From Dusk till Dawn: Exploring Barubola Marine Blue in Shinjuku

March 28, 2024

Introducing Barubola Marine Blue, like Don Juan it's a renowned soapland nestled in the heart of Tokyo, Japan, and a must-visit destination for those seeking an unforgettable experience with companionship. In this comprehensive guide, discover a step-by-step walkthrough on how to place your order and explore the range of services provided by skilled professionals, ensuring a night of pure bliss and satisfaction.

What is Barubola Marine Blue?

Barubola Marine Blue, situated in Shinjuku's Kabukicho, is a renowned and well-established soapland. Enjoying widespread popularity throughout Japan, it is a favored destination for many customers. The lineup predominantly features girls categorized as "pretty," ensuring a delightful experience for first-time visitors as well.

What is a Soapland?

For those unfamiliar with the hidden adult world of Japan, understanding soapland can be perplexing. Essentially, they are a type of brothel where customers can bathe and cleanse their bodies with the assistance of female staff. While various sexual services are implied, it's crucial to note that explicit mention of vaginal penetration is illegal in Japan. However, such services are commonly understood to be available at soapland without explicit acknowledgment.

Characteristics of Barubola Marine Blue

Barubola Marine Blue stands out as a highly regarded and professional soapland, renowned for its exceptional mat play experiences. The girls are classified into different levels—gold, silver, and bronze. Beginners, labeled as bronze, may not be available for extended sessions initially as they are inexperienced in mat play. However, as they acquire proficiency, they advance to higher levels and can accommodate longer sessions with customers. Customers can thus have confidence in the girls' techniques based on their levels of experience

Types of Girls at Barubola Marine Blue

Tpically the girls at Barubola Marine Blue are classified as the pretty types and are open to talk and are friendly. The staff are used to dealing with froeingers and have a translation app handy they can talk into so the customers can then read the English on the device. The girls also have a translation app ahndy in the play room however when the service starts its best to understand a few words of Japanese so the service can run smootthly without the need to stop and use the translation app.

Premium Cast

There is a special system at Barubola Marine Blue which categories the level of the girls. There is the normal level, then the next is bronce, silver, with gold being the highest level. As the level and experience of the girls goes up with the higher rank customer will need to pay an additional fee to be able to request these girls to receive their services. You definitely won’t be disappointed with the service with their various trained skills.

Prices and Courses at Barubola Marine Blue

The various prices are listed below.

  • 6:00 am - 9:59pm 
  • 24,000 JPY for 50 minutes 
  • 36,000 JPY for 90 minutes
  • 57,000 JPY for 120 minutes
  • 10:00 pm - Last (Includes weekends and public holidays regardless of time.) 
  • 26,000 JPY for 50 minutes
  • 41,000 JPY for 90 minutes
  • 57,000 JPY for 120 minutes
  • Extentions 10,000 JPY for 15 minutes

*Foreigner fee is an additional 10,000 JPY.

*In addition to the prices listed above, there may be an additional bathing fee. It is recommended to contact the store directly for the total amount. (Example: A bathing fee of 23,000 JPY for 90 minutes)

Requesting Fee

  • Requesting Fee: 2,000 JPY (*Price when requesting the same girl again after visiting once before.)
  • Online Requesting Fee: 1,000 JPY 
  • Premium Cast Requesting Fee
  • Gold: 6,000 JPY
  • Silver: 3,000 JPY
  • Bronze: 1,000 JPY 
  • Normal: Free

During the day the course prices are slighlty cheaper when compared to the night, weekend, and public holiday prices, as that is when it is busy. 

How to use the Services

If you're considering a visit to Barubola Marine Blue but uncertain about the necessity of advance reservations due to the Japanese language barrier, rest assured, we've got you covered. Below are the various methods to visit the establishment and make use of their services.

Walk-in Visit

Barubola Marine Blue welcomes walk-in customers, eliminating the need for advance reservations. Simply enter the building and proceed to the 5th floor where the reception is located. If you do not appear to be Japanese, the staff will inquire about your nationality and Japanese language proficiency to determine which girls are comfortable providing services to foreigners due to potential communication barriers.


For those who prefer to avoid waiting, it is recommended to contact the store in advance and make a booking for the desired service. This can be accomplished by visiting the official website and calling the phone number provided. Alternatively, customers can utilize agencies for booking, although additional charges may apply in this case.

How to Reserve at Barubola Marine Blue

Although there are no booking options available on the official website, if you're unable to speak Japanese, you can utilize agencies to make reservations on your behalf. Alternatively, if you have a native Japanese friend or someone fluent in the language, they can assist by calling on your behalf to discuss available courses and select the desired girl for your session. At the agency below, you can send a reservation request via email.

*Although there are mentions of LINE, WeChat, KakaoTalk, and WhatsApp, these reservation options are currently not available, so please make your reservations via email or phone.

English Agency:

Cautionary Notes

If you make a booking through the agencies, please note that the reservation is non-refundable. Therefore, it's essential to be certain about the service you desire before confirming. For reservations made directly with the store, it's advisable to inquire about any potential cancellation fees to ensure clarity.

The agency mentioned above is just an intermediary, so if possible, it's more reliable to call the store directly to make a reservation.

About Foreigners Entry

While there are many reviews showing that Barubola Marine Blue accepts foregine customers always be prepared to face rejection under certain circumstances. To cater to foreign customers many of the staff have translation apps to help communicate the various rules and regulations of the store. However whether foreigner customers are accepted or not depends on the girl and if she is ok with foreign customers and whether she can communicate or not.

About Barubola Marine Blue’s English Website

Unfortunately, Barubola Marine Blue does not offer an English version of their website. However, they collaborate with several agencies that provide information in English regarding prices and available girls. Additionally, the manager maintains a X(twitter) account where they share the latest information, although the content is in Japanese.

Official Website (Japanese) :

English Agency: 


Reviews from Customers Who have Used their Services

This section features reviews from international customers.

Review (1)

This customer received a service for 25,000 JPY for 50 minutes. He had a cute young girl who was a begginer so she wasn't allowed to take on the long courses as she still hadn't learned how to do mat play yet. Depsite not having the unique mat play, the customer was able to enjoy a wide range of positions during the play and enjoyed the time together and after bed talks.

Original Review:

Review (2)

This customer had a 90 minute course for 45,000 JPY (40,000 JPY course + 5,000 JPY premium gold cast fee). While this customer only knew about 20 words of Jpanaese the staff were polite and accomodating using translation apps to speak with each other to explain the rules. While the girl he chose ended up looking much older than he excepted the gold level was defitinitly worth the extra money due to her proffessional and experienced techniques.

Original Review: 

Review (3)

The course was 30,000 JPY (25,000 JPY course + 5,000 premium gold cast fee) for 50 minutes. This customer was able to play with an energetic girl with amazing core strength. The girl was very gorgeous and just to his types. He barely had to do any work and just enjoyed the service. He said he would definitely repeat the same girl and service.

Original Review: 

Access to Barubola Marine Blue

Image Source: Google Maps

Getting to Barubola Marine Blue from Tokyo Station is straightforward. Just take the Marunouchi Line heading to Shinjuku and alight at Shinjuku Station. The train journey lasts around 20 minutes and costs 210 JPY for an adult fare. From Shinjuku Station, it's only a 5-minute walk to reach your destination. From Seibu Shinjuku Station the shop is extremely close by and is a short walk from exiting the station.


160-0021 Tokyo, Shinjuku Ward, Kabukicho, 1−24−3 Hamano-Sangyo Bldg. 5F

Opening Hours of Barubola Marine Blue

Barubola Marine Blue operates from early morning until late at night, ensuring girls are available for action almost any time of the day. To make a reservation, you can either call the store directly or use an agency to book online. If you're willing to wait, Barubola Marine Blue also welcomes walk-ins depending on the time of your visit.

[Opening Hours]

6:00 am - 12:00 am

[Phone Number]


Cautionary Notes for Foreigners

Foreigners exploring the unique world of soapland for the first time in Japan may find themselves navigating unfamiliar territory. It's crucial to approach these experiences with caution and awareness. These shops are for adults only and you need to be above the age of 20 to use these services. You may be able to use these services if you are older than 18 however it is rare to be allowed access. Here are some important points to consider.

Legal Considerations

Barubola Marine Blue operates in a legal gray area in Japan due to anti-prostitution laws. Engaging in certain activities, such as vaginal intercourse, can lead to legal repercussions for both customers and staff. Understanding the risks associated with these establishments is essential to avoid any legal issues.

Language Barriers

Communication barriers can arise, especially for non-Japanese speakers. It's advisable to have a basic understanding of the language or utilize translation apps. Bringing along a fluent Japanese speaker or native Japanese friend can also help navigate negotiations and ensure clear communication. You can also get your friend to make the reservations to help things run along smoother.

Health and Safety

Ensure that Barubola Marine Blue establishments adhere to proper hygiene standards and practice safe sex. Depending on the specific services offered by the establishment or the girl, there may be options for raw sexual activities like oral or genital rubbing. It's crucial to prioritize your health by using protection to prevent the transmission of STIs. To adhere to cleanliness standards if you refuse to take a shower or gargle then it is possible to get refused service.

Price Check

Unfortunately Barubola Marine Blue chagres a foreigner tax when using their services. There are also various charges for requesting a girl and the price increases depending on whether the girl has a premium level or not. Be sure of what you are ordering and make sure the price is clear before you pay for any services.

Respect for Workers

Remember to treat the workers at Barubola Marine Blue with respect and dignity. Respect their boundaries and autonomy, and communicate your own boundaries clearly. Don’t bring your own sex toys to use on the workers or try to be rough with the girls to get what you want. Consent is essential in all sexual encounters, and ensuring mutual agreement is paramount. 


In conclusion, Barubola Marine Blue stands out as a popular soapland in Tokyo, boasting a diverse selection of girls ready to cater to various preferences. If you find yourself intrigued by the offerings and these girls align with your preferences, a visit to this establishment promises a unique and enjoyable soapland experience with local beauties. Don't miss out on the opportunity for a memorable and fun-filled moment in the company of these professional yet alluring women.

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