A Comprehensive Guide to "IMAGE CLUB (IMEKURA)" in Japan

March 26, 2024

Today, we are going to explore the world of "IMAGE CLUB(IMEKURA)" in Japan's adult industry!

In Japan, "IMAGE CLUB" are called "IMEKURA", so we’ll just call them "IMEKURA" for short.

If you are in Japan and want to search for an establishment on the Internet, copy and paste the words "イメージクラブ" or "イメクラ" into the search box, then leave a space and enter the name of the place where you are.

What is "IMEKURA"?

It’s a sexual establishment where you can enjoy image play. It might be easier to say "FASHION HEALTH" or "DELIVERY HEALTH" where you can simulate unrealistic “erotic” requests and fantasies. Since it is "HEALTH", blowjobs and bare thighs are available, but please note that real sex is prohibited.

The basic flow of service in "FASHION HEALTH" and "DELIVERY HEALTH" is as follows: after showering, kissing, full body lip service, 69, and finally ejaculation with a blow job or bare bottom, but In the case of "IMEKURA", after taking a shower, you start image play. After that, the flow of the service varies depending on the type of situation. Sometimes it starts with a hand job, sometimes it’s a feather touch on the nipples over the clothes. The final ejaculation may be a blowjob or a bare thigh, and depending on the flow of the play, it may be a titty fuck or a hand job.

Types of image plays

Pervert play in the train

In this pervert play, you can go behind the chick holding on to the strap and touch her butt, squeeze her boobs, or put your hand inside her underwear. It is more realistic to choose a sailor suit or an office worker as a costume.

Lascivious play in the train

She will press her boobs against your back while you are holding on to the strap, grab your butt, touch your dick from the top of your pants, pull down your zipper, take out your dick, and give you a hand job while saying lewd words.

Sexual harassment play for new nurses

You are a male doctor. Taking advantage of your dominant position, you call a novice female nurse, who is still new to the job, into the examination room and sexually harass her by touching her boobs over her lab coat and making her hold your dick. If the chick is good at acting a little uncomfortable, it is the most exciting.

Playing seduced by the school nurse

You’re a high school boy and you’re alone with the teacher of your dreams in the infirmary after school. As you lie on the bed, the teacher gives you a lecherous look and stimulates your dick from the top of your pants! She also touches nipples and forcibly kisses you while she plays with you, making you completely naked.

Play sexually harassing a beautiful secretary

You, as the president, call your secretary into the president’s office, and after giving her a lot of attention for making too many mistakes, working too slowly, and not setting things up properly, you force the reluctant secretary to sit in the president’s chair, make her dress in a disgusting manner, and keep showering her with obscene words. She then forces him to give her a hand job and a blow job.

What do you think? There are many types of image play. If you consult with the establishment beforehand, you can set up a more detailed playlist.

Which is better, a store-type or a dispatch-type?

If you are going to use them, I overwhelmingly recommend the store-type. The reason for this is that I believe that the world view is very important in order to make your fantasies come true. When you actually go there, you’ll be really surprised at how well they use props and such to recreate every detail!

The chicks will also serve you in costumes that match your image of the play, so you can enjoy a realistic simulated experience. Do you think you can do the same thing in a dispatch-type? It’s quite difficult.

What is the basic play and flow of "IMEKURA"?


✓Step 1.

First of all, set a budget and find a place where you can do the play you like within that budget.

✓Step 2.

Once you have decided on an establishment, check to see if it is open on the date and time you plan to use it.

✓Step 3.

Some establishments allow reservations, some do not. If you can’t, you’ll have to go directly to the establishment and pick a chick after looking at the panel in the establishment or the pictures they show you at the reception desk, but if you can make a reservation, you can pick a chick and tell them what you want her to do to make the process easier. They should be able to help you with detailed settings and additional options.

✓Step 4.

After deciding on the chick, the content of the image play, the costume, and the options to be added, pay the fee.

✓Step 5.

In most cases, you will not be taken to the playroom immediately after paying the fee, but you will be sent to the waiting room. Depending on the establishment, if you are given a number card at this time, you will be called by your number as soon as you are ready.

✓Step 6.

When you are ready, a staff member will call you to the waiting room and take you to your respective image play room.

✓Step 7.

Finally, you meet the chick. After showering and bathing together and changing into costumes, the play begins. If you wanted to play a pervert on a train, you would start with the chick holding on to the “strap”. If you wanted to play as a doctor and sexually harass a new nurse, the play would start with the chick dressed as a nurse coming into the examination room.

The order of the services may vary depending on the content of the image play, but in most cases the basic services include kissing, deep kissing, nipple licking, full body lip service, ball licking, raw blow job, 69, bare thighs, fingering, mixed bathing, body washing, titty fuck, and hand jobs.

✓Step 8.

After enjoying the image play, you can ejaculate with a blowjob or a bare thigh. If you would like to have a hand job or a titty fuck, be honest and tell the chick before you have her do it. After ejaculating, wipe yourself clean with a tissue and take a shower in the bathroom.

✓Step 9.

After wiping each other’s body clean with a towel, put on your clothes and say thank you to the chick, then say goodbye.

This is a brief explanation of the basic flow of “store-type” play.


✓Step 1.

In the dispatch-type, the first step is to set a budget and then look for an establishment. Unlike the store-type, you will need to pay for a room if you want to use a place other than your home, so be sure to include that in your budget. However, more and more establishments nowadays have tie-ups with hotels and rental rooms, so you can often get a discount. The receptionist should be able to tell you more about it, so ask around.

✓Step 2.

Once you have decided on an establishment, check to see if it is open on the date and time you plan to use it.

✓Step 3.

Once you have confirmation, make a reservation. First of all, it is important to decide where you want to have the chick come to you. If it’s at home, it’s not a problem, but if it’s a business trip and you know the hotel from the start, make sure to ask the owner if it’s possible to use the hotel just in case. If you can’t get into the room when the chick arrives, you can’t play. Then, check to see if the chick you are looking for is available or not. If there is the chick, you can pick her up. If there is not, you can just tell her your type and make a free reservation.  Finally, decide what kind of image play you want to do and what kind of costume you want her to wear.

✓Step 4.

Once you have decided on the date, time, location, chicks, play, costumes, and options, confirm the total amount including transportation fees, and make a formal reservation.

✓Step 5.

Once you have made a reservation, try to be at the room at least 30 minutes before your appointment time. While you’re waiting, clean your room, brush your teeth, and cut your nails short to make a good impression. This is because chicks like men who are clean. If your room is dirty, your breath smells bad, and your fingernails are long, the chicks will not be as excited as they should be. Even if you’re in the service industry, you’re still a human being, and they may not want to do their best to make you feel good.

✓Step 6.

Finally, the chick arrives. If you are at home or at a love hotel, there is no problem, but if you are at a business hotel or a city hotel, there are some hotels that have strict security and the elevator won’t work without a card key.

✓Step 7.

Finally, you meet the chick. After entering the room and exchanging greetings, she will call the establishment to say that she has successfully met the customer. After the phone call, you pay her directly, and the two of you move to the bathroom to take a shower. When you get out of the bathroom, wipe yourself off, and when the chick changes into her costume, play begins. Don’t be shy, get into the role of each other and enjoy the image play to the fullest!

In most cases, like store-type, the basic services include kissing, deep kissing, nipple licking, full body lip service, ball licking, raw blow job, 69, bare thighs, fingering, mixed bathing, body washing, titty fuck, and hand jobs.

✓Step 8.

After enjoying the image play, let’s finish in the way you like, such as blowjob, bare thigh, titty fuck, hand job, etc. After you finish, clean up with a tissue and take a shower together in the bathroom. Of course, if you have enough time, you can take a bath.

✓Step 9.

After leaving the bathroom and wiping each other’s body clean with a towel, put on your clothes and say thank you to the chick, then say goodbye.

This is the basic flow of the “dispatch-type” play.

Price of "IMEKURA"


・Membership fee

0~2000 Japanese yen

・Photo nomination fee

0~2000 Japanese yen

・Nomination fee

1000~3000 Japanese yen

・Phone reservation

0~2000 Japanese yen

・Basic fee

60 minutes/12000~24000 Japanese yen

90 minutes/18000~36000 Japanese yen

120 minutes/24000~48000 Japanese yen

・Extension fee

30 minutes/6000~15000 Japanese yen

・Credit card commission fee



Eye masks/500 Japanese yen~

Handcuffs/500 Japanese yen~

Pantyhose ripping/500 Japanese yen~

Taking panties home/500 Japanese yen~

Bringing in costumes (per item)/1000 Japanese yen~

Urination/1000 Japanese yen~

Oral ejaculation/1000 Japanese yen~

Face ejaculation/3000 Japanese yen~

Vibrator/1000 Japanese yen~

Masturbation watching/1000 Japanese yen~

Photo shooting (no face)/4000 Japanese yen~

Photo shooting (face OK)/8000 Japanese yen~

Video shooting (no face)/10000 Japanese yen~

Video shooting (face OK)/15000 Japanese yen~

Anal fuck/8000 Japanese yen~

Threesome course / Basic course x 2


・Hotel fee

2,000 Japanese yen~

・Membership fee

0~2000 Japanese yen

・Photo nomination fee

0~5000 Japanese yen

・Nomination fee

1000~10000 Japanese yen

・Basic fee

60 minutes/14000~30000 Japanese yen

90 minutes/20000~45000 Japanese yen

120 minutes/26000~60000 Japanese yen

・Extension fee

30 minutes/8000~20000 Japanese yen

・Credit card commission fee



0 Japanese yen~All fee

・Cancellation fee

2000 Japanese yen~All fee


Dating course/2 hours 20000 Japanese yen~

※The rest of the options are the same as the store-type, so we’ll skip them.

Types of "IMEKURA"

  • You are a “dominant president” who sexually harasses his “dominant secretary”.
  • You are the coach of a women’s swimming team, and you play tricks on the chicks in their swimsuits.
  • A lecherous married woman with an affair partner wearing an eye mask comes to meet you, completely naked and wearing only a coat. The moment she enters the room, she gives you a blowjob, which is an instant play adultery specialty.
  • You are a salaryman, and your subordinate, an office lady, who is working late at the office, sexually abuses you.
  • You’re a customer at a maid cafe, and you’re in a specialty establishment where they sexually harass you by touching the butt and boobs on top of the maid uniform, exposing your dick and making you hold it.
  • You are a “dirty middle-aged man,” specializing in touching the butts and boobs of high school chicks and office ladies on the train, then making them kneel down and give you a blowjob.
  • You are a pilot, and you are in a cockpit on autopilot, and you are specializing in making beautiful flight attendants take off their uniforms and lick their nipples and give blowjobs.

There are so many others that you can’t even begin to count, such as the sexual harassment sexual bedfellows receive from the judo teacher, the nurse and her students, the brother and sister and their younger brother, the coffee shop master and his married part-time employee.

Who can NOT use "IMEKURA"

  • People who try to force sex.
  • People who do things that chicks don’t want to do.
  • People who spy on or photograph chicks.
  • People who stalk chicks.
  • People who invite a chick on a date without going through the establishment.
  • People who are using or are likely to use drugs.
  • People who are drunk.
  • People who have or are suspected to have sexually transmitted diseases.
  • People who have a foul mouth but refuse to brush their teeth or use gargles to disinfect it.
  • People with long fingernails (there is a high possibility of damaging the pussy by finger penetration, etc.)

Business hour of "IMEKURA"

Most of the store-type establishments are open from 10 a.m. to midnight, but there are quite a few dispatch-type establishments that are open 24 hours a day. Check the store’s official website for the details.

People who are suited for "IMEKURA"

  • People who want to experience the sexual fantasies in a realistic way.
  • People who are tired of regular "HEALTH" and want a different stimulation.
  • People who love cosplay.
  • People who are confident in the acting ability.
  • People who are afraid to pervert in the train.

People who are NOT suited for "IMEKURA"

  • People who don’t like sexual entertainment.
  • People who don’t like cosplay.
  • People who don’t want to fantasize.
  • People who are afraid of STDs.
  • People who don’t want to act.
  • People who don’t care if getting caught, really want to pervert.

Where is "IMEKURA" at?

The number of store-type establishments is around 150, and the number of dispatch-type establishments is around 500. Every town in Japan’s 47 prefectures has either a store-type or a dispatch-type. If you do a search for "イメクラ 風俗",  you should be able to find a list of "IMEKURA" near you.


What did you guys think? Was it fun? "IMEKURA" is a great way to experience naughty fantasies in a way that’s close to reality. It’s great to have fantasies! See you guys again!

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