Introduction to GIRLS BAR - Explore the Unique Experience

March 26, 2024

Discovering the Essence of GIRLS BAR

In Japan, GIRLS BAR refers to a type of bar where female bartenders serve food and drinks to customers from behind the counter. They differ greatly from happening bars which are a more sexual kind of adult entertainment. While similar to SNACK bars, there are a few key distinctions to note.

Let's explore the differences:

  1. Age Range of Employees: Most GIRLS BAR staff members are in their late teens to early twenties, whereas SNACK bars tend to employ individuals in their late twenties to early forties.
  2. Customer Base: GIRLS BAR generally attracts customers in their 20s to early 30s, while SNACK bars cater to a broader range of age groups, from 30s to 70s.
  3. Service Style: SNACK bars holding the "Entertainment Business No. 1 License" can entertain customers by lighting cigarettes or holding their hands. However, GIRLS BAR, considered as restaurants under the "Notification of Establishment of a Restaurant Providing Late Night Alcoholic Beverages," are prohibited from such entertainment activities, except for those that have obtained the "adult entertainment business No. 1 license" and operate until midnight.
  4. "Mom" Figure: SNACK bars often have a "Mom" figure, whereas GIRLS BAR typically does not.
  5. Bill Payment: GIRLS BAR does not offer post-payment options, while some SNACK bars do.
  6. Atmosphere: GIRLS BAR exudes a flashy ambiance, while SNACK bars create a more relaxed atmosphere.
  7. Number of Employees: Even in small establishments, GIRLS BAR usually has at least two girls on duty, whereas SNACK bars often have a single "Mom" running the place. Larger GIRLS BAR may employ more than 20 girls.
  8. Employee Personalities: GIRLS BAR employs cheerful and talkative girls with flirtatious tendencies, whereas SNACK bars have more calm and attentive girls.
  9. Sales Approach: GIRLS BAR generally does not exchange contact information with customers, unlike SNACK bars where hostesses engage in sales activities by contacting customers to express gratitude or invite them to accompany them.

Captivating Aspects of GIRLS BAR

Now, let's explore four unique features that make GIRLS BAR such an appealing experience:

  1. Extended Business Hours: Many GIRLS BAR establishments remain open until late at night, making them an excellent choice for late-night gatherings or parties.
  2. Price: GIRLS BAR offers a more affordable option compared to high-end Cabaret Clubs, providing an opportunity for casual outings without breaking the bank.
  3. Potential for Connections: With many inexperienced amateurs working at GIRLS BAR, it's easier to strike up conversations and make connections than one might expect. The chances increase even more when interacting with girls of a similar age.
  4. Freedom of Choice: With a wide variety of "concept" GIRLS BAR venues across Japan, you can have a great time while finding the perfect setting that suits your preferences.

Understanding GIRLS BAR Pricing

GIRLS BAR pricing can be categorized into the following nine types. Let's explore them:

1. Set Price

This is the basic fee paid upon taking a seat. Prices vary, starting from around 1,000 yen for cheaper bars to about 5,000 yen for more upscale venues. Some bars offer all-you-can-drink during the set time or provide the first drink for free. Make sure to check the specifics before entering.

2. Extension Fee

The extension fee varies between bars. Some automatically add another set (60 minutes) after the initial set, while others charge half the price of one set for every additional 30 minutes. Inform the staff if you plan to leave after one set to avoid confusion.

3. Nomination Fee

A fee charged when nominating a specific girl. While not common in most bars, if present, the fee ranges from 500 yen to 2,000 yen. Bars facing legal constraints with customer nominations might use alternative terms like "requests."

4. Drink & Food

Ordering drinks or food incurs additional charges. If you opt for the all-you-can-drink option from the menu provided by the bar, it won't be a problem during the set time. However, drinks or food ordered outside the all-you-can-drink menu are billed separately. Additionally, if you offer drinks to the girls, the cost is added to the total. Drink prices typically start from around 500 yen per item, but wine or champagne can be priced around 1,500 yen or 2,000 yen per glass. Depending on your drinking habits and frequency of visits, it may be more cost-effective to purchase bottles.

5. Karaoke Fee

Karaoke pricing varies by bar. Some include it in the set price, while others charge around 200 yen per song. Some bars offer tickets, and some waive the fee if you enter the VIP room.

6. Game Fee

Bars with dart machines often charge 100 yen per game. Some bars even offer fortune-telling services for an additional fee of 500 yen.

7. VIP Room Fee

VIP rooms are available in select high-end GIRLS BAR establishments. Prices vary, with some charging an extra 3,000 yen per person per set (60 minutes), while others may charge 30,000 yen for the entire room per set (60 minutes). It's important to note that entering a VIP room doesn't guarantee sitting next to a particular girl. The seating arrangement depends on the bar's business license and policies.

8. Credit Card Fee

A fee applied when paying by credit card, typically adding 10% to 20% to the final bill.

9. Service Charge & Consumption Tax

Service charge and consumption tax vary among bars. Some include a 30% charge that covers both, while others have a 15% service charge and 10% consumption tax. Generally, the pricing already includes the applicable taxes.

Operating Hours of GIRLS BAR

Most GIRLS BAR establishments operate until late at night, often opening later in the day. Some bars start around 7:00 p.m., while others stay open until 7:00 the next morning. Note that many bars are closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays.

Suitability for GIRLS BAR Experience

Who would enjoy visiting GIRLS BAR? Here are a few characteristics of individuals who might find it appealing:

  • Those who wish to engage in conversations with young girls at an affordable price.
  • Individuals seeking a lively atmosphere for their drinks.
  • People in their early twenties who want to interact with girls from their own generation.
  • Those who enjoy having girls listen to their karaoke performances at GIRLS BAR.
  • Individuals interested in making connections with girls they meet at GIRLS BAR.
  • Those looking for a venue to host second or third parties.
  • People who enjoy conversing with a variety of girls rather than one-on-one interactions.

Factors to Consider Before Visiting GIRLS BAR

On the other hand, the following traits might indicate that GIRLS BAR is not the ideal choice for you:

  • Individuals who are not particularly interested in young girls.
  • Those who prefer drinking alone or in a quiet environment.
  • People with limited budget or time.
  • Individuals who experience faded memories when drinking.
  • Those who tend to become arrogant when under the influence.
  • Individuals who prefer not to spend money on ordering drinks for the girls
  • People who feel uncomfortable seeing a girl they like interacting with other customers.
  • Those who are not at ease in places with many customers in their 20s.

Dress Code for GIRLS BAR

Fortunately, there is no strict dress code for GIRLS BAR establishments. You can even visit wearing sandals and shorts if you prefer.

Locating GIRLS BAR

With over 3,000 GIRLS BAR venues in Japan, there is likely a GIRLS BAR in every entertainment district.

While we've listed a few locations, please note that there are many more across the country:

  • Hokkaido Prefecture: Susukino
  • Miyagi Prefecture: Sendai Station/Kokubun-cho
  • Fukushima Prefecture: Koriyama Station/Fukushima Station
  • Iwate Prefecture: Odori
  • Akita Prefecture: Omachi
  • Niigata Prefecture: Niigata Station/Furumachi
  • Nagano Prefecture: Minami Chitose, Nagano City
  • Yamanashi Prefecture: Kofu-city Chuo
  • Toyama Prefecture: Sakuramachi, Toyama city
  • Ishikawa Prefecture: Horikawa Shinmachi
  • Ibaraki Prefecture: Sakae-machi, Koga-shi Higashi
  • Tochigi Prefecture: Shukugo, Kyokushi-machi
  • Gunma Prefecture: Renjaku-cho, Yashima-cho
  • Chiba Prefecture: Funabashi, Matsudo, Katsutadai, Hanasaki-cho
  • Saitama Prefecture: Nishikawaguchi, Kitaurawa, Omiya
  • Tokyo Prefecture: Ginza, Akihabara, Ueno, Kinshicho, Shinbashi, Kabukicho, Roppongi, Shibuya, Ikebukuro, Ebisu
  • Kanagawa Prefecture: Kannai, Kawasaki, Sakuragicho, Naka-ku, Mizonokuchi
  • Shizuoka Prefecture: Sakanacho, Kajicho
  • Aichi Prefecture: Kanayama, Nishiki, Naka Ward
  • Gifu Prefecture: Hanemachi, Kanemachi
  • Mie Prefecture: Tsu City Hasshocho, City Suwa Sakae-cho
  • Shiga Prefecture: Kusatsu Station, Seta Station
  • Kyoto Prefecture: Ponto-cho, Gion, Kiyamachi, Kawaramachi
  • Nara Prefecture: Kashihara City, Nara Station, Shin-Omiya Station, Oji Station
  • Osaka Prefecture: Namba, Umeda, Kitashinchi, Nishinakajima, Tennoji
  • Wakayama Prefecture: Shinnai
  • Hyogo Prefecture: Himeji, Sannomiya, Nishinomiya
  • Okayama Prefecture: Okayama Station, Kurashiki Station, Chuo-cho, Yanagimachi
  • Hiroshima Prefecture: Shintenchi, Nagarekawacho
  • Ehime Prefecture: Sanbancho
  • Fukuoka Prefecture: Kokura, Nakasu, Tenjin, Hakata Station
  • Oita Prefecture: Hita, Miyako Town, Kitahama
  • Kumamoto Prefecture: Shimodori
  • Kagoshima Prefecture: Astronomical Museum, Sennichicho
  • Okinawa Prefecture: Kume, Ishigakijima

GIRLS BAR establishments can be found not only in entertainment districts but also near train stations.

Exploring Different Types of GIRLS BAR

GIRLS BAR comes in various types, each offering a unique experience. Here are a few examples:

  • Bikini (Swimsuit) GIRLS BAR: A sexy bar where girls serve in swimsuits, providing a visually captivating experience.
  • Oiran-style GIRLS BAR: Step into a glamorous world reminiscent of traditional Japanese brothels, featuring stunning girls in Oiran-style attire.
  • Kimono (Japanese dress) GIRLS BAR: Immerse yourself in Japanese aesthetics as girls serve wearing beautiful kimonos, showcasing the elegance of traditional attire.
  • Ninja (Kunoichi) GIRLS BAR: Embark on a humorous journey into the world of ninjas as girls dressed as ninjas serve you.
  • Cabin Attendant (CA) GIRLS BAR: Fulfill your dream of interacting with cabin attendants as girls serve you wearing cabin attendant uniforms.
  • Pajama GIRLS BAR: Experience a cozy and relaxed atmosphere as girls serve in their pajamas, creating a comfortable environment.
  • Policewomen in Miniskirts GIRLS BAR: Indulge in the allure of girls serving as policewomen in miniskirts, perfect for uniform enthusiasts.
  • Chubby GIRLS BAR: A unique niche, where girls with a fuller figure serve, catering to those with specific preferences.
  • Bunny GIRLS BAR: Enter the realm of sexy bunny girls, with girls wearing bunny costumes providing an enchanting experience.
  • Maid GIRLS BAR: Engage in a moe-style experience as girls serve in maid uniforms, adding a touch of cuteness to your visit.

These are just a few examples, as GIRLS BAR offers numerous other concepts such as sports bars, navy-inspired bars, ocean or mountain-themed bars, and even planetarium-focused bars.

In Conclusion

Did you have fun exploring GIRLS BAR? There are countless GIRLS BAR establishments with different concepts, making it challenging to find the perfect fit for you. As a closing note, let me share a GIRLS BAR that I sometimes visit. It's a cozy bar with around ten counter seats, always staffed by at least three girls. Since it doesn't enforce uniforms, everyone dresses casually, contributing to its warm and welcoming atmosphere.

While the girls' overall rating may be 50 out of 100, 80% of them are college students, ensuring a fresh and vibrant experience. The system is based on one set (60 minutes), with two course options: a 1,000 yen per set (60 minutes) course where drinks and food are additional, and an all-you-can-drink course for 3,000 yen per set (60 minutes).

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