Introduction to PACHI-SLOT: A Popular Game in Japan

March 26, 2024

Today, we will provide you with an in-depth explanation of the exciting world of PACHI-SLOT and Pachinko in Japan. Another well-known method in Japan to navigate around illegal gambling such as Keiba or Keirin horseracing gambling, as well as boat racing.


If you're familiar with PACHINKO, then you've probably heard of PACHI-SLOT as well. PACHI-SLOT and PACHINKO are like siblings, often found in the same parlors throughout Japan.

While PACHINKO is a game of chance, PACHI-SLOT is a bit different. It involves operating a lever and pressing a button to obtain a specific pattern on the machine's reels.

Unlike the slot machines in US casinos where the reels stop automatically, PACHI-SLOT machines require players to stop the reels manually after spinning them using the lever. This adds a layer of skill and technique to the game. In 2021, approximately 7.32 million people played PACHINKO, while around 5.73 million played PACHI-SLOT, making PACHINKO the more popular choice. The difference in player numbers is due to the different skill and control elements involved in each game.

While PACHINKO relies heavily on luck, PACHI-SLOT allows players to have more control over their outcomes. This makes PACHINKO a popular starting point for beginners who later transition to PACHI-SLOT as they develop their skills. With enough practice and technique, it's possible to beat other players and win consistently, as exemplified by some individuals who earn around 100,000 yen per month playing PACHI-SLOT.

How to Play PACHI-SLOT

Here's a step-by-step guide to playing PACHI-SLOT:

1. Borrow Medals

Unlike PACHINKO, where you borrow balls, PACHI-SLOT is played using borrowed medals. You insert bills into the machine's entrance, known as the "coin sand," located on the right side of the front door. It's recommended to have at least 10,000 yen in your pocket, as 1,000 yen tends to be insufficient. The mainstream medal rate is 20 yen per medal, although there are also 5 yen and 10 yen options. Remember to settle the bill at the parlor before leaving if you put more than 1,000 yen into the machine.

2. Insert Medals

Insert the borrowed medals into the machine's slot. You'll need at least three medals to match the patterns on the three spinning reels. The slot can hold up to 50 medals at a time, and the remaining medal count is displayed in the machine's credits.

3. Pull the Lever

After inserting the necessary coins, pull the lever gently to set the reels in motion. Avoid exerting excessive force.

4. Stop the Reels

While the reels are spinning, press the corresponding stop button (left, middle, or right) to halt each reel. Although the order of button presses usually doesn't matter, some machines penalize or result in monetary loss if you press the wrong button. It's safer to start by pressing the left button.

5. Align the Pattern

Depending on the pattern obtained, you can achieve different results. For instance, a bell pattern may reward you with 10 medals, while a replay pattern grants you an additional spin without using a medal.

Bonuses play a crucial role in PACHI-SLOT. These are special patterns that trigger a bonus game, and you must match the bonus pattern to activate it. Achieving a "Reach" sign, indicating two aligned reels with a need for one more, prompts you to press the button at the right time to complete the pattern. This technique, known as "eye-push" or "eye-pushing," requires stopping the reels intentionally based on the desired pattern order.

6. Exchange Prizes

When you're done playing, ask the clerk to count your medals. Once the counting process is complete, you'll receive a receipt to exchange for prizes or special prizes, which can be converted into cash at a designated prize exchange near the parlor.

Attractions of PACHI-SLOT

Let's explore what makes PACHI-SLOT an appealing game:

1. Easy to Play and Enjoy

One of the main attractions of PACHI-SLOT is its simplicity and accessibility. You don't need to grapple with complex strategies, and with parlors scattered across the country, you can easily drop by and potentially make some quick money. Additionally, the fixed amount of money per medal provides a sense of security, ensuring you won't lose a substantial amount even if you play from opening to closing. Losing more than 100,000 yen is quite unlikely.

2. Interesting Performance

Similar to PACHINKO, many PACHI-SLOT machines feature tie-ups with popular talents. This factor often draws players, especially those who have a favorite talent associated with a specific machine. During "Reach" or bonus time, the LCD panel displays unique performances aligned with the tied-up talent's characteristics, adding an extra layer of entertainment to the gameplay.

3. Earning Potential

Many individuals believe they can make money playing PACHI-SLOT. These players develop their winning strategies by studying machine probabilities and making informed choices. Certain machines are more likely to yield positive outcomes, and knowledgeable players can identify them. Analyzing payout information and observing other players' behavior can help determine the best machines to play. With experience and familiarity, players enhance their chances of winning both mentally and physically, making PACHI-SLOT an enticing pursuit.

How to Win at PACHI-SLOT

Here are a few tips on increasing your chances of winning at PACHI-SLOT:

1. Select a Machine in a Good Position to Win (Part 1)

Check the number of games displayed on the PACHI-SLOT machine. Machines with a higher number of games are known as "ceiling shooters." They are more likely to force a win after a certain number of games due to a relief feature known as the "ceiling." However, keep in mind that the ceiling system's activation varies between machines, and not all machines have this feature.

2. Select a Machine in a Good Position to Win (Part 2)

Machine "settings" play a crucial role in PACHI-SLOT. These settings range from 1 to 6 and determine the probability of winning a bonus. Machines with higher setting numbers offer increased chances of winning. Analyzing payout information released by parlors, which detail machines that have paid out and the amounts, can help identify favorable opportunities. Abnormal numbers on specific machines, especially during events, indicate a good target. Some players also determine the machine's setting by observing other players' behavior or directly testing it.

3. Probability

Remember that probability is a significant factor in PACHI-SLOT. While a high probability machine doesn't guarantee constant wins, the overall expected value is favorable.

NG Behavior at PACHI-SLOT

To ensure a positive and respectful gaming environment, here are some behaviors to avoid:

Avoid Punching the Machine

It should go without saying, but some people may get frustrated and resort to hitting the machine. Engaging in such behavior is not only inappropriate but also creates problems for the parlor staff.

Avoid Obsessive Behavior

When watching someone play or waiting for a particular machine, refrain from expressing your enthusiasm too overtly. Players are aware of being observed, and excessive attention can make them uncomfortable.

Stick to One Machine

Play only one PACHI-SLOT machine per person. Avoid occupying a machine for a friend who plans to join later. Some parlors may even remove you from the premises for such actions.

Obtain Permission for Extended Breaks

If you need to take a longer break or have a meal, seek permission from the staff and request a "break ticket." Leaving the machine unattended for extended periods without permission can inconvenience other players and cause confusion.

Avoid Using Others' Medals

It is essential to respect others' belongings. Even if you find unclaimed medals on an empty machine, refrain from touching them. Playing with someone else's medals is equivalent to using their money.

Follow these guidelines, have fun, and enjoy your PACHI-SLOT experience responsibly!

Who is Suited for PACHI-SLOT

PACHI-SLOT appeals to individuals who possess the following characteristics:

  • Strong grasp of probability
  • Enjoy collecting and analyzing data
  • Can maintain composure and avoid excessive excitement
  • Have a genuine interest in gambling through PACHI-SLOT
  • Seek an easy and enjoyable hobby
  • Aspire to earn money and gain popularity through PACHI-SLOT

Who is NOT Suited for PACHI-SLOT

On the other hand, PACHI-SLOT may not be suitable for individuals who:

  • Struggle with numbers and probability
  • Find it difficult to control their excitement
  • Lack the financial means to play PACHI-SLOT responsibly
  • Don't find PACHI-SLOT attractive
  • Engage in reckless gambling practices and accumulate debt


We hope this comprehensive guide has piqued your interest in the captivating world of PACHI-SLOT. While it's an enjoyable game accessible to anyone, it also possesses a fascinating depth. If you discover a winning strategy, feel free to share it!

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PIJ Writer
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