Enjoy a Special Night with Charming Girls in Okinawa! An Interview with KAWAII CLUB

July 22, 2024
Enjoy a Special Night with Charming Girls in Okinawa! An Interview with KAWAII CLUB

This time, we spoke with Mr. Takai, the owner of the popular delivery health service "KAWAII CLUB Amatteur girls escort Okinawa," which is particularly favored by foreign tourists in Okinawa. The shop is designed to ensure that even customers who don't understand much Japanese can still enjoy their time here.

As we mark the third year since the shop's opening, we delve into Mr. Takai's business philosophy, his dedication to his foreign customers, and the passionate service that KAWAII CLUB offers.

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Q1: When did KAWAII CLUB open?

It has been exactly three years since we opened, and we're now entering our fourth year. We opened around the time when COVID-19 started.

Q2: Can you tell us about the concept and features of your shop?

At KAWAII CLUB, we pride ourselves on offering an authentic and unique experience by primarily hiring local Okinawan girls. Our shop stands out in the industry because over 90% of our staff are local, compared to other shops that employ 70-80% of their girls from outside the prefecture. This emphasis on local hiring delights our customers, who seek genuine interactions and connections with beautiful Okinawan girls.

Q3: Why do you focus on hiring local girls?

As mentioned earlier, many competing shops in Okinawa hire girls from outside the prefecture, creating a less authentic experience for those seeking genuine local interaction. In contrast, KAWAII CLUB understands the unique appeal and charm of Okinawan girls, which is why we prioritize hiring locally. This commitment to authenticity allows us to cater specifically to customers who desire genuine connections with local Okinawan girls during their visit.

Q4: What is the age range, genre, and number of girls at your shop?

The age range is relatively young, with most girls being in their teens to early twenties. There are many different types of girls with the majority of them being amateurs allowing for an authentic girlfriend experience. All of the cast members have a cute appearance and there will definitely be a match for whatever preference you may have. On average, about 20 girls work each day, so we can cater to various customer preferences.

Q5: Did you initially target foreign customers?

Yes, we have another flagship store called "Kariyushi OL's Secret," which caters to Japanese customers while KAWAII CLUB is dedicated to foreign customers. About 70-80% of the girls at "Kariyushi OL's Secret" also work at KAWAII CLUB. Essentially, we operate as two stores, one for foreigners and one for Japanese customers. We adjust the shop's name, system, and girl lineup to suit foreign customers.

Q6: Why did you separate the shops for foreign and Japanese customers?

We decided to separate the shops for foreign and Japanese customers to enhance the overall experience for both groups and ensure smooth, enjoyable interactions. Many foreign customers are not familiar with Japanese culture and customs, and we want to avoid any potential misunderstandings or issues that could arise from these differences. Additionally, it's more comfortable for the girls to interact with customers who speak the same language, which allows us to provide a higher quality of service.

Q7: What is the nationality ratio of your foreign customers?

Since there is a US military base in Okinawa, about 70-80% of our customers are American. The remaining 20-30% are tourists from Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong, China, and other countries.

Q8: What measures ensure that foreign customers feel safe and comfortable?

I can speak some English and Chinese, which helps in understanding customer requests and explaining how to enjoy our services. About 10% of our girls speak English, but the others only speak Japanese. To ensure a smoother process we use handy translation apps to communicate with customers who can’t speak Japanese.

Additionally, we accept various currencies for payment, including Japanese yen, US dollars, and Korean won.

Q9: Are there any key points or stories about your service that you'd like to share?

We create customer lists for those who have visited us before to provide better service. We also provide information via LINE or WhatsApp when new girls join the shop so the customers can see when we have new faces.

Q10: Why do you create customer lists?

To provide higher quality service. We have a large number of customers visit us and by creating customer lists, we can remember and understand each customer as they are all unique. The list lets us understand the customer’s preferences and their previous usage, allowing us to offer personalized services.

Q11: How do you use the customer lists?

For example, when a new girl joins, we identify customers who might like her and send them information individually. We also offer special services on customers' birthdays or anniversaries.

Q12: Are there any memorable stories with your customers?

Many of our foreign customers are very kind. Some give gifts or flowers to the girls, treat them to meals. Some nice customers support the girls from afar by sending gifts or flowers, and write love letters in calligraphy. We also have wealthy customers who invite the girls on overseas trips, covering all expenses.

Q13: What are some memorable words of gratitude from foreign customers?

We have received feedback like, "I was turned away at other places because they couldn't accommodate my language, but here I was welcomed," and "It's great that I can pay with US dollars, Korean won, or Chinese yuan."

Q14: What do you think KAWAII CLUB means to your foreign customers?

Having lived in Shanghai, China, for three years, I understand the loneliness and isolation of living abroad. Therefore, I believe that the girls at KAWAII CLUB not only provide sexual services but also offer emotional comfort to our customers.

Q15: What kind of foreign customers would you like to attract in the future?

We hope to attract customers who are not only looking to satisfy their desires but also seeking emotional comfort. We want to be a place that provides healing for the heart and soul.

Q16: Do you have any messages for your foreign customers?

We have many cheerful and fun girls, so please come and visit us. We offer custom services to meet your requests, including threesomes, dates, and drives. Feel free to let us know your preferences regarding the girls, whether you prefer someone with a big butt, who speaks English, or has bright eyes, and any specific activities or types of girls you want to meet.

Q17: Is there anything you want your foreign customers to keep in mind?

While most of our customers are very kind, please be gentle with the girls. Most of the cast members are young girls who aren’t used to this sort of work so some of them may feel slightly intimidated when they can’t communicate easily and consider the physical differences between your physiques. Tips are always appreciated by the girls and myself and will encourage the girls to provide even better services.

Q18: Do you offer any special perks for customers who mention they found you through "Pleasure in Japan"?

Yes, we extend the service time by about 10 minutes.

Important Notes & Guidelines

Please keep in mind the following guidelines when using KAWAII CLUB to ensure the safety and comfort of both customers and the girls.

Be Gentle with the Girls

We strictly prohibit any violent or harassing behavior towards the girls. Please treat them with respect and ensure they feel safe while working. If we find out you have not respected the girls boundaries then you may be banned from further usage of our services.

No Photography

Photography or video recording of the girls is strictly prohibited. Respect their privacy and avoid any trouble by refraining from taking pictures.

Understand Price Changes

All listed prices are before tax and may change without notice. Please check with the store or our official website for the latest prices.

Follow the Provided Services

Please refrain from requesting services not listed. Any inappropriate demands or coercion are strictly prohibited.

Store Information

KAWAII CLUB amatteur girls escort okinawa store information

[Store Name]

  • KAWAII CLUB Amatteur girls escort Okinawa

[Operating Hours]

  • 10:00 am - 4:00 am

[Available Locations]

  • Hotel or Home (dispatch)

[Delivery Area]

  • Dispatch is available to Naha city and its suburbs. Please call for more details.


  • Admission fee: 2,000 JPY
  • Staff reservation fee: 2,000 JPY
  • 60 mins: 20,000 JPY
  • 90 mins: 29,000 JPY
  • 120 mins: 35,000 JPY
  • *For more details, please visit the official website.

KAWAII CLUB Amatteur girls escort Okinawa price page

Pricing page: https://kawaii.eroticsearch.jp/#price


  • Phone Reservations: Available from 10:00 am to 4:00 am
  • Web Reservations: Available 24 hours
  • The web reservation page is only in Japanese, so please use an auto-translate tool to make your reservation.
  • KAWAII CLUB Web Reservation

[Phone Number]

  • +81-90-7769-6608

Website: https://kawaii.eroticsearch.jp/?utm_source=pij&utm_medium=banner&utm_campaign=okinawa-pref


KAWAII CLUB is a special place where foreign customers can enjoy a safe and fun time. Mr. Takai's warm personality and the girls' heartfelt hospitality create a comfortable atmosphere for every guest. A visit to KAWAII CLUB will surely be an unforgettable experience. Enhance your trip with a special moment at KAWAII CLUB, where you can enjoy your time in a foreign land with cheerful local Okinawan girls.

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