How to Enjoy Kyoto's Snack Bars: Tips and Recommendations

July 22, 2024
How to Enjoy Kyoto's Snack Bars: Tips and Recommendations

Kyoto is a city renowned for its historical temples and beautiful gardens, but its nightlife offers a unique charm as well. Whether you are in the mood to talk with pretty kyabakura girls or get up and personal with the locals in the red light district there is something for everyone. Snack bars, in particular, are popular among tourists as places where they can interact closely with locals. In this article, we'll explore how to enjoy Kyoto's snack bars and recommend some top spots to visit.

What is a Snack Bar?

A snack bar is a small-scale bar centered around a counter, where patrons can enjoy drinks and light snacks while engaging in conversation with the staff and other customers. Kyoto's snack bars are known for their warm atmosphere and hospitality, attracting many visitors seeking a unique experience. The snacks served are usually homemade, and the setting is more intimate and relaxed compared to girls bars.

Features of Kyoto's Snack Bars

The interior of a snack bar

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When visiting Kyoto, snack bars offer an excellent opportunity to experience local nightlife. These bars provide a welcoming atmosphere and affordable prices, allowing you to get a taste of Japanese nightlife in a special setting. The personalities of the local Kyoto girls are distinct when compared with snack bars in Osaka and Tokyo and it is a very fresh and fun experience.

Access and Operating Hours

Most of Kyoto's snack bars are concentrated around the bustling Kawaramachi area. They are easily accessible on foot from Kawaramachi Station, making them convenient to visit as part of your sightseeing itinerary. Many bars stay open late, allowing you to relax and enjoy after a day of exploring the city. Some are even open until the first train allowing you to drink the whole night or relax while chatting with cute girls before you can leave on the first train back.

Homely Atmosphere

The cozy and intimate environment of Kyoto's snack bars is one of their main attractions. The interiors are filled with a warm ambiance that makes it easy for visitors to feel at home and engage with others. Conversations with the owner and staff provide a valuable opportunity to experience Japanese hospitality and culture.

Reasonable Pricing

Kyoto's snack bars are appealing to those mindful of their travel budget. Compared to other nightlife spots like kyabakura clubs (cabaret clubs) and hostess clubs, snack bars are relatively affordable. This pricing makes it easy to enjoy a night out in Japan without breaking the bank.

Unique Decor and Service

Some snack bars feature sophisticated decor with a hotel-like theme, offering a touch of luxury. Others use mini-bar-style menu books, allowing patrons to sample a variety of Japanese beverages and cocktails. This diverse selection adds to the enjoyment of visiting these bars.

How to Enjoy Kyoto's Snack Bars

Kyoto's snack bars are a blend of traditional and modern styles. For newcomers, there may be unspoken rules that can be confusing due to cultural differences. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your time at Kyoto's snack bars.

Enjoying Social Interaction

The biggest appeal of snack bars is the interaction with locals. Enjoy conversations with the staff and other customers, even if there are language barriers. If you are afraid you can’t communicate well then download some translation apps before you go to help facilitate the communication. Simple Japanese phrases and gestures can go a long way, the staff won’t be expecting you to be fluent in Japanese and will appreciate the effort you put in. Engaging in casual chats with new acquaintances can lead to delightful discoveries and memorable experiences.

Savoring the Drinks

Part of the charm of Kyoto's snack bars is sampling local beverages. Try local specialties like sake or whiskey. Some bars also offer original cocktails. You can freely ask the staff or other customers for their recommendations; you might discover a new favorite drink.

Experiencing Karaoke

Many snack bars are equipped with karaoke machines, providing a perfect opportunity to enjoy this popular aspect of Japanese culture. Even if you're a karaoke novice, choosing familiar or popular songs can enhance your experience. It's also fun to watch and enjoy others' performances.

Observing Etiquette and Precautions

For first-time visitors, it's good to be aware of basic etiquette. Show respect to other customers and the staff, and maintain a quiet environment. Also, be mindful of your alcohol consumption to avoid any trouble. Enjoy your night with moderation and courtesy.

Participating in Activities

The fun part of visiting snack bars is not just for the drinks. You can enjoy the relaxed atmosphere while chatting with the cute local staff members as well as nibbling on the snacks. There are various activities to enjoy at snack bars.

Games and Challenges

Many snack bars offer simple games or challenges like darts, bingo, or card games. These activities provide a fun way to bond with other patrons and break the ice.

Special Events

Some snack bars host special events or themed nights, such as kimono nights or seasonal celebrations. Check for event information in advance to enjoy these unique experiences. These events add a vibrant touch to your travel memories, letting you experience local culture and seasonal traditions.

Bar Hopping in Kyoto

Kyoto boasts numerous snack bars, each with its own distinct atmosphere and charm. Bar hopping allows you to experience multiple venues in one night. Explore the bars within walking distance to enjoy the diverse allure of Kyoto's nightlife.

Costs at Snack Bars

Spending time at a snack bar is a popular way to enjoy an evening out, but the costs involved can vary based on several factors. Here, we will take a detailed look at the expenses you might encounter at a snack bar.

Cover Charge

This is the basic fee incurred when you enter a snack bar. It's typically paid when you take a seat and may include a small appetizer. The average cost ranges from 1,000 to 2,000 JPY, though this can vary by establishment, so it's a good idea to check in advance.

Set Charge

This fee covers a set of drinks and snacks. It usually has a time limit, such as 3,000 JPY for 60 minutes or 5,000 JPY for 90 minutes. Some set charges include the cover charge, while others do not. The average cost is between 3,000 and 5,000 JPY, depending on the venue.

All-You-Can-Drink Fee

This allows customers unlimited drinks for a set time. The typical rate is around 5,000 JPY, though it can vary by location.

Other Fees

  • Hostess Drink Fees: Not included in the set charge and must be paid separately.
  • Karaoke Fees: Can be either a flat rate for unlimited singing or charged per song, depending on the venue.
  • Bottle Keep Fees: Additional fees may be charged for storing a bottle.

Points to Note

Each venue has its own pricing system, so it’s important to confirm details beforehand. Urban establishments tend to be pricier than those in rural areas. Consulting with the manager or staff about your budget can also help you manage costs effectively.

To fully enjoy your time at a snack bar, consider the overall experience, including service and atmosphere, not just the cost. Doing some research to find a place that suits you is essential.

Areas with Snack Bars in Kyoto

Map of areas with snack bars in Kyoto

Kyoto has several areas known for its snack bars, including Higashiyama (Gion), Nakagyo (Kawaramachi and Kiyamachi), Shimogyo (Kyoto Station and Omiya), and Uji.

Higashiyama Ward (Gion)

A street in Higashiyama Ward

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Higashiyama, especially the Gion area, retains a historical atmosphere and is home to many snack bars. Gion is famous for its scenes of geisha in traditional kimono walking along stone-paved streets, and it also has a variety of snack bars. These places offer traditional Japanese hospitality, where you can enjoy a drink, music, and pleasant conversation.

Nakagyo Ward (Kawaramachi and Kiyamachi)

A street in Nakagyo Ward

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Located in central Kyoto, Nakagyo includes Kawaramachi and Kiyamachi, areas known for their shopping facilities and restaurants. At night, these areas transform, with many snack bars coming to life. Kiyamachi, in particular, is situated along the river, providing a romantic setting to enjoy your drinks against a backdrop of night views.

Shimogyo Ward (Kyoto Station and Omiya)

A street in Shimogyo Ward

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Shimogyo, centered around Kyoto Station, is a blend of modern and traditional cultures. The area around Kyoto Station features modern buildings and is bustling with business people and tourists. Omiya, on the other hand, has many traditional bars and snack bars where locals gather and socialize.


A street in Uji

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Uji, a bit away from central Kyoto, is primarily known for its tea production. However, it also has a few small snack bars frequented by locals and tourists alike, offering a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. One of Uji's attractions is spending a quiet evening along the Uji River.

Recommended Snack Bars in Kyoto

Here are some recommended snack bars in Kyoto where you can enjoy a stylish atmosphere, delicious drinks, and delightful conversations with the hostesses, ensuring an unforgettable night.


A screen capture of Lipertine's websie

Tucked away in an alley between Pontocho and Kiyamachi lies a hidden gem of a snack bar. This establishment aims to provide hospitality that makes guests feel as relaxed as if they were at home or visiting a close friend. In a cozy and warm atmosphere, patrons can unwind and rejuvenate from the stresses of daily life. The kind and always smiling hostesses warmly welcome each guest, ensuring a delightful experience for all.


  • Set Menu: From 3,000 JPY

[Opening Hours]

  • 7:00 pm - 2:00 am


  • 604-8016  Kyoto, Kyoto City, Nakagyo Ward, Kiyamachi, Shijo Agaru. 2-chome, Shimokoriki-cho, 203-6, Ponto-cho 16th, PONTO16 Bldg 2F


Snack COCO fill up

A screen capture of Snack COCO Fill Up's website

Located in Kiyamachi, COCO fill up is a popular snack bar that has just celebrated its 32nd anniversary. The bar features karaoke facilities, creating a lively and homey atmosphere where everyone can enjoy themselves. Another highlight of COCO fill up is the homemade dishes prepared daily by the owner, originally from Miyazaki. These daily specials are not only delicious but also heartwarming. Come and enjoy a wonderful time here.


  • Set Menu: Free bottle plan: 4,200JPY for 60 min / Keep bottle plan : 4,000JPY  for 60 min

[Opening Hours]

  • Monday - Saturday: 8:30 pm - 1:00 am
  • Closed: Sunday


  • 604-8017 Kyoto, Kyoto City, Nakagyo Ward, Zaimoku-cho, 188-3, Hikari Bldg 2F


Experience the Atmosphere of Kyoto's Snack Bars Through Video

We are pleased to introduce a video that captures the unique atmosphere of Kyoto's snack bars. This video showcases a Japanese snack bar located in Ponto-cho, Kyoto. English audio and subtitles are not supported, but you will still feel the atmosphere of the snack bar. Through this video, you can experience the ambiance, interior design, and service of Kyoto's snack bars in a realistic way. It is a valuable resource for gaining a deeper understanding of Kyoto's snack bar culture.

Kyoto] All you can drink, eat, and sing 🎶🍻 "Snack Bellami" / Kyoto Kiyamachi Ponto-cho TV

Useful Japanese Phrases for Snack Bars

To make the most of your time at a snack bar, it’s helpful to learn some useful Japanese phrases. Here, we introduce common terms and phrases used in snack bars that will be handy to remember.

Snack Bar Terminology

  • お通し (Otoshi): A small dish served as a cover charge
  • 一杯 (Ippai): A drink
  • おかわり (Oka-wari): Another drink (refill)

Handy Phrases

  • こんにちは (Konnichiwa): Hello
  • ありがとう (Arigatou): Thank you
  • おすすめは何ですか? (Osusume wa nan desu ka?): What do you recommend?

Using these phrases will help you communicate smoothly in a snack bar. Enjoy conversations with the staff and other customers and have a wonderful time. Refer to this guide anytime to have a great time at Kyoto's snack bars.


Kyoto's snack bars offer a unique way to enjoy the city that is different from daytime sightseeing. They are packed with attractions, including interactions with locals, unique Japanese drinks, and karaoke. For a tantalizing taste of Kyoto at night, spending time at a snack bar is a must. Experience Kyoto's nightlife in a snack bar, where you can relax, meet locals, and make new acquaintances.

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