Understanding "TRANSSEXUAL HEALTH" in Japan: A Comprehensive Guide

March 26, 2024


Welcome to an informative guide on "TRANSSEXUAL HEALTH" in Japan. In this article, we will delve into the details of this unique form of sexual establishment, providing a comprehensive understanding of its concept, attractions, play content, pricing, business hours, and locations. Let's explore the fascinating world of "TRANSSEXUAL HEALTH" together!


"TRANSSEXUAL HEALTH" refers to a type of sexual establishment in Japan. While it may be similar to Delivery Health or Fashion Health they have some differences. It is a brothel where individuals assigned male at birth provide sexual services in a female presentation. Within these establishments, you will find three main types of companions: "transsexuals," "male girls," and "crossdressers." Each type offers distinct characteristics and can be explored through their respective websites.

The first type, "transsexuals," comprises individuals who were either born with a male body but identify as female or underwent a gender transition during their upbringing.

The second type, "male girls," refers to individuals who possess neutral facial features that resemble women, despite being assigned male at birth.

The third type, "crossdressers," are individuals who identify as male but engage in a hobby of dressing up as women. Both "male girls" and "crossdressers" are willing to provide sexual services to male clients.


Now, let's explore the unique attractions offered by "TRANSSEXUAL HEALTH":

1. Wide Range of Options

"TRANSSEXUAL HEALTH" provides an extensive selection of companions, increasing the likelihood of finding a suitable match. The following options are available for you to choose from:

  • Type: Select between transsexuals, male girls, or crossdressers according to your preferences.
  • Lower Body Status: Choose among "with/with," "with/without," or "without/without" options. "With/with" signifies the presence of both the penis (rod) and testicles, "with/without" indicates the presence of the penis without the testicles, and "without/without" refers to completed gender confirmation surgery without the presence of both.
  • Penis Size: Various establishments utilize sizes such as L, M, or S, while others provide specific measurements in centimeters. If you are a first-time participant in reverse anal intercourse, it is advisable to start with the smallest size to minimize discomfort.
  • Hormone Injections: Some establishments categorize individuals who have undergone hormone injections as "transsexuals" and those who haven't as "male girls" or "crossdressers." Hormone injections feminize the body shape, minimize the visibility of masculine features like facial hair and body hair, and contribute to smoother skin.
  • Breast Implants: Certain establishments explicitly state whether companions have breast implants on their websites, while others simply provide cup sizes. If you are curious about this aspect, it is recommended to inquire directly with the establishment. Typically, companions in "TRANSSEXUAL HEALTH" range from A to C cup sizes, and those with larger sizes often have undergone breast augmentation surgery.

Apart from these options, you can select companions based on their height, three sizes, and preferred play options. The abundance of choices in "TRANSSEXUAL HEALTH" far surpasses those available in traditional "FASHION HEALTH" establishments that cater to cisgender women.

2. Extraordinary Experiences

"TRANSSEXUAL HEALTH" offers experiences that are beyond the ordinary. Here are four unique plays that you can exclusively encounter in these establishments:

a. Blowjob

Witness the unusual sight of an attractive companion with an attached penis and experience the act of "sucking" it. This blowjob provides an opportunity to understand the sensations and perspective of oral pleasure from a female presentation, granting you a new perspective on intimacy.

b. Sandwich Play in a Threesome

Engage in a threesome encounter where you can penetrate one companion anally while another companion penetrates you from behind. This stimulating play allows for the exploration of heightened sensations and the simultaneous stimulation of the prostate.

c. "Tokoroten"

Experience the unique pleasure of prostate stimulation during reverse anal intercourse, leading to ejaculation without any direct contact with the penis. Some individuals, like Naoki, have developed their prostate to the extent that they can experience multiple consecutive orgasms without ejaculation. This prolonged pleasure is said to be incredibly satisfying and enjoyable.

d. "Kabuto-awase"

Engage in an intimate play where you and your companion's erect penises come into close contact, allowing for rubbing and mutual stimulation. This experience fosters a shared excitement and is exclusive to the realm of "TRANSSEXUAL HEALTH."

Basic Play Content in "TRANSSEXUAL HEALTH"

The play content in "TRANSSEXUAL HEALTH" encompasses various activities, including:

  • Kissing
  • Deep kissing
  • Ball licking
  • Reverse ball licking
  • Nipple licking
  • Reverse nipple licking
  • Anal sex
  • Reverse anal licking
  • Full body lip service
  • Reverse full body lip service
  • Blow job
  • Reverse blowjob
  • Mutual blowjob
  • Anal fuck
  • Reverse anal fuck
  • Soft SM
  • Titty fuck
  • Kabuto-awase
  • Lotion play
  • Hand job
  • Oral shot


To participate in the services offered by "TRANSSEXUAL HEALTH," you should be aware of the associated pricing structure. Here is an overview of the pricing components:

Registration fee

Typically ranges from 0 to 3,000 yen.

Nomination fee

Various options are available, such as free nomination (nomination by type), online photo nomination (for 1,000 yen), and main nomination (for 2,000 yen) for repeat clients.

Change fee

Usually free of charge.

Cancellation fee

Typically set at 2,000 yen.

Basic course

  • 60 minutes: Prices range from 10,000 to 30,000 yen.
  • 90 minutes: Prices range from 15,000 to 45,000 yen.
  • 120 minutes: Prices range from 20,000 to 60,000 yen.

Extension fee

  • 30 minutes: Prices range from 5,000 to 15,000 yen.

Threesome course

  • 60 minutes: Prices start from 20,000 yen.
  • 90 minutes: Prices start from 30,000 yen.
  • 120 minutes: Prices start from 40,000 yen.


Additional options are available at varying prices, including anal fuck, reverse anal fuck, enema (for 500 yen), holy water (for 2,000 yen), rental of cross-dressing set (for 2,000 yen), pantyhose (for 2,000 yen), eye mask (for 1,000 yen), cosplay (for 1,000 yen), vibrators (for 1,000 yen), lesbian course, oil massage, dating plan, soap mats (for 3,000 yen), SM play (for 2,000 yen), companion's ejaculation (for 2,000 yen), face ejaculation (for 2,000 yen), reverse face ejaculation (for 3,000 yen), photo shooting (no face) (for 5,000 yen), and video shooting (no face) (for 10,000 yen). The availability of these options may vary depending on the companion, so it's advisable to check the establishment's website for specific details.

Playroom fee

Most establishments provide a playroom free of charge, but some may require an additional fee of approximately 2,000 to 3,000 yen.

Transportation fee

While transportation is often included at no extra cost, it's important to note that certain establishments may charge an additional fee for dispatch services to distant locations. This fee could exceed 10,000 yen. To avoid surprises, ensure you inquire about the transportation fee in advance.

Credit card commission

Some establishments may charge a commission fee ranging from 0 to 20% for credit card transactions. It's worth noting that not all establishments accept credit cards, so it's important to inquire about the payment methods accepted.

Business Hours of "TRANSSEXUAL HEALTH"

"TRANSSEXUAL HEALTH" establishments typically have varying business hours. While some open as early as 10 a.m., others operate until 6 a.m. the following morning. However, the general operating hours for most establishments fall between 12 noon and midnight.


Here are some locations where you can find "TRANSSEXUAL HEALTH" establishments:

  • Hokkaido: Sapporo City (Chuo ward)
  • Miyagi Prefecture: Sendai City (Aoba ward)
  • Gunma Prefecture: Takasaki City (Shiragin-cho)
  • Chiba Prefecture: Chiba City (Funabashi)
  • Saitama Prefecture: Saitama City (Omiya ward)
  • Tokyo: Arakawa ward (Nishi-Nippori), Toshima ward (Ikebukuro, Otsuka, Sugamo), Shinjuku ward (Kabukicho, Takadanobaba), Taito ward (Uguisudani/Ueno), Bunkyo ward (Yushima), Shinagawa ward (Gotanda), Sumida ward (Kinshicho), Hachioji City (Yokoyama-cho)
  • Kanagawa Prefecture: Yokohama City (Nishi ward, Kanagawa ward, Kawasaki ward)
  • Shizuoka Prefecture: Shizuoka City (Aoi ward), Hamamatsu City (Naka ward)
  • Aichi Prefecture: (Further locations could be mentioned based on available information)

Please note that the availability and specific locations of "TRANSSEXUAL HEALTH" establishments may vary over time. It is recommended to conduct thorough research or consult local resources for the most up-to-date information.


In conclusion, "TRANSSEXUAL HEALTH" in Japan represents a distinctive form of sexual establishment. We have explored its concept, attractions, play content, pricing, business hours, and locations. It's important to approach these establishments with respect, understanding, and consent. If you are interested in experiencing this unique aspect of Japanese culture, be sure to conduct thorough research, prioritize your safety, and adhere to local laws and regulations.

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