Exploring the World of "SM CLUB" in Japan (BDSM CLUB)

March 26, 2024

Today we'll be delving into the fascinating world of "SM CLUB" in Japan, commonly known as "BDSM CLUB" internationally. It is a place to release your sexual desires like brothels and soaplands. This unique establishment caters to individuals with specific desires encompassing Sadism (S) and Masochism (M). If you're interested in finding a BDSM club in Japan, simply enter "SMクラブ" into your search engine followed by your current location, and you'll find a range of suggestions.

Understanding "SM CLUB"

To provide some clarity, let's begin by breaking down the meaning of BDSM. BDSM stands for Bondage and Discipline (BD), Dominance and Submission (DS), and Sadism and Masochism (SM). In Japan, "SM CLUB" refers to establishments that offer a wide range of services tailored to the preferences of Sadism and Masochism enthusiasts.

At these clubs, male S-customers are served by M-mistresses, while female S-customers are attended to by M-men. M-male customers are served by S-mistresses or queens, whereas M-female customers can choose either an S-mistress or an S-man as their partner. However, it's important to note that the majority of clientele at these establishments are male, resulting in a limited number of clubs where men cater to female S- or M-customers.

In recent years, thanks to the influence of television and anime, "SM CLUBs" have become more accessible to the general public. These clubs, which were once associated solely with individuals possessing specific sexual proclivities, have gradually transformed into places where anyone with a little curiosity and courage can explore and experience the world of BDSM.

Most "SM CLUBs" offer beginner-friendly courses, and even those that don't provide explicit beginner options focus on thorough counseling and detailed questionnaires to ensure a safe and enjoyable BDSM play experience. With hundreds of different sexual tastes and desires, as well as a wide array of tools utilized during sessions, the possibilities are truly endless in this realm.

Unique Perspectives on BDSM

To shed light on the diverse viewpoints surrounding BDSM, we asked individuals what BDSM meant to them. The responses we received were both unique and intriguing, and we'd like to share some of them here:

  • Art
  • A source of enjoyment for individuals with minority sexualities
  • Self-liberation
  • Life itself
  • Sexual desires that cannot be fulfilled in traditional "HEALTH CLUBs" or "SOAP LANDs"
  • More pleasurable than sex or masturbation
  • Enjoyment derived from the process of ejaculation and orgasm
  • Communication with individuals who possess unconventional sexualities
  • Satisfaction for the brain, mind, and body
  • A world that embraces abnormal sexual desires
  • A world where human rights are absent
  • Sexual behavior that deviates significantly from societal norms
  • An oasis for those with unconventional preferences

As you can see, BDSM encompasses a wide range of interpretations, making it an intriguing and open-ended realm.

Different Types of "SM CLUBs"

The world of "SM CLUBs" encompasses various types of establishments. There are orthodox clubs that cater to both S- and M-customers, regardless of gender. On the other hand, some "SM CLUBs" exclusively cater to M-customers, featuring only S-men or mistresses. Additionally, charismatic S-mistresses often run private establishments. "SM CLUBs" can also be categorized based on their business models, such as reception-type, storefront-type, meeting-type, and dispatch-type establishments.

In a reception-type establishment, located in condominiums or office buildings, you visit a reception desk, choose your desired course and options, make the payment, and wait in a designated area. The M-mistress will then guide you to hotel where the session will take place. Dispatch-type establishments, which are more common, offer a similar experience but often require you to arrange the hotel yourself.

Storefront-type establishments have the reception desk and playroom on the same floor or in the same building. Meeting-type establishments are the least common, and many dispatch-type establishments also provide meeting services.

Exploring BDSM Play

Let's delve into the various types of play you can expect to encounter at "SM CLUBs."

Sadism Play (Play involving male customers as the dominant figures):

  • Verbal abuse
  • Blindfolding (using an eye mask)
  • Bondage and restraint
  • Full-body suspension
  • Whipping
  • Gagging
  • Mouth gag
  • Slapping
  • Stomping
  • Spanking
  • Candle torture
  • Crucifixion
  • Vibration
  • Anal penetration
  • Voyeurism (watching masturbation)
  • Golden showers (involving urine, including consumption and painting)
  • Enema
  • Excretion
  • Vomiting
  • Shame play
  • Serving play
  • Cunnilingus
  • Deep throating
  • Rustling
  • Nipple torture
  • Breath control (pressure)
  • Anal dilation
  • Diaper play (excretion into a diaper after an enema)
  • Mummification (including prolonged confinement)
  • Medical play
  • Insect crush (trampling living creatures)
  • Human body modification
  • Childbirth play (simulating childbirth using a doll)
  • DID play (confinement and abandonment)

Masochism Play (Play involving male customers as the submissive figures):

  • Verbal abuse
  • Blindfolding (using an eye mask)
  • Bondage and restraint
  • Full-body suspension
  • Whipping
  • Gagging
  • Mouth gag
  • Slapping
  • Stomping
  • Spanking
  • Candle torture
  • Crucifixion
  • Vibrator torture
  • Anal torture
  • Masturbation
  • Golden showers (involving urine, including consumption and smearing)
  • Enema
  • Excretion
  • Vomiting
  • Shame play
  • Rushing play
  • Nipple play
  • Breath control (pressure)
  • Anal dilation
  • Diaper play (enema followed by defecation into a diaper)
  • Brief stop
  • Cross-dressing play
  • Footjob
  • Face riding
  • CBT (Cock and Ball Torture)
  • Pegging (anal penetration using a strap-on)
  • Milking (exploitation of semen)
  • Ruined orgasm (no stimulation during ejaculation)
  • Dry orgasm
  • Mummification (including breath control and neglect)
  • Medical play
  • Insect crush (trampling living creatures)
  • Human body modification

Exploring Options at "SM CLUBs"

When visiting an "SM CLUB," you'll often find a variety of options available:

  • Glasses (priced at or from 0 yen)
  • Heels (priced at or from 0 yen)
  • Pantyhose (priced at or from 0 yen)
  • Garters (priced at or from 0 yen)
  • Costumes (priced at or from 0 yen)
  • Full head masks (priced at or from 0 yen)
  • Female costume sets (priced at or from 1,000 yen)
  • Baby play sets (priced at or from 1,000 yen)
  • Double-headed vibrators (priced at or from 0 yen)
  • Golden showers (priced at or from 5,000 yen)
  • Threesome with Mistresses (priced at or from 2,000 yen for 10 minutes)
  • Still photography (excluding golden showers and holy water play) (priced at or from 5,000 yen)
  • Video shooting (excluding golden showers and holy water play) (priced at or from 10,000 yen)
  • Rubber straitjacket (priced at or from 2,000 yen)
  • Rubber vacuum bed (priced at or from 3,000 yen)
  • Sweat pads (can be taken home) (priced at or from 2,000 yen)
  • To-go underwear (priced at or from 5,000 yen)
  • Couple training (one person as an observer) (priced at or from 5,000 yen)
  • Couple training (for both men and women) (1.5 times the fee)
  • Complete women's clothing set (including underwear, cosmetics, clothes, and wig) (priced at or from 3,000 yen)

Tools Used at "SM CLUBs"

The following are some of the tools commonly employed at "SM CLUBs":

  • Penis band
  • Fig enema
  • Electro-hypnosis
  • Rotors
  • Vibrators
  • Double-headed vibrators
  • Dildos
  • Hand mirrors
  • Stirrups
  • Stethoscopes
  • Penlight
  • Disposable diapers (paper pants)
  • Hemp rope
  • Nose hook
  • Cuzco
  • Spanking racket
  • Cane
  • Single whip
  • Rose whip
  • Leather whip
  • Bamboo scale
  • Rice paddle
  • Glasses
  • Nipple clips
  • Humbler (Testicle torture device)
  • Testicle crushers
  • Gas masks
  • Sensory deprivation masks
  • Electro-penis ring (low-frequency pulse)
  • Anal balloon
  • Anal plugs
  • Curved bougie
  • Bending bougie
  • Low-Frequency Massage Therapy Machine
  • Chastity belts
  • Heels
  • Boots
  • Anal crowbar
  • Plug set
  • Strong vacuum
  • Handcuffs
  • Manacles
  • Shackles
  • Collars
  • Ropes
  • Eye masks
  • Riding whip
  • Bamboo whip
  • Laundry shears (pinchers)
  • Body clips
  • Glans vibrators
  • Boxing gloves
  • Low-temperature candles
  • Restraint wraps
  • Mouth masks with stoppers
  • Anal hooks
  • Latex gloves (rubber gloves)
  • Full head masks
  • Bondage tape

Pricing at "SM CLUBs"

Here's a breakdown of the pricing structure at "SM CLUBs":

  • Admission fee (for first-time customers) (priced at or from 0 yen)
  • Nomination fee (priced at or from 0 yen)
  • Main nomination fee (priced at or from 1,000 yen)

Duration options:

  • 60 minutes (priced at or from 9,800 yen)
  • 90 minutes (priced at or from 14,000 yen)
  • 120 minutes (priced at or from 18,000 yen)

Extension options:

  • Additional 30 minutes (priced at or from 5,000 yen)
  • Hotel charge (priced at or from 1,500 yen)
  • Business trip fee (priced at or from 0 yen)

A Beginner's Guide to Using "SM CLUBs"

If you're a beginner interested in exploring "SM CLUBs," here's a step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Determine Your Preferred Play

Decide on the type of play you're interested in experiencing at an "SM CLUB." For example, if you lean towards sadism and desire to engage in activities such as rope bondage, candle play, enemas, and anal penetration, you'll want to select a club that caters to masochistic women.

Step 2: Choose an M-Mistress and Course

Once you've identified an M-mistress who aligns with your desired play, it's time to choose the specific M-mistress you'd like to engage with. Each M-mistress typically has a personal page on the club's website, allowing you to assess if she can accommodate your preferences. It's essential to note that while most M-mistresses enjoy bondage and candle play, some may not be comfortable with anal sex.

After selecting your preferred M-mistress, it's time to choose a suitable course. If you're new to BDSM, a shorter trial course may be ideal. However, for a more comprehensive experience, a longer course of around 120 minutes is recommended. Keep in mind that mastering activities like rope bondage, candle play, and anal penetration may require time and practice, so allocating sufficient time allows for a more enjoyable session.

Step 3: Understand the Pricing

Familiarize yourself with the pricing structure of your chosen "SM CLUB." If it's a dispatch-type establishment, you'll need to arrange a suitable hotel room. However, reception-type clubs often have partnerships with nearby hotels, offering discounted rates or even providing playrooms.

Some establishments may charge a nomination fee for photo nominations or an admission fee for new customers. Carefully review the club's website to understand the total costs involved.

Step 4: Make a Reservation

Once you've made all the necessary decisions, proceed to make a reservation. Reservations can typically be made online, over the phone, or in person at the club. Making a phone reservation is recommended, as it allows you to seek advice and guidance on various aspects of your visit.

Step 5: Arrival at the Establishment

If you've reserved a reception-type establishment, ensure you arrive a little early, preferably about 15 minutes before the scheduled time. Upon arrival, provide your appointment name at the reception desk. If you're a new customer, you'll need to complete the admission procedure.

After completing the registration process, you'll be required to fill out a questionnaire. If you haven't already specified your desired play and options during the reservation, use this opportunity to provide the necessary details. A staff member will review your nominations, course selection, and play preferences, and then present you with the total fee, often excluding hotel charges.

Once payment is complete, you'll be directed to the waiting room, where you'll patiently await the session.

Step 6: Proceed to the Hotel

After a short wait of approximately 5 to 10 minutes, the nominated M-mistress will collect you from the waiting room, and together you'll leave the establishment and head towards the chosen hotel. While some clubs may provide transportation, most have affiliated hotels in close proximity, requiring a short walk.

Step 7: Begin the Play

Upon arrival at the hotel, settle the room charges and enter the designated room to commence the play session. If you're a beginner, it's crucial to communicate honestly with the M-mistress, expressing any unfamiliarity or lack of experience. Honesty fosters a respectful and educational environment, allowing you to learn the basics and improve your skills over time.

Once the session concludes without any issues, both you and the M-mistress will proceed to the shower room. After cleaning up, get dressed, and prepare to bid farewell.

Step 8: Express Gratitude and Depart

Extend your gratitude to the M-mistress for the session and bid farewell. This summarizes the basic process of engaging with an "SM CLUB" as a beginner.

Operating Hours and Locations of "SM CLUBs"

The operating hours of "SM CLUBs" may vary, with some opening as early as 9:00 a.m. and others closing as late as 3:00 a.m. However, most establishments typically operate from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m.

"SM CLUBs" can be found in various locations across Japan, including:

  • Hokkaido: Sapporo City
  • Iwate Prefecture: Morioka City
  • Miyagi Prefecture: Sendai City
  • Ibaraki Prefecture: Tsuchiura City
  • Gunma Prefecture: Takasaki City
  • Chiba Prefecture: Matsudo City, Funabashi City
  • Tokyo: Taito-ku, Sumida-ku, Toshima-ku, Shinjuku-ku, Shibuya-ku, Minato-ku, Shinagawa-ku, Machida-shi
  • Kanagawa Prefecture: Kawasaki, Atsugi
  • Shizuoka Prefecture: Hamamatsu City
  • Aichi Prefecture: Nagoya City
  • Mie Prefecture: Yokkaichi, Tsu City
  • Shiga Prefecture: Otsu City, Hikone City
  • Kyoto: Kyoto City
  • Osaka: Osaka City
  • Okayama Prefecture: Okayama City
  • Hiroshima Prefecture: Hiroshima City
  • Kagawa Prefecture: Takamatsu City
  • Fukuoka Prefecture: Fukuoka City, Kurume City
  • Kumamoto Prefecture: Kumamoto City

Who Is Suited for "SM CLUBs"?

While "SM CLUBs" cater to a diverse range of individuals, they are particularly well-suited for:

  • Those seeking intense spanking experiences
  • Individuals who consider themselves open-minded and explore unconventional desires
  • Individuals seeking novelty beyond traditional sexual encounters and ordinary establishments
  • Those willing to invest financially in their personal pleasure
  • Individuals desiring to be tied up, experience candle play, and engage in enemas
  • Those looking to discover and explore their own unique erogenous zones
  • Individuals seeking verbal and physical stimulation
  • Those interested in consensual role-play, including scenarios involving submission and domination
  • Individuals interested in forced or consensual "rape" role-play
  • Those open to experiencing or providing golden showers (urine play) or scat play (involving feces)
  • Individuals interested in prostate stimulation and experiencing prostate-induced ejaculation
  • Those seeking dry orgasms or alternative forms of orgasmic release
  • Individuals interested in being dominated by multiple mistresses simultaneously
  • Those interested in anal penetration using a penis band and experiencing heightened pleasure

Who Is Not Suited for "SM CLUBs"?

While "SM CLUBs" provide a unique experience, they may not be suitable for everyone. Those who may not find "SM CLUBs" suitable include:

  • Individuals lacking curiosity or a desire for new experiences and stimulation
  • Individuals uninterested in BDSM play or exploring their sexuality beyond conventional norms
  • Individuals who disrespect the boundaries and rules established by the mistresses
  • Individuals who believe traditional sexual encounters are the most fulfilling
  • Those uninterested in teasing or being teased during sexual encounters
  • Individuals lacking the financial means or time commitment to visit "SM CLUBs"


We hope you found this exploration of "SM CLUBs" in Japan enlightening and intriguing. For those seeking an alternative to conventional sex and a gateway to a new realm of sexuality, "SM CLUBs" offer a captivating avenue of exploration. As long as you take care due to the legal gray area and sexual nuances you can enjoy these establishments, and see you later!

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