Indulgence in Kumagaya: Experiencing Deriheru Bliss

March 26, 2024

While in Kumagaya do you ever want some action but don't want to head out to the red light districts looking for brothels or other adult entertainment shops or wait for touts to call out to you? Learn all about the handy deriheru establishments which deliver beautiful women straight to your house or hotel room.

What is Deriheru?

Deriheru, short for "delivery health," refers to a service where women are dispatched to either your residence or hotel to offer sexual services. The term can be translated as a sexual delivery service or, in more polite terms, an escort service or call girl. It falls under the same category as other adult entertainment establishments like soapland clubs and health shops, albeit with its own set of regulations.

Why is Deriheru Popular?

Deriheru enjoys popularity primarily because of its convenience and delivery-based model. For businessmen or travelers moving across different regions of Japan, it offers an easily accessible option to arrange for a companion to visit their hotel or a designated location, allowing them to avail themselves of the services provided.

How Deriheru Works

Search the internet for advertisements from delivery health or deriheru agencies. Then, examine the agency's location and service area. These agencies operate locally and typically do not send their workers on lengthy commutes. Once you've decided on your order, contact the agency. Typically, you'll need to communicate in Japanese, although some agencies have English-speaking operators. Some Japanese agencies may be hesitant to serve foreigners, especially if their Japanese proficiency is limited. As a foreigner, you may need to contact several agencies before finding one that accepts your order. If you're not fluent in Japanese, it's advisable to contact agencies specializing in servicing foreigners from the outset.

Inform the operator of your preferences, the expected duration of the service (as charges vary), and confirm the price. Specify the location for the delivery, which could be a private residence, or hotel (ensuring they accept non-guest visitors), or a love hotel. If you don't have a particular love hotel in mind, the operator can recommend one, and you'll be responsible for the room rental fee.

If the girl you selected from the agency's website isn't available, the operator will suggest someone similar. Often, you'll need to make another call to the agency shortly before the scheduled delivery time to reconfirm your location and hotel room number.

About Kumagaya

To reach Kumagaya Station via train, board the JR Shonan-Shinjuku Line departing from Tokyo's Shinjuku Station. Situated prominently in the heart of the town, Kumagaya Station serves as a gateway to this picturesque locale. Nestled amidst verdant mountains and tranquil rivers, Kumagaya (熊谷市, Kumagaya-shi) shines as a hidden gem of Japan. Located just north of Tokyo in Saitama Prefecture, the city maintains its historical significance as a vital transportation hub, hosts the largest summer festival in the Kanto region, and boasts one of Japan's esteemed top three Buddhist temples. Away from the frenetic pace of the capital, Kumagaya offers visitors an authentic glimpse into local Japanese life.

Exploring Kumagaya's Nightlife

Kumagaya's nightlife offers a mix of options suitable for different tastes and preferences. While it may not rival larger cities in terms of scale and variety, it still provides opportunities for entertainment and relaxation. One aspect of Kumagaya's nightlife is its dining scene. The city boasts numerous izakayas (Japanese-style pubs), bars, and restaurants where locals and visitors can enjoy delicious food and drinks in a relaxed atmosphere. In addition to the bars, there are many snack establishments where customers can drink alcohol and flirt with girls in a relaxed atmosphere.

In the vicinity of Kumagaya, traditional store-type sexual establishments like soaplands clubs, fashion health stores, and pink salons are scarce, with deriheru and dispatch-type esthetic clinics predominating instead. The area in front of the station's north exit is dotted with business hotels, while love hotels are situated across the Arakawa River and along the main street near the Kumagaya Bypass, facilitating the operations of delivery/dispatch-type establishments.

Popular Nightlife Areas in Saitama

Image Source: Google Maps

Kumagaya remains relatively unknown in terms of its adult entertainment offerings, likely overshadowed by neighboring Tokyo's  red light districts like Yoshiwara and Kabukicho. Despite this, Saitama Prefecture, where Kumagaya is located, is recognized for hosting various soapland clubs and adult entertainment services. Notable locations within Saitama include Nishikawaguchi and Omiya, which stand out for their sex shops and adult entertainment establishments.

It's a common notion that where there's a congregation of people, brothels tend to follow suit. This is evident in the proliferation of adult shops near Kumagaya station, with a notable presence of deriheru establishments in the vicinity. Moreover, the rise of the Yayoi-cho entertainment district located to the west of Kumagaya Station has solidified its status as another sought-after destination for individuals seeking adult entertainment options, thereby broadening Kumagaya's array of offerings in this realm.

Due to its high population density in Saitama, Kumagaya often falls within the service areas of many deriheru shops. The station's substantial size also enhances its accessibility for transportation. In some cases, even if the area isn't explicitly listed on the website, negotiations may allow for the delivery of the chosen call girl to your desired destination, contingent upon price considerations.

The History of Kumagaya's Entertainment District

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Kumagaya, situated in northern Saitama Prefecture, has been a thriving hub since the Edo period, known as Kumagaya-juku. Positioned between bustling areas, it ranked as the second most prosperous lodging town following Itabashijuku. Its strategic location, 66 km from Nihonbashi, made it an ideal rest stop for travelers. As previously mentioned, wherever there's a gathering of people, brothels and other adult shops tend to congregate as well.

Kumagaya-juku was reportedly prohibited from establishing them due to clan policies. Despite this prohibition, clandestine operations may have occurred, though overt brothels were not evident. With the enactment of the Anti-Prostitution Law in 1958, like many other places, brothels likely vanished from Kumagaya. However, in the Meiji era, the Benten-cho entertainment district emerged in Benten-cho, Kumagaya, marking a new chapter in its entertainment history.

Simulation of Deriheru

Image Source: 

Here is a simulation of what ordering a typical deriheru service is like. Not all establishments are the same and some may have different rules and the simulation is just an example of what ordering this service may be like.


If you are in the mood then search on the net for some available deriheru services or forum sites for a viable establishment. Make sure to check out any reviews to make sure the service and shop itself are good.

Choosing a Course

Once you have picked a shop, call them up, or if there is the option, fill out a form. You may need to include your personal details such as name, age, and address. After looking through the site choose the course/duration that you wish to order, any particular add-on options, and if there is a specific woman you wish to request or leave it up to their choosing.


The chosen girl will either arrive at your home doorstep, near your hotel, or somewhere outside close to a specific love hotel. Here you can make small talk with the women to both become comfortable with each other and make your way to your room.


Usually the girl will want to wash up first, either one by one or together depending on the girl. After that, you will get in the hot and steamy service you requested. Here you can try to negotiate with the girl whether you can go further or not. Once your time has finished the girl may wash up again, get changed, and prepare to leave.


The payment differs depending on the establishment. Some may require you to pay first via card on the internet or by cash when the girl first arrives before any service is received. Some other places may allow you to pay cash after the service is received due to any extra options you wish to add afterwards.

*Please note that this simulation is just a general example of what can happen when ordering a deriheru service and not a strict one-to-one walkthrough of what happens and there may be differences.

Cautionary Note for Foreigners Trying Deriheru

Explained below are some precautions to keep note of when ordering a deriheru service. There are many different rules and nuances that foreigners may not know when ordering such services.

Respectful Manners 

The adult entertainment establishments are able to operate thanks to the cast members so if the customers treat them rudely or do acts they do not like it is possible the customers will be kicked out or banned from entering the property. Treating the staff members with respect and being polite will give you a good impression.

User Restrictions

The shops introduced are for adults only and you need to be of the Japanese adult age which is 20 years old, some shops may allow 18 year olds to use the service however it is rare. Some shops may require you to show your ID so make sure you have it on you at all times.

Language Barrier

Due to different cultures and communication problems, some establishments are hesitant to allow foreigners entry. Learning a few Japanese phrases or having a translation app handy on your phone will help even if it is a little. As a deriheru (delivery service), you might not be allowed to bring a friend along. It's advisable to inquire beforehand about their policy regarding foreigners. You can either ask directly in Japanese or seek assistance from Japanese-speaking friends to ensure a smooth process. Learning some basic Japanese phrases beforehand can also be helpful.

Price Differences

Some of the prices listed on websites may not include the service fee, tax fee, or delivery fee so you may be charged more than you expect. Make sure you do proper research beforehand, whether the shop is reputable and make pricing clear before you receive the services so you won't get an enormous bill later. Typically, when utilizing deriheru services, the service fee and delivery fee are separate, with the total charge comprising both components.

Establishment Legality

Many of the sex shops operate in a legal gray area due to the anti prostitution law, so they do not openly say they offer full sexual intercourse but instead imply it. If you are caught in the act by the police then it is possible both the shop and the customers will be punished.

Safety Precautions

Due to the hidden nature of these establishments some shops may be connected to the underworld. If you feel unsafe don't be afraid to refuse any service or invitation and leave immediately.


To some customers the fun part of the service is negotiating with the cast members to see how much of their services they can receive. Whether by asking and trying to persuade or by offering a large amount of money. Be careful with being too pushy in your negotiations as the girl may instead dislike it and ban you. 

Recommended Deriheru Shops in Kumagaya

Introducing some deriheru establishments delivering into the Kumagaya area for you to try out!

1. Honey Bee

There are many cute young ladies in their late teens or early twenties available at Honey Bee. They are properly trained in pleasuring men so you can enjoy the basic services which include deep kissing, raw fellatio, and servicing of the balls or anal. The profile of each of the girls on the website shows whether they are new or not, so you can choose whether to enjoy the professional or novice services.

[Delivery Fee]

  • Within Kumagaya: Free Delivery (Only for 60min or over 90min courses)
  • Within Kumagaya Delivery to your Home: From 1,000 JPY

*Delivery fee changes depending on the course and area. Please consult directly with the store for more information.

[Service Fee]

  • From 19,000 JPY for 60min

[Opening Hours]

  • 9:00 am - 4:00 am


2. Kimi to Fuwafuwa Princess in Kumagaya

There are several basic services included in the service fee such as deep kissing, fingering, boob jobs, raw fellatio, and many more. If you want something more there are additional options for a fee such as releasing on the face, getting the woman to swallow, and even being able to take a video for memories. Most of the cast members are young in their 18 - 20s age range boasting large breast sizes with even an H cup!

[Delivery Fee]

  • Sunpearl hotel and Mochida IC hotel area: Free
  • Kumagaya Station, Ishihara Station, Konan hotel area: 1,000 JPY
  • Shinrin Koen Park, Fukaya City area: 3,000 JPY
  • Higashimatsuyama area: 4,000 JPY
  • If your home is within 10 minutes from Saitama Gyoda city store: 1,000 JPY
  • If your home is within 20 minutes from Saitama Gyoda city store: 3,000 JPY
  • If your home is within 30 minutes from Saitama Gyoda city store: 4,000 JPY

*If your area is not listed, you can give the shop a call and discuss options.

[Service Fee]

  • 10,000 JPY for 60min (Limited to Kumagaya Station and Mochida IC hotel area)
  • 15,000 JPY for 90min

[Opening Hours]

  • 10:00 am - 2:00 am


3.Meikyu no Hitozuma

Welcome to Meikyu no Hitozuma where you can get lost looking through the profiles of many beautiful mature women. The theme of this establishment is “hitozuma” which means married women and is another way to talk about mature women and MILFs. The cast members are in their twenties to their thirties with a calm and sophisticated allure to them. You can definitely be sure of their techniques and services.

[Delivery Fee]

  • Delivery to specific hotels near Mochida IC and Kumagaya areas is free of charge.
  • ELDIA Japanese Modern hotel
  • Hotel SKYCLUB & hotel THE SKY
  • Hotel ELDIA..and more

*Please check the official website to see if your hotel or area applies.

[Service Fee]

  • From  9,999 JPY for 60min
  • From 17,500 JPY for 60min (*Including hotel fee.)

*Admission fee: From 2,000 JPY

*Hotel fee included plan: Weekends and public holidays are an additional 2,000 JPY

[Opening Hours]

  • 10:00 am - 5:00 am


4. AAA Hyakaryoran Cool Girl Style Kumagaya Store

There are many young 18 year olds to late 20 year olds with slim waists and curves. Be sure to experience the large E cup sizes some of the cast members boast and use in their services. If you like being on the receiving end of the service there are M courses available or if you like being on the offensive then there are M girl courses available to try out as well!

[Delivery Fee]

  • Delivery to home: From 3,000 JPY

*Please contact the store to see if your house applies.

[Service Fee]

  • From  18,000 JPY for 60min

[Opening Hours]

  • 11:00 am - 2:00 am



While Kumagaya is not as well known as an entertainment district as other areas due to various bans in the past, but it still holds many alluring shops and women you won't be able to find anywhere else. Make your time in Kumagaya enjoyable by trying out the deriheru shops available near you and have a heated night in the comfort of your own home or hotel.

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