]

  • From 11,500 JPY for 60min

[Opening Hours]

  • 8:30 am - 12:00 am



In conclusion, Susukino's Soaplands offers a unique and discrete form of adult entertainment in the vibrant and multifaceted district of Sapporo. These establishments have a complex history and have evolved to become an integral part of Susukino's entertainment scene, catering to diverse preferences and desires.

As with any destination, Susukino has a lot to offer, from its thriving food and beverage scene to its bustling entertainment options. By approaching your visit with care and a sense of adventure, you can discover the many facets of this district and make unforgettable memories while enjoying the warmth and hospitality of Hokkaido's largest city.

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PIJ Writer
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