Exploring the Allure of Fashion Health in Japan

April 28, 2024

For people new to the nightlife of Japan and who don't know much about the sex industry, it's important to read up and learn the differences, and perhaps try out these fantastic establishments for yourself. Fashion health is a type of adult entertainment shop, and it's very popular in Japan. Learn about the differences and explore them!

Presenting Fashion Health in Japan

Image Source: https://chn.cityheaven.net/en/tokyo/A1305/byo-soku/attend/ 

Fashion Health, characterized as a storefront sex establishment, stands as a pillar within Japan's sexual health services landscape, tracing its origins back to the dynamic era of the 1970s. Since its inception, the proliferation of these establishments has spurred the development of designated zones, affectionately known as "Health Towns," within entertainment districts across the nation. Over time, Fashion Health has evolved into a recognized component of Japan's adult entertainment industry, offering a diverse array of services tailored to meet the varying needs and preferences of its clientele.

Fashion health businesses are adult entertainment venues featuring a storefront and designated private areas for client interactions, often referred to as "playrooms." These establishments are also known by names like "hakoheru" and "tokuyoku."

The private spaces within these venues are typically furnished with amenities such as shower rooms, mattresses, and beds. The quality and opulence of these facilities can vary, reflecting the establishment's level. The range of services provided includes intimate and personal interactions, with a notable offering being "mat play," which involves a body wash and lotion application on an air mattress, highlighting this as a distinctive feature of fashion health venues.

Fashion Health vs. Hotel Health vs. Deriheru

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Within the realm of health shops, there exist numerous variations such as fashion health, hako health (box health), hotel health, and deriheru (delivery health). Yet, for novices, discerning the nuances between them proves challenging due to resemblances in nomenclature. Below, we outline the discrepancies among these establishments.

Fashion Health (Hako Health)

Fashion health outlets epitomize a prevalent category of adult entertainment establishments reminiscent of Japanese brothels. Known colloquially as 'hako health,' denoting their storefront presence as opposed to delivery services, these venues entail customers visiting the premises, choosing their preferred service package and companion, and indulging in the offerings. Diverging from soaplands, they generally eschew extensive bathing facilities within the playroom, opting instead for a bed and a range of adult toys contingent upon the permitted services and optional extras.

Hotel Health

Hotel health establishments provide a repertoire of services akin to those offered in conventional fashion health shops, encompassing activities such as kissing, body licking, oral intercourse, and beyond. What sets them apart is the absence of a physical storefront; instead, these establishments typically operate from an office or reception area, dispatching girls to nearby hotels upon request. At the reception, patrons can select their preferred companion and services, alongside covering the hotel fees, resulting in a relatively higher-priced service. Nevertheless, customers can indulge in a more relaxed experience, replete with a girlfriend experience (GFE) and the option for multiple encounters or overnight stays with the selected companion.

Deriheru (Delivery Health)

Deriheru, a popular abbreviation for delivery health, offers a sexual health service where girls are brought directly to you. As the name implies, this service involves the direct delivery of sexual services, similar to those available in conventional fashion health establishments, including a girlfriend experience complete with kissing and oral sex. Unlike hotel health services, deriheru establishments lack a physical storefront and typically forgo a reception area. Instead, patrons contact the establishment directly or place orders online, with girls dispatched straight to their residence or hotel. While hotel health services are usually limited to locations nearby the office or reception, deriheru services extend to more distant areas.

Why is Fashion Health Popular?

Fashion Health establishments offer adult men an enjoyable experience. If you've never visited one, you might not grasp the appeal. However, once you experience the service provided by the girls at a fashion health club, you'll understand why it's favored. These girls are charming and attentive, surpassing the experience of flirting with a girl and taking her to a hotel. When you 'nampa' Japanese girls, you're typically expected to cover their expenses for meals, drinks, and potentially even the hotel if you're fortunate enough to spend the night with them. In contrast, at fashion health stores, you can request a specific girl or body type and indulge in a carefree experience without any additional attachments or concerns.

Fashion health's popularity stems from its diverse range of services and scenarios. Moreover, it's relatively more affordable compared to upscale soaplands. There are variations in the caliber of women offered, and typically, the more you pay, the higher the appearance level of the girls, as the establishments strive to maintain their reputation.

Foreigners Using Fashion Health Services

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Japan was once known as a secluded island nation with limited interaction with other countries. However, after opening up to the world and embracing tourism, it has become more foreigner-friendly in terms of tourist attractions. Yet, many hidden adult entertainment shops still impose restrictions due to their unique nature and specific rules. In recent years, more stores have started welcoming foreigners, with some adult sex shops even catering specifically to them, acknowledging the preferences of Japanese girls who might prefer discretion if their secret job is discovered.

In major cities like Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto, there are more shops that are relatively foreigner friendly. Some places have staff who can speak English, and if not, they often have translation apps at hand. However, while these establishments may be more accommodating to foreigners, not all shops accept international travelers, and in some cases, a basic level of Japanese conversational skills may be necessary. If the first shop you visit doesn't allow you to use their services, don't be discouraged; keep searching for other potential options.

Additionally, becoming minimally proficient in Japanese is the best way to enjoy fashion health. Alternatively, those with Japanese friends can increase their chances of entry by having these friends accompany them or get an introduction.

Where to search for Fashion Health

There are several English website agencies that list their shop information in English to cater to foreign customers. Another effective method for finding foreigner-friendly fashion health shops is by browsing through forums and review sites where actual tourists share their firsthand experiences visiting these establishments. If you want to ensure whether you can enter the fashion health shops, it's best to call them or contact them directly. This way, you won't waste time going to the store only to potentially be turned away.

English agency for foreigners: https://chn.cityheaven.net/en/ 

Fashion Health Simulation

Image Source: Google Street View

For beginners who want to be sure of what types of services they are receiving then study this simulation of what a typical visit to a fashion health store will be like. Please note that not all fashion health stores are the same and some may have other special rules to be unique.

Booking or Walking In

You decide to explore the unique fashion health services which are a form of adult entertainment. Using a dedicated app or website, you peruse through various establishments, each offering a distinct array of services and companions. After thoughtful consideration, you select a reputable fashion health club you wish to visit. Booking ahead is advisable if you have specific preferences, but walk-ins are usually welcome, albeit with potential waiting times.

Entry to the Establishment

Upon arrival, you are warmly greeted by a staff member who provides an overview of the establishment's rules and procedures. As these are adult-only venues, you may be required to present identification. For non-Japanese speakers, communication with the staff may pose a challenge, so familiarizing yourself with basic Japanese or utilizing translation apps beforehand can be helpful.

Choosing the Services

When it's your turn, you are presented with a selection of companions to choose from, complete with profiles featuring photos and descriptions. After deliberation, you make your selection and determine the duration of your session, paying upfront. Depending on availability, you may wait in the designated waiting area until your chosen companion is available.

Enjoying the Services

Escorted to a private room, your chosen companion joins you shortly thereafter. After introductions, both parties freshen up before indulging in a range of sensual services. From relaxing massages to intimate caresses, your companion caters to your desires, fostering an ambiance of pure relaxation and bliss.

Conclusion of the Experience

As your session draws to a close, a timer may signal the end, or your companion may inform you that your time together is concluding. After cleaning up, it's time to prepare to depart. Sometimes, your companion may offer her contact details and encourage you to visit again to relive the experience.

Cautionary Notes for Foreigners Using Fashion Health

When exploring the world of fashion health, it's essential to keep these crucial rules in mind for a seamless and enjoyable experience.

Entry Restrictions

Research beforehand whether the shops accept foreigners, as some may have restrictions or additional charges. Ensure clarity on prices and policies before proceeding.

Respect & Etiquette

Maintain a respectful demeanor towards staff, fellow patrons, and companions. Follow instructions, keep noise levels low, and refrain from actions that may discomfort others.

Hygiene & Consent

Prioritize personal hygiene and use provided facilities appropriately. Trim nails and respect boundaries to ensure a positive experience for everyone involved.

Legal Considerations

Understand and adhere to established rules to avoid legal repercussions for both customers and staff. Compliance is essential to prevent any legal issues.

Safety Measures

Choose reputable establishments and exercise caution to minimize risks. Seek assistance if uncomfortable and practice safe play to protect against potential hazards.

Age Requirements

Ensure compliance with age restrictions and carry identification as needed. Respect legal regulations regarding age limits at establishments.

Language Barriers

Prepare for language differences by familiarizing yourself with basic Japanese or using translation tools. Clear communication is key to facilitating a smooth experience.

Negotiation Tactics

While full sexual services may not be permitted, negotiation for additional services may be possible. Approach with sensitivity and respect, and be prepared for potential consequences if boundaries are crossed.

Recommended Fashion Health Shops in Japan (For Foreigners)

Introduced below are some foreigner friendly fashion health shops you should visit when in Japan.

1. Happy Mat Paradise (Fashion Health in Kanagawa)

Image Source: Google Map

Happy Mat Paradise offers patrons the exclusive experience of mat play, a feature typically associated with soaplands. Delight in the sensation of bodies gliding smoothly against each other, as the selected lady lavishes kisses, licks, and caresses across every inch of your being. Prepare to be transported to a state of blissful paradise.


  • 231-0057 Kanagawa, Yokohama, Naka Ward, Akebono-Cho, 4-45

[Service Fee]

  • 9:00 am - 12:00 pm: From 8,000 JPY for 35 min
  • 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm: From 10,000 JPY for 35 min
  • 5:00 pm - 12:00 am: From 12,000 JPY for 35 min

[Opening Hours]

  • 9:00 am - 12:00 am

Website: https://www.yk-happy-matto.com/top.html 

2. Lip Stick (Fashion Health in Kyoto)

Image Source: Google Map

Welcome to Lip Stick, where registered staff proficient in English, Chinese, and Korean ensure seamless communication. However, for interactions with the ladies, guests may find it beneficial to learn some basic phrases. Beautiful ladies, approximately 20 years old, exude sexiness, skill, and adorable charm, providing guests with passionate and erotic omotenashi (Japanese hospitality). Why not alleviate travel fatigue with some seductive hospitality from Japanese girls?


  • 600-8001 Kyoto, Shimogyo Ward, Shincho, 96-3, Iru Shijo Kobashi

[Service Fee]


  • Open - 10:00 am: From 9,000 JPY for 30 min
  • 10:00 am - 5:00 pm: From 9,500 JPY for 30 min
  • 5:00 pm - Close: From 10,000 JPY for 30 min

Weekends & Public Holidays:

  • Open - 10:00 am: From 9,000 JPY for 30 min
  • 10:00 am - Close: From 10,000 JPY for 30 min

[Opening Hours]

  • 6:00 am - 11:30 pm

*Open until 12:00 am, but last entry is taken until 11:30 pm.

Website: https://www.hot-point.co.jp/lip/top.html 

English Agency Website: https://chn.cityheaven.net/en/kyoto/A2601/lip_stick/ 

3. Aventure Namba Store (Fashion Health in Osaka)

Image Source: Google Street View

This store stands as a fashion health establishment specializing in ‘married’ women (MILFs) and stunning mature women native to Osaka. The women are in their late 20s to mid-40s, and the store meticulously curates a selection of exceptional ladies, inviting patrons into a realm of rejuvenation and sensuality seldom encountered in ordinary life.


  • 543-0086 Osaka, Chuo Ward, Nishi Shinsaibashi, 2-7-16

[Service Fee]

  • From 12,000 JPY for 45 min
  • From 15,000 JPY for 60 min

[Opening Hours]

  • 9:00 am - 10:30 pm

Website: https://www.aventure-fh.jp/ 

English Agency Website: https://chn.cityheaven.net/en/osaka/A2702/ht0930/ 

*English Agency only accepts reservations through LINE.


In Japan, the diversity of fashion health stores rivals the number of cities across the nation. Each establishment distinguishes itself to maintain a competitive advantage, providing distinctive services tailored to various clientele, including foreigners. If you encounter barriers to accessing certain services, don't be disheartened; continue exploring until you find the right fit. The fashion health industry in Japan is a uniquely immersive experience, offering an opportunity to intimately connect with local individuals. Let's definitely enjoy an experience that can only be had in Japan with Japanese girls at a fashion health establishment.

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