Gunma Nights: The Sensual Side of Deriheru

March 26, 2024

Gunma is renowned for its picturesque natural landscapes and famous onsen resorts. After indulging in the therapeutic hot springs, why not enhance your experience with a deriheru encounter? This unique service brings pleasure directly to you, eliminating the need for further travel during your trip. Discover the sensual side of deriheru in Gunma and elevate your relaxation to new heights.

What is Deriheru?

Deriheru, formally known as "delivery health service," involves girls delivering their services directly to customers' homes or love hotels. A key feature of this business model is the absence of a physical storefront or reception area, with operations typically conducted from a room within an apartment or building. Given the relatively low barriers to entry, establishments with diverse concepts catering to various age groups and preferences have emerged. As previously mentioned, most deriheru operators work from an office space rather than a traditional store, dispatching ladies to hotels or customers' homes instead.

About Gunma

Gunma sits two prefectures away from Tokyo, with Saitama nestled in between. Despite its proximity, Gunma is easily accessible, whether by a two-hour drive or a swift 40-minute ride on the shinkansen. While Gunma's picturesque landscape of mountains, rivers, forests, and hot springs may evoke images of serene evenings, the prefecture offers a diverse array of nighttime experiences. From cozy city bars and bustling izakaya pubs to cultural performances and stargazing sessions, Gunma's nightlife scene is surprisingly lively. Despite being a haven for relaxation and escape, Gunma boasts numerous nighttime activities to ensure a memorable visit. 

Exploring Gunma's Nightlife Areas

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Gunma Prefecture boasts two prominent areas teeming with adult entertainment venues: Minami Ichibangai in Ota City and Miyago in Isesaki City. Minami Ichibangai, often referred to as Ota City's entertainment hub, offers a diverse array of options including girls' bars, cabarets, and other drinking establishments. Additionally, patrons can choose from various esthetic salons and pink salons (pinsaro), along with budget-friendly entertainment services.

In Miyago, Isesaki City, visitors will find an abundance of sex esthetic salons and pink salons, as well as a wide selection of delivery health clubs. The Takasaki area also boasts numerous sex clubs and esthetic clinics, catering to both business trip clientele and local patrons.

Deriheru in Gunma

Adjacent to each other, Isesaki City and Ota City offer a well-developed and highly recommended area for deriheru services in Gunma Prefecture. Travel-type sex services, including deriheru, are readily available from both cities, providing a wide range of options for patrons. In addition to mainstream deriheru offerings, specialty stores catering to married women and mature women are also prevalent, ensuring that customers can find services tailored to their preferences and budgets in suburban areas such as Kiryu City and Midori City. While Maebashi City, the prefectural capital, hosts a fair number of storefront sex establishments, the neighboring city, Takasaki also offers deriheru services, particularly catering to business travelers in the area.

History of Gunma’s Red Light District

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In the annals of modern brothel history, Gunma Prefecture occupies a unique position in Japan. While records indicate over 500 licensed brothels across Japan, Gunma stood out as the only prefecture devoid of such establishments. During the early Showa period, Gunma retained this distinction until the abolition of the public prostitution system by Saitama Prefecture. This move marked a significant shift, leaving Gunma as the sole prefecture without a red light district.

Nevertheless, Gunma's past included a public prostitution system and the sanctioning of brothels. However, with the fervent movement against prostitution gaining momentum, the public prostitution system was abolished in 1894 during the Meiji period. Despite this, the prostitution industry persisted under the guise of "B-class restaurants," where prostitution services were clandestinely conducted.

Although formal brothels were absent in Gunma, the prefecture designated specific areas where "Otsushu Ryoriten" (乙種料理店) congregated, effectively functioning as genuine brothels. This marked the reality of an "abolished prostitution prefecture." Distinguished from the "public prostitutes" of traditional brothels, these establishments employed "private prostitutes" who, while technically serving alcohol as waitresses, primarily engaged in prostitution.

Advisory for Foreigners Engaging with Deriheru Services

Outlined below are important precautions to consider when utilizing deriheru services, especially for foreigners unfamiliar with the nuances of such establishments.

Courteous Conduct

It's important to remember that adult entertainment establishments thrive thanks to their female cast members. Rudeness or behavior deemed unacceptable by the employees may discontinue service or prohibit future use.  Demonstrating respect and politeness towards the staff members leaves a positive impression.

Service Restrictions

These establishments cater exclusively to adults, requiring patrons to be at least 20 years old, the legal age in Japan. While some shops may allow customers aged 18 to use their services, this is uncommon. It's advisable to carry identification at all times, as some venues may request it upon use.

Communication Challenges

Differences in cultures and potential language barriers often lead to establishments being cautious about admitting foreigners. Even a basic knowledge of Japanese phrases or access to translation apps on your phone can alleviate these concerns to some extent. Since it is a delivery service it is unlikely you will be able to bring a friend with you, if feasible, consider getting a Japanese native friend to facilitate the communication and negotiations, to confirm whether foreigners can use the services, and to reassure the staff of your understanding of the rules.

Pricing Discrepancies

Be wary of price variations, as some websites may not include service fees, taxes, or delivery charges, potentially leading to unexpected expenses. Conduct thorough research beforehand to ascertain the shop's reputation and ensure pricing transparency prior to availing services, thereby avoiding unwelcome surprises on your bill. It's normal for deriheru services to have separate charges for the service itself and delivery, resulting in a total fee that combines both.

Legal Ambiguity and Safety Measures

Numerous sex shops operate within legal gray zones due to anti-prostitution laws, often hinting at full sexual services without explicitly stating them. If caught by law enforcement, both the establishment and patrons may face repercussions. Given the covert nature of these venues, some may have ties to the underworld. If feeling unsafe, it's essential to decline any services or invitations and exit promptly.


For certain customers, negotiating with the ladies can be an enjoyable aspect of the experience, determining the extent of the services they'll receive. Whether through persuasion or offering higher payments, some engage in negotiations for added benefits. However, caution is advised against being overly assertive, as excessive pressure may result in displeasure from the ladies and potential bans.

Explore Recommended Deriheru Shops in Gunma

Discover a selection of deriheru establishments ready to serve the Gunma region!

1. Kimi to Fuwafuwa Princess Takasaki Store

This deriheru establishment caters to men who appreciate women with a fuller figure! If you enjoy the company of curvaceous and voluptuous ladies, then this is the perfect destination for you. Where else can you experience the pleasure of women with generously proportioned breasts, ranging from J to K cup sizes! Indulge in basic play options, including sensual boob jobs that promise an immersive experience of pleasure and satisfaction.

[Delivery Fee]

  • Free: Tonyamachi and Takasaki station areas
  • From 1,000 JPY: Kannonzan, Takasaki IC, Maebashi Ishikura Hotel areas
  • From 2,000 JPY: Annaka City Itahana Hotel, Maria Hotel, Apple Pie Hotel areas

*For delivery to your home or other areas please contact the store for details.

[Service Fee]

  • From 10,000 JPY for 60min (*Limited to Tonyamachi and Takasaki station area.)
  • From 15,000 JPY for 90min

[Opening Hours]

  • 12:00 pm - 2:00 am


2. Gunma Isesaki Chanko

Are you drawn to voluptuous and curvaceous women from Gunma? This deriheru establishment specializes in catering to men who appreciate the hourglass figure, featuring ample breasts and voluptuous buttocks. Explore the array of courses offered, with the option for a threesome experience if you desire to indulge in the company of multiple girls. Additionally, the fee includes various basic plays such as passionate deep kisses and raw fellatio, ensuring a fulfilling experience.

[Delivery Fee]

  • Free + 2,000 JPY discount: Isesaki Auto Race Track Area Hotels
  • Free: Hotels in Akabori, hotels in Kyokusawa, hotels around Kyu Sakaimachi Route 2, and Isesaki City area
  • From 1,000 JPY: Maebashi City, Ota City, Kiryu City, Midori City, Fujioka City, Tamamura Town, Saitama Honjo City, and Saitama Kamisato City
  • From 2,000 JPY: Other areas (*Contact store for details.)

[Service Fee]

  • From 10,000 JPY for 60min

*Discounts may apply depending on your hotel.

[Opening Hours]

  • 9:00 am - 3:00 am


3. Thank You Gunma & Takasaki Store

You'll undoubtedly feel grateful to the fantastic and stunning cast members at the deriheru shop ‘Thank You’ for their exceptional service. Whether you're seeking amateur or experienced techniques, or interested in girls exploring new experiences like anal play or maintaining a smooth appearance, there's a diverse array of girls available for various services. Simply select your preferred girl and customize your course with additional options to suit your desires!

[Delivery Fee]

  • From 1,000 JPY: Less than 20min from Tonyamachi
  • From 2,000 JPY: Less than 30min from Tonyamachi
  • From 3,000 JPY: Less than 40min from Tonyamachi
  • From 4,000 JPY: Over 40min from Tonyamachi

*Prices may vary depending on delivery to hotels or your house. Please contact the store for details.

[Service Fee]

  • From 3,900 JPY for 30min

*Free options are only available if you request a cast member (*request fee: from 2,000 JPY).

[Opening Hours]

  • 9:00 am - 6:00 am(Google Map)
  • 24h(Website)

*Be aware that business hours can change, so if you're thinking of stopping by the store during late-night or early morning hours, it's advisable to verify their open status with the store beforehand.


4. Hyakaryoran Cool Girl Style Ota Store

Occasionally, professional services can feel a bit impersonal, but fear not! At Cool Girl Style Deriheru, there are complimentary options to enhance your experience. From pretending to be lovers, and indulging in flirtatious moments, to receiving deep and passionate kisses, you'll find an array of additional free options to satisfy your desires. With the company of beautiful women, you'll undoubtedly leave feeling fulfilled and eager to revisit Gunma again!

[Delivery Fee]

  • From free to 1,000 JPY: Some parts of Ota, Ashikaga, Ora, and Sano areas
  • From 1,000 JPY: Some parts of Ota, Ashikaga, Ora, Sano, and Tatebayashi areas
  • From 3,000 JPY: Some parts of Kiryu, Tatebayashi, and Isesaki areas
  • From 5,000 JPY: Some parts of Isesaki, Oyama, and Tochigi
  • From 3,000 JPY: Delivery to your house

[Service Fee]

  • From 16,000 JPY for 60min

[Opening Hours]

  • 11:00 am - 2:00 am



Despite the history of bans on public prostitution and brothels in Gunma, it didn't deter individuals from operating underground sex shops. This is evident in the abundance of adult entertainment establishments found within Gunma. If you're traveling in the area, while enjoying the hot springs, consider trying out the delivery services and experiencing the local beauties alongside the sights.

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