What is a Muscle Girls Bar? Recommended Establishments Included

June 17, 2024

Japan is home to a plethora of themed cafés, bars, and restaurants, including maid cafés, a science lab-themed bar, and a ninja restaurant. Those who have spent any time on TikTok or YouTube may have seen viral videos about Muscle Girls Bar, the only female fitness-themed bar not only in Japan but in the world. Japan is renowned for its innovative and unique entertainment spots, and one that has been gaining popularity in recent years is the "Muscle Girls Bar." This bar concept ingeniously blends nightlife with fitness, offering a novel experience to everyone who visits.

About Muscle Girls Bars

Cast members of muscle girls bar in Japan

Image Source: https://www.tokyoweekender.com/entertainment/sports-fitness/muscle-girls-bar-tokyo/

Muscle Girls Bars are causing a stir in Japan's entertainment scene. Due to its unique and special services and characteristic. Let's delve into why this innovative bar concept is attracting attention, exploring its features and what makes it stand out.

Features of Muscle Girls Bars

A significant feature of Muscle Girls Bars is the presence of muscular female staff members who cater to the guests. Dressed in attire reminiscent of training gear, these staff members engage in conversations with customers while serving drinks. Parts of the establishment are designed like a gym, allowing guests to relax while enjoying delicious drinks and snacks.

[Muscular Female Staff]

The staff at Muscle Girls Bars are all fitness enthusiasts with impressive physiques. They interact with customers, making the experience both engaging and unique.

[Gym-Themed Decor]

The bar’s interior is designed to resemble a gym, creating an immersive environment where patrons can unwind while being surrounded by fitness-inspired decor. There is even an arm press machine where customers can try completing a set of reps for a small prize.

[Workout Performances]

There is gym equipment on a mini stage in the corner where the staff perform workout routines, muscle flexing, and dancing. These performances add an entertaining and energetic vibe to the bar.

[Interactive Services]

Customers can pay for extra services such as short personal training sessions, being fed a protein shake from a syringe, and taking Polaroid photos with the staff. These interactive options provide a memorable and personalized experience.

For example, there are services like the following.

Example menu list of Muscle Girls Bar in Japan

Image Source: https://musclegirls.jimdofree.com/system/

[Healthy Drink and Snack Options]

In addition to traditional bar offerings, Muscle Girls Bars serve health-conscious drinks and snacks, including protein shakes and nutritious snacks, catering to those who want to maintain their fitness goals while enjoying a night out.

Reasons for the Popularity of Muscle Girls Bars

The innovative concept and unique entertainment aspect of Muscle Girls Bars are major factors contributing to their popularity. These bars serve as gathering places for women with muscles, drawing attention with their performances and presence. Additionally, incorporating elements of traditional girls' bars allows customers to enjoy interactions and conversations with young female staff members. This innovative blend offers new perspectives and experiences, appealing to a diverse range of clientele, thus garnering attention.

Moreover, by incorporating elements of girls' bars, a friendly atmosphere is cultivated, enabling people from various backgrounds to visit. This enables Muscle Girls Bars to carve out a niche in a saturated market, differentiating themselves and attracting attention.

The Charms of Muscle Girls Bars

Performance scene at muscle girls bar in Japan

Image Source: https://www.tokyoweekender.com/entertainment/sports-fitness/muscle-girls-bar-tokyo/

There are many different appealing aspects of this special bar and it is an experience all international visitors should experience at least once. In this section, we'll delve into what makes Muscle Girls Bars so appealing.

Unique Concept

Muscle Girls Bars offer an experience like no other, with their entire theme centered around muscles and fitness. This sets them apart from traditional bars and instantly piques the interest of anyone looking for something different. The combination of a bar and a gym creates a novel environment where patrons can enjoy the nightlife while being surrounded by fitness enthusiasts. This unique concept appeals to both fitness lovers and those curious about the world of bodybuilding while still being able to enjoy a drink and have a fun time.

Entertainment Value

One of the standout features of Muscle Girls Bars is the high entertainment value. These bars are not just about drinks; they are about the entire experience. Guests can enjoy performances by muscular women who showcase their strength through various activities, such as workout routines, muscle flexing, and even crushing fruits with their muscles. Additionally, special events are often held, adding an extra layer of excitement and variety to each visit. This level of entertainment ensures that every night at Muscle Girls Bar is a memorable one.

Friendly Atmosphere

Despite the intense focus on fitness, Muscle Girls Bars exude a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. The staff, known for their impressive physiques and warm personalities, engage with customers on a personal level, facilitating relaxed enjoyment. This close interaction between guests and staff creates a sense of camaraderie and makes everyone feel at ease. Whether you are a regular or a first-time visitor, you are sure to feel welcomed and valued.

Unique Services

Muscle Girls Bars offer distinctive services that set them apart from other nightlife venues. These include workout performances on a mini stage, where the staff showcase their strength and agility, and interactive activities such as personal training sessions and being fed protein shakes from a syringe. Customers can also take Polaroid photos with the staff, creating lasting memories of their visit. These unique services not only attract customer interest but also sustain the bar's popularity by offering something that cannot be found elsewhere.

Community Formation

Muscle Girls Bars are more than just entertainment venues; they are community hubs. They bring together muscular women and fitness enthusiasts, serving as meeting points for like-minded individuals. This sense of community enhances the bar's popularity as patrons return not just for the drinks and entertainment, but for the social connections they form. Regular visitors often become part of a tight-knit community, making Muscle Girls Bars a place where friendships are forged and shared interests are celebrated.

Enjoying Muscle Girls Bars

A girl performing at muscle girls bar in Japan

Image Source: https://www.tokyoweekender.com/entertainment/sports-fitness/muscle-girls-bar-tokyo/

Muscle Girls Bars are fantastic places to enjoy health and fitness while meeting new friends and training partners. From interacting with staff to meeting fellow enthusiasts and exchanging training tips, there are various ways to have fun. Offering a unique experience distinct from regular girls' bars, Muscle Girls Bars are ideal for those seeking fresh stimulation. Here are some points on how to enjoy them:

A Different Experience from Regular Girls' Bars

Muscle Girls Bars provide a unique experience centered around muscles and fitness, offering fresh enjoyment for those tired of regular bars. Guests can socialize in a relaxed atmosphere and partake in various activities, including special events and workshops, ensuring constant stimulation.

Boosting Motivation through Staff Interactions

Interacting with staff directly provides motivation towards fitness goals. Guests can freely ask questions and seek advice related to fitness, sharing techniques and nutritional information with staff to devise effective training plans. Furthermore, interacting with staff allows learning new training ideas and methods to maintain motivation.

Meeting Like-minded Individuals

Muscle Girls Bars are places where people with similar interests gather. Here, guests can meet companions who share a passion for fitness and muscles, offering a great opportunity to find new friends and training partners. Encouraging each other towards common goals and drawing inspiration, guests can lead a more fulfilling fitness life.

Recommended Muscle Girls Bars

Muscle Girls Bars are excellent venues to enjoy muscle beauty while socializing with new friends and training companions. This time, let's introduce the particularly recommended Muscle Girls Bar, "Muscle Girls," located in Tokyo.

Muscle Girls (Tokyo)

Exterior of Muscle Girls in Tokyo Japan

Image Source: Google Street View

If you're seeking a truly niche and unique experience, Muscle Girls Bar is the place to be. At this bar, you'll find fit and muscular women who can carry you like a princess or spin you around a pole. The staff members take pride in showcasing their impressive physiques and enjoy discussing their fitness routines and hobbies. For an additional fee, you can even receive a 'muscle girl slap,' an exclusive experience that few have had the opportunity to try. Come and enjoy an unforgettable night at Muscle Girls Bar, where fitness meets fun!


  • 171-0014 Tokyo, Toshima Ward, Ikebukuro, 2-41-2, Hayama Bldg B1F


  • 1,500 JPY for 30 min all-you-can-drink
  • 10 muscle dollars for 1,000 JPY (Sold as a set of 10 muscle dollars)

[Japan Visit Exclusive Plan for Foreigners]

  • 5,000 JPY for 80 min all-you-can-drink
Menu list of Muscle Girl

[Opening Hours]

  • 5:00 pm - 10:30 pm
  • Closed: Tuesday

[Reservation Method]

  • There is an English online booking system.
  • You can only book for 1-4 people, so if you are booking for 5 or more people you will need to make multiple reservations.

*Reservations receive priority seating.

Website: https://musclegirls.jimdofree.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/muscle.girls666/

Currently, the above-mentioned establishment is the only one we can recommend as a Muscle Girls Bar. While there are several bars resembling regular Muscle Bars with mostly male staff, establishments with exclusively female staff are rare. If you're planning to visit Tokyo and are interested, be sure to check it out.

We'll introduce additional Muscle Girls Bars when they open in the future.


Let's review some important points to consider when enjoying Muscle Girls Bars. Maintaining appropriate boundaries with staff and showing respect and manners towards other guests, enjoying drinks in a healthy manner, and adhering to guidelines regarding photography inside the establishment are crucial for a better experience.

Maintaining Appropriate Boundaries with Staff

Friendly interactions with staff are encouraged, but it's important to maintain appropriate boundaries. While staff members are present as trainers or support, they are providing their services as a job and to remember you are customers who need to respect the performers.

Respect and Manners Towards Other Guests

Building friendly relationships with other guests and showing mutual respect is essential. Since Muscle Girls Bars also function as community spaces, creating an atmosphere where everyone can enjoy themselves is important.

Encouraging Healthy Drinking Habits

Avoid excessive drinking and prioritize health when consuming alcohol. While alcohol is meant for enjoyment, it's crucial to consume it responsibly while considering your health.

Photography Inside the Establishment

Taking photos inside the establishment requires permission from staff. Respect privacy and obtain permission before taking photos, especially to avoid infringing on other customers' privacy.

Experience Muscle Girls Bars on YouTube

To get a feel for the atmosphere of Muscle Girls Bars, check out videos on YouTube. These videos document experiences visiting unique facilities like Muscle Girls Bars in Japan. From ordering themed drinks to participating in muscle girl performances, games, and muscle lifting, a variety of experiences await. Groups enjoy the unusual entertainment provided by the bar while having a good time. If you're curious about the atmosphere of Muscle Girls Bars, be sure to check out YouTube videos. The following video offers glimpses of the local ambiance and experiences.

▼I Got Beat Up At Japan's Muscle Girl Bar Ft. @ludwig @AbroadinJapan & Shibuya Kaho/CDawgVA


Muscle Girls Bars offer new perspectives and experiences while fostering social interactions in a healthy lifestyle setting. Their innovative concept and unique entertainment value have captured the interest of many, injecting fresh energy into Japan's entertainment scene. Be sure to visit a Muscle Girls Bar if you are in the area and experience new encounters and enjoyable moments.

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