Introduction to Mat Health in Japan

March 26, 2024

Today, we will be providing an overview of Mat Health in Japan. If you're looking for an establishment that offers unique experiences involving warm lotion and mat play with beautiful girls, Mat Health is the place to go!

What is Mat Health?

Mat Health, also known as Fashion Health, offers a specialized form of entertainment where you can indulge in mat play with a girl. This experience involves using a generous amount of warm lotion, covering your entire body on a large air mat inside a private bathroom.

While Mat Health doesn't involve sexual intercourse, it offers various enticing activities such as blowjobs, bare thighs, and even tittyfuck if the girl has large breasts. It's worth mentioning that Mat Health focuses on the art of "mat play," originally derived from one of the most popular types of play in the world of Soaplands.

Exploring Mat Play Techniques

Mat play refers to the utilization of different techniques on a mat to enhance pleasure and lead to ejaculation. Here are some notable techniques that are particularly enjoyable:

1. Amenbo

In this play, a girl massages the soles of a male customer's feet while he lies face down. She skillfully uses her own nipples and entire breasts, holding his legs between her thighs one by one. After tantalizing him with the sensation of her nipples, she delicately licks each toe.

2. Awaodori

Awaodori involves a girl washing a male customer's body using her entire body. She applies fluffy body soap all over herself and proceeds to cleanse the customer, creating an intimate and sensuous experience.

3. Ura Senryu Kudari

This technique entails a male customer lying face down on a mat while a girl carefully licks his entire body. Often referred to as back full-body lip service, she pays special attention to the back and behind the knees, delivering pleasurable sensations.

4. Uramatsuba-Kuzushi

During Uramatsuba-Kuzushi, a girl's crotch is positioned between the open legs of a male client lying face down. Their genitals rub against each other, creating a highly arousing encounter.

5. Urakoi no Takibnobori

This technique involves a girl straddling a male customer who lies on his back on the mat. By moving her hips back and forth, she stimulates him while maintaining close contact between their genitals, ensuring an intense experience.

6. Ogi Gaeshi

In Ogi Gaeshi, a girl sits backwards between the legs of a male customer lying on his back. She holds his penis between her thighs and utilizes the slipperiness of the lotion to perform a stimulating cowgirl thrust.

7. Ogon no Naruto Kaikyo

This play focuses on intensive stimulation of a male customer's scrotum. A girl, while the customer lies on his back, covers his scrotum with lotion and uses her mouth to lick, suck, and provide pleasurable sensations. This technique is greatly enhanced when combined with a skilled hand job.

8. Omote Senryu Kudai

Omote Senryu Kudai is a play in which a male customer lies on his back on a mat, and a girl thoroughly licks his entire body. This form of full-body lip service includes licking and sucking the neck and nipples for maximum enjoyment.

9. Oyama no Taisho

In this play, a girl positions herself between the legs of a male customer who lies on his back on a mat. While bending over, she places her legs under his

hips and uses her breasts to stimulate his penis in a tittyfuck-like motion. This particular technique offers a unique form of pleasure on the mat.

10. Kakaekomi Anal Name

Kakaekomi Anal Name involves a girl placing her face between the legs of a male customer who lies face down on a mat. She licks his anal cavity while firmly holding his waist, creating an exhilarating experience.

11. Kaeru Kick

During Kaeru Kick, a girl slides under the lower body of a male customer who lies face down on a mat. Facing the opposite direction, she stimulates him by moving her legs in a frog-like motion while holding his penis between her buttocks.

12. Kaeru Hasami

In this play, a girl lies face down on top of a male customer who is lying on his back. Facing the other way, she overlaps her feet and gently wraps and stimulates his penis with the soles of her feet, resembling a frog-like pose.

13. Kazamidori

Kazamidori is a play on the mat where a male customer lies on his back, and a girl faces the other way, covering each other's bodies with their tongues and mouths. This technique, also known as "six-nine on the mat," involves mutual oral pleasure.

14. Kanibasami

During Kanibasami, the girl positions one leg over the crotch of the male customer lying on his back on the mat. With their bodies in close proximity, she stimulates his penis by holding it between the back of her bent knees. Simultaneously, she rubs the glans with her fingers and licks his nipples.

15. U no Ippon Kuwae

In U no Ippon Kuwae, a girl positions herself between the legs of a male customer lying on his back. While bent over, she gives him a blowjob. The combination of her mouth and ample lotion creates an unforgettable experience that surpasses traditional blowjobs.

16. Kin no Shachihoko

During Kin no Shachihoko, a girl places her legs under the thighs of a prone male customer, holding him in place. She provides him with a hand job, rubs his scrotum, and gently caresses his anus through a slight gap, ensuring intense pleasure.

17. Koi no Takinobori

Koi no Takinobori involves a girl straddling a man lying on his back on the mat. She moves her hips back and forth to stimulate him while maintaining close contact between their genitals. The experience may vary depending on the girl's technique, but with a skilled touch on the penis or gentle glans stimulation, it can create a sensation of genuine penetration.

18. Sao no Kamikakushi

In Sao no Kamikakushi, a girl straddles a male customer lying on his back on the mat. She moves her hips up and down while holding his penis between her buttock cheeks with her hands. This play mimics the sensation of bareback penetration, allowing for a simulated experience of intimate connection.

19. Haimen Paimomi

Haimen Paimomi involves a male customer lying face down while placing his hands behind his back. The girl presses her breasts against the palms of his hands, creating a pleasurable and titillating sensation.

20. Matsuba Kuzushi

In Matsuba Kuzushi, a girl's crotch is crossed between the open legs of a male customer lying on his back. Their genitals rub against each other in a tantalizing manner. This technique is also known as "Momote Matsuba Kuzushi."

21. Manzuri

Manzuri consists of a girl rubbing her genitals against a man's thighs, shins, and arms while utilizing ample lotion on the mat. The male customer can be lying on his back or facing down, allowing for versatile stimulation.

22. Yokosuberi

Yokosuberi involves a girl twisting her legs around one of the legs of a male customer lying on his back. She stimulates him by moving up and down while maintaining close contact. During this play, the girl gives a hand job while rubbing her pubic area against his thighs and teasing his anus, creating a multi-sensory experience.

23. Tenyo no Hagoromo

After the mat play session, Tenyo no Hagoromo provides a relaxing conclusion. A bath towel is placed over the male customer's body, and a warm shower is gently poured over the towel, effectively removing the lotion residue. This soothing experience may even lull you to sleep with its calming effect.

These are just a selection of the various techniques available during a Mat Health session. Each technique offers a unique and pleasurable encounter, ensuring that you'll find something to suit your preferences.

Pricing for Mat Health

The pricing for Mat Health can vary depending on the location, with establishments in rural areas generally being more affordable compared to those in major cities like Tokyo. Here's a quick summary of the pricing structure for your reference:

  • Admission Fee: Starts from 1000 yen
  • Photo Nomination: 1000-2000 yen
  • Real Nomination: Starts from 2000 yen
  • Telephone Reservation: Starts from 2000 yen
  • Basic Course:
  • 40 minutes: 8000-18000 yen
  • 45 minutes: 9000-20000 yen
  • 50 minutes: 10000-21000 yen
  • 55 minutes: 11000-22000 yen

Please note that these prices are approximate and may vary depending on the establishment and additional services requested.

In conclusion

Mat Health offers a unique and exciting experience through the art of mat play in Japan. With a wide range of techniques to choose from, you can indulge in intimate and pleasurable encounters while enjoying the sensuality of warm lotion and the comfort of an air mat.

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